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Promotional Photos

Season Three

Season Three

"New York City Serenade"

"Witch Hunt"

"The Tower"

"Quiet Minds"

"It's Not Easy Being Green"

"Quiet Minds"

"Bleeding Through"

"A Curious Thing"


"Snow Drifts"

Season Four

"Heart of Gold"



"Operation Mongoose Part 1"

"Operation Mongoose Part 2"

Season Five

"The Dark Swan"

"The Price"

"Siege Perilous"

"The Bear and the Bow"



"The Bear King"

"Broken Heart"

"Swan Song"

"The Brothers Jones"

"Our Decay"

"Her Handsome Hero"

"Ruby Slippers"



"Last Rites"

"Only You"

"An Untold Story"

Season Six

"The Savior"

"A Bitter Draught"

"The Other Shoe"

"Street Rats"

"Dark Waters"


"I'll Be Your Mirror"


"Murder Most Foul"

"Ill-Boding Patterns"

"Page 23"

"Where Bluebirds Fly"

"The Black Fairy"

"The Song in Your Heart"

"The Final Battle Part 1"

"The Final Battle Part 2"

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