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  • Ingrid's plan for sisters

    4 messages
    • For me I keep seeing that Ingrid wanted two magical sisters like her, she had Elsa, but Elsa at the time did not embrace her powers, and ...
    • Puggles52 wrote: If Ingrid was looking for replacement sisters, why did she wait for emma for so long instead of trying to get Maleficent, Regi...
  • Hinting at Zelena

    21 messages
    • OEdystopia wrote:Edt997 wrote:i think when regina said she didn't care if she turned green she was refering to rumple turning green when he bec...
    • Arctucrus wrote:Hmcooper4 wrote:True, but it's also not easy to foreshadow a character that you may or may not actually use, or you don't k...

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