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Wyatt Oleff is the American actor who portrays Young Rumplestiltskin on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Wyatt Oleff's acting career got started in 2012 when he landed a minor role in the NBC comedy series Animal Practice.[1] He is best known for playing young Peter Quill in the 2014 superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy,[1] a role he reprised in the 2017 sequel.[2] He has played guest roles on TV shows such as the sitcom television series Suburgatory, the sitcom Shake It Up and the action drama series Scorpion[1] and has a starring role as Stan Uris in the 2017 horror film It,[3] based on Stephen King's famous novel of the same name.


  • When Wyatt auditioned for the role Young Rumplestiltskin at the age of ten, he had never attempted to speak with a Scottish accent before and felt very insecure about it. He and his mother wondered if it might be best to pass on the opportunity altogether, but a dialect coach guided him through it and also helped him learn the dialogue after Wyatt nabbed the role and also assisted him during ADR.[4]


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