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Enchanted Forest Character
Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Status: Unknown
Physical Description
Species: Wolf
Hair color: Silver Gray/White
Eye color: Black and red
Show Information
Appears in: "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter"
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Its eyes. One was blood-red and the other was black as night.

Sheriff Graham src

The Wolf is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It débuts, with its only appearance, in the seventh episode of the first season.


Before First Curse

In the Enchanted Forest, the Wolf is the close companion of a Huntsman who hunts deer to feed both of them. The Huntsman takes the Wolf with him to the tavern where patrons stare curiously at the twosome. They gossip at the circulating sob story the Huntsman was raised by wolves and sheds tears over his animal kills. One man comes over and asks him why he cries, and the Huntsman curtly responds honorable man cries, and animals are pure of heart, not selfish and self-serving. In defense, the Wolf growls threateningly at the aggressor. The Huntsman kills the man and takes on others who attempt to fight, though they withdraw after seeing they are no match. From her castle's mirror, the Queen spies on the Huntsman and deems him worthy of a task she needs help with.

Shortly after her guards fetch him to her castle, the Huntsman stiffly refuses to give out his real name and only explains his strong affinity with wolves as they raised him. The Queen offers him a place at court as her Royal Huntsman awash in luxury if he can carve out the heart of someone and bring it back to the castle. The Huntsman complies, though he asks in return for the killing and hunting of wolves to be outlawed in the land. She promptly agrees and the Huntsman asks her who he is to kill, which he finds out is the Queen's stepdaughter, Snow White. As he follows through with the Queen's plan, the Huntsman's sensitive heart is moved when Snow White writes a farewell letter to her stepmother and asks it be given to her. He cannot bring himself to destroy an innocent life and allows her to escape. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")

During First Curse

In Storybrooke, after Sheriff Graham begins having recollections of his past life as the Huntsman, a Wolf appears before him. Sheriff Graham becomes fixated on finding his heart and strongly believes it's not in his chest. Sheriff's deputy Emma Swan is skeptical about his claims, but helps him search. During the journey, the Wolf guides them to a vault where his heart is kept, but they are unable to locate it. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")             


On-screen Notes

  • A wolf causes Emma, on the road leading out of town, to crash into the Storybrooke sign. This animal has normal wolf eyes, and is not the same as the Huntsman's companion.

Reawakened: A Once Upon a Time Tale

  • The wolf that causes Emma to crash, and the Huntsman's wolf, are combined into one character.[1]


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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