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Conjuring magic is not an intellectual endeavor. It's emotion. You must ask yourself, "Why am I doing this? Who am I protecting?" Feel it.
Mr. Gold to Emma src

Witchcraft is a type of Magic featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the first episode of the first season.


Witchcraft is a form of magic that requires the user to be adept in using spell books and incantations. When used, witchcraft often gives away a pink or violet glow and at times will manifest as a puff of smoke, which can vary in colors, depending on the practitioner. Some people, like Zelena, are born with these powers, but the person needs to be taught in order to control them. ("Pilot", "We Are Both", "It's Not Easy Being Green")

The use of witchcraft is not an intellectual endeavor, but is tied to strong emotions like love and anger. One way to channel these emotions into magic is to think about and relive a moment that made you angry in the past. Another way is to think about your loved ones and how you want to protect them, and feel it. ("The Miller's Daughter", "Ariel")

Known Practitioners

Magical Abilities

Some of the more common magical abilities include:

Age Manipulation
For more information, see the Age Manipulation article.

Age Manipulation is not limited to only witchcraft.
Conjuration is the ability to create something out of thin air. This ability first appears in the fourth episode of the first season.
Known Practitioners
Energy Blast
Energy Blast is the ability to create magical blasts to harm the enemies and the objects in the most effective way. This ability first appears in the fourth episode of the fourth season.
Known Practitioners
For more information, see the Healing Spells article.
For more information, see the Magical Immobilization article.

Immobilization is not limited to only witchcraft.
Pyrokinesis is the ability to create and control fire. This ability first appears in the second episode of the first season.
Known Practitioners
  • Practitioners of witchcraft are able to use fireballs without conjuring them: They can also pull fire out of a source such as a fireplace and shape it into a ball, like when Regina pulls fire from Maleficent's fireplace during their duel, and when Emma sets the Magic Wardrobe on fire and Cora pulls the fire into her hand and launched it at Emma. ("The Thing You Love Most", "Lady of the Lake")
  • Pyrokinesis seems to be one of the more basic forms of witchcraft. When Regina teaches Emma magic and when Cora instructs the Red Queen, they both start by teaching them how to create fire. When Rumplestiltskin gives Regina lessons, pyrokinesis is one of the first things that he teaches her. ("Dark Hollow", "Heart of the Matter", "Kansas")
  • Two sorcerers are able to combine their fireballs to create a bigger and more powerful fireball, like when Cora and Regina combined their fireballs to break the Protection Spell cast on Mr. Gold's shop. ("The Miller's Daughter")
  • Fairy Magic can also be used for fire-making, as evidenced when Tinker Bell lights a candle with her powers. ("Going Home")
  • Zelena has displayed the ability to conjure different colored fireballs, more specifically green fireballs, which stayed green from "Our Decay" onward.
For more information, see the Shapeshifting article.

This ability is not limited to only witchcraft.
Telekinesis is the ability to move objects and people without physical interaction. This ability first appears in the second episode of the first season.

It is not limited to witchcraft, as Cyrus, who has Genie Magic, have also used this ability. Fairy Magic can also be used for this purpose. ("Quite a Common Fairy", "The Serpent", "Changelings")

Known Practitioners
For more information, see the Teleportation article.

This ability is not limited to practitioners of witchcraft, as Hades and Poseidon, who are Deities, are also known to have this ability. ("Poor Unfortunate Soul", "Labor of Love")

Transformation is the ability to change an object's form or appearance. This ability first appears in the fourth episode of the first season.

Known Practitioners


  • A rare form of transformation is alchemy, which involves transforming plant matter into gold. Rumplestiltskin, Cora and Merlin are the only people known to have this skill. ("That Still Small Voice" et al., "The Miller's Daughter", "Nimue")
  • Belief can also be used for transformation. ("Good Form")


On-Screen Notes

  • Sometimes, when using witchcraft, some incantations are used:
    • When Jafar's summons a dragon, he casts a spell, Ego vocare te dolor. Ego vocare te damnum. Ego vocare te faciam scelus, which is Latin for "I call you pain. I call you loss. I call do (will do) crime.[1] ("Bad Blood")
    • When Cyrus uses a Locator Spell to activate the enchantment, he uses the spell locus mirabilis, which is Latin for "wonderful place".[2] ("Nothing to Fear")
    • To light up the Jabberwocky's prison, Jafar casts a spell, fiat lux, which is Latin for "let there be light".[3] ("Nothing to Fear")
    • When Jafar uses Lizard's eyes to view the last person her eyes saw after death, he casts a spell: De visu intueri. Visione revelare, which is Latin for "Look out of sight. Reveal vision."[4] ("Dirty Little Secrets")
    • The incantations Jafar uses to take control over the Genie Lamps are:
      • Incipio.Tres genies in utres. Ego te coniungere. Da mihi virtutem! Which is Latin for "Begin. Three genies in bottles. Give me power!"[5] [Note that there is no word for "genie" in Latin, so this word is plain English.]
      • When that doesn't work, he tries Magicae res tres. Vult totam!, which means "Three magic things. He wants all!"[6] Unfortunately, that doesn't work either. ("Heart of the Matter")


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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