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William is a character featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the graphic fiction novel, Out of the Past.


Before First Curse

When his brother Daniel is still a child, William leaves to seek fortunes in a faraway realm. At one point, he begins stealing treasures with an accomplice, Jefferson. Later, he learns that Daniel has since died after falling in love with a noblewoman named Regina. Blaming her for his brother's death, he makes plans to return to the Enchanted Forest and exact revenge. Before he does, William discovers that someone in Wonderland now possesses a much sought after Clock of Evermore, an item that can manipulate time.[1] With the more pressing matter of finding Regina, he decides against pursuing the relic and instead sends Jefferson a letter about the clock's whereabouts. From an unnamed realm, William gains magic sand from a sea nymph so he can neutralize Regina's powers. While Regina's entourage is traveling through the Enchanted Forest's Forest of the Dead, William causes her carriage to be overturned, before he lures her into falling into his pit trap. She denies killing Daniel, instead continuing to blame Snow White for instigating her lover's demise, but William believes a romance between a peasant and noble was doomed from the beginning. As he begins sprinkling the sand on her, she counters with magic, accidentally delivering a fatal death blow to him. Not meaning to have hurt him, Regina asks him to hold on as she heals him, but William states she won't be able to just as she couldn't save Daniel. ("Out of the Past")


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