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This page is dedicated to Vladimir Ruzich, an upcoming new cast member.
Updates to this page may be frequent, and information will be added as it becomes available.

Vladimir Ruzich is an upcoming Canadian actor on ABC's Once Upon a Time.[1]


Vladimir Ruzich is an actor on screen and on stage. He also describes himself as a photographer and a fashionista.[2]

Graduating with a degree in Criminology from Simon Fraser University, Vladimir has also enjoyed a successful varsity basketball career. Following his graduation, he went on to pursue his dreams in acting at the Vancouver Acting School.[3]

From that point, Vladimir was immediately cast in guest-starring television and feature roles. In 2015, he appeared as a police officer on O. Corbin Saleken's Patterson's Wager, starring Fred Ewanuick, Chelah Horsdal and Alex Zahara.[4] That same year, he was cast as Captain Horos on SyFy's Olympus.[5] Vladimir also got a recurring role as The Traveler on Showcase's Continuum.[5] It is his most well-known role as he appeared in five episodes; two from Season Three and three from Season Four.


  • Appeared alongside Once Upon a Time co-star Alex Zahara on Patterson's Wager.


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