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This article focuses on the Underworld book.
For the television show, see Once Upon a Time.
For the real storybook, see Once Upon a Time (Book).
For the other storybook which Isaac created, see Heroes and Villains (Book).

That book is the embodiment of hope, and there's not a lot of that here in the Underworld.
Regina Mills src

The Underworld Once Upon a Time Book is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the fifteenth episode of the fifth season.

This item is based on the Once Upon a Time book.


Before First Curse

Sometime after Hades remodels the Underworld into a likeness of Storybrooke, a copy of the storybook ends up in the Sorcerer's mansion. However, whether someone actually placed the book there, or it manifested as a result of the mansion coming into existence is not entirely clear. ("Our Decay")

After Third Curse

When Liam reunites with his brother Killian, he tells him about rumors of a book that rebels of the Underworld once spoke about that might help to defeat Hades. Emma believes it might be the storybook, which prompts her and her allies to search the loft for it. Recalling a box that she found the book in during the second curse, Snow pulls out a copy of the same box to replicate the past event, but the book is not there. Henry proposes the book is in the Sorcerer's mansion, and after Snow and David obtain a key to get into the building, the group begin their search inside. After finding the book first, Liam rips out the pages on Hades' story and hides them in his jacket, without anyone seeing what he's done. He later suggests the missing pages fell out and that they must comb the entire mansion for them. Killian discovers Liam took the pages to keep Hades from revealing his secret, and eventually helps his brother move on to a better place. Afterwards, the heroes try to read through the book, with Killian apologizing about the missing pages because of Liam's sabotage. Believing Henry may know more about the book since he's the Author, David goes to talk to him. Henry, taking David's advice to heart, reveals to his family that he found the Author's quill in the mansion. While he originally wanted to use the quill to change things, Henry vows to use the quill for its actual purpose of recording new stories. ("The Brothers Jones")

Over time, Henry writes in new stories to the book, including Snow and David's journey to contact their son Neal, Neal receiving his parents' message in Storybrooke, the reunion between Ruby and Dorothy, and Snow's return home to her son. ("Our Decay", "Ruby Slippers")

Before going home to Storybrooke, Henry utilizes the little time he has left by recording the Underbrooke citizens' unfinished businesses. He places the pages in the storybook, which he leaves in the library for the people to find later. ("Firebird")

After Henry is gone from the Underworld, Cruella sabotages things by hiding the book at the River of Lost Souls. When Hook and a deceased King Arthur confront her about the book's location, she casually explains her intentions for hiding the book, as she wants the people of Underbrooke to be as miserable as her by not moving on. The men arrive to the River of Lost Souls, where they spot the book in the hands of a gargoyle statue. Hook goes to get it, but he pulls back to save Arthur from being dragged into the river by a lost soul. On Hook's second attempt for the book, another lost soul swoops by to snatch it away. Arthur kills the creature with fire, but with nothing holding onto the book, it begins falling into the river. Hook grabs the book in time, and then, he places the pages from Hades' story into it. Once he does this, the pages are replicated in Storybrooke's copy of the book, which allows Emma to learn about Hades' weakness. ("Last Rites")


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.