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The Underbrooke Harbor is an Underworld location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the thirteenth episode of the fifth season.

This location is based on Storybrooke Harbor.


Before First Curse

The Underbrooke Harbor forms in the Underworld after Hades remodels this world to resemble the town of Storybrooke. The water of the Acheron runs into the harbor. ("Our Decay", "Her Handsome Hero", "Sisters")

After Hercules' death at the hands of Cerberus, he arrives to the Underworld, where he is unable to move because he failed to complete his Twelfth Labor when he was still alive. Hercules begins spending his days at the harbor hauling boat parts, which is not difficult for him, considering his immense physical strength. ("Labor of Love")

After Third Curse

When Mary Margaret learns her childhood friend Hercules is in the Underworld, she sets out to help him with his unfinished business of defeating Cerberus. After getting information from the Blind Witch about his whereabouts, she seeks him out the harbor, where she sees him moving boat parts. He doesn't recognize her at first because she has grown up since the last time they saw each other. Mary Margaret asks for his help with killing Cerberus, which would allow him to move on to Mount Olympus and save Hook at the same time. Hercules is reluctant, stating that the hero he used to be died long ago, but she recalls what he once told her, that fear of failure shouldn't keep someone from trying. In the end, he finally agrees to the mission. ("Labor of Love")

Belle, after declining a deal with Hades that might have secured her unborn child's safety, makes the mistake of telling Mr. Gold about it. Upon learning of the deal, Mr. Gold teleports to the harbor, where he magically levitates Gaston and begins strangling him, as Hades promised to void the contract on Belle's child as long if Mr. Gold kills Gaston. Belle arrives and tricks Mr. Gold into lowering his guard with emotional affection before using the Dark One's dagger to command him to let go of Gaston. This proves to be just as fatal since Gaston attempts to kill Mr. Gold, but a panic-stricken Belle ends up shoving him into the River of Lost Souls, damning him to an eternity of suffering. Horrified at herself, Belle comes to grips with having given into darkness in the heat of the moment, but soon realizes it was all for nothing, because Hades decides to keep the contract intact since Belle was the one to finish off Gaston instead of Mr. Gold. ("Her Handsome Hero")

After overpowering Emma and Robin Hood, Cruella and James take them hostage and bring them to the harbor to push them into the river. David intervenes in the nick of time and disarms James, while Hook grabs the fallen gun as Cruella runs off to the sidelines for cover. Hook reunites with Emma and uses his hook hand to remove the cuff from her wrist. The couple then watch as James and David battle it out by exchanging punches. David insists he only wants to help his brother move on, but an embittered James reveals his unfinished business is to kill him. James pulls a knife out and charges at David, who dodges the blow and hurls him into the river. David is regretful of what he had to do because, despite everything, James was still his brother. Emma assures him that he did the right thing since there's no saving those who can't let go of grudges. ("Sisters")

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