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Ty Olsson is the Canadian actor who portrays Hordor on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Ty Olsson was born on January 28,[1] 1974[citation needed] in Halifax, Nova Scotia and grew up in Ottawa, Ontario. Between elementary school grades seven and eight, he had a troublemaking streak that caught the attention of a teacher, who took him under her wing. From her, Ty was exposed to school plays and auditioned for a program at Canterbury High School, a dramatic arts, dance and vocal institution, which he joined and specialized in all three subjects. Near his final year in high school, he recognized acting as a possible future career and immediately after graduating, began looking into secondary theatre education. Eventually, Ty began attending Studio 58, a prestigious Vancouver-based theatre school for three years. Upon finishing his training there, he spent a season at the Shaw Festival, doing Bernard Shaw plays and contemporaries in Niagara-on-the-Lake.[2]

After returning to Vancouver, Ty started scoring appearances on television and film and made his debut on The X-Files. His notable roles have been as Battlestar Galactica's Captain Aaron Kelly, Mitchell Laurio on the X-Men sequel X2, a portrayal of real-life 9/11 victim Mark Bingham in Flight 93 and Sam on Men in Trees. He has also mastered voice work in series such as Clash of the Titans as Herry, a descendant of Hercules and Dragon Tales as the lovable dragon Ord.[2]

Ty has two daughters, Mackenzie and Dagan Hunter, with ex-wife[3] Leanna Nash.[4]



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