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  • Tink Season 4

    2 messages
    • Her name and part are not billed on the cast. I hope she is going to be in Season 4.
    • The actress is working on Izombie, with Dr. Whale's actor too. They are not confirmed in the season yet, but Adam already said they could pop...
  • Any other TinkerHook (or HookerBell) fans out there? Also theories-ish on upcoming episodes.

    16 messages
    • ChocolatEyes613 wrote:Ruby ridinghood wrote:I do want Tinkerbelle to find her true love, I fail to understand, why so many people want Tin...
    • Budloopy4 wrote:I'm convinced that Neal is the dead character, because we haven't seen him in Storybrooke. However, I could see Neal dying, t...

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