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You're not the only one with a past you'd rather forget.
—Tiger Lily to Hook src

Tiger Lily is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts, with her only appearance, in the seventeenth episode of the sixth season. She is portrayed by guest star Sara Tomko.

Tiger Lily is based on the character of the same name from the play Peter and Wendy, and from the Disney film Peter Pan.


Before First Curse

At some point, Tiger Lily is a fairy and a close companion of the Black Fairy, but is unable to stop her friend's fall to darkness. Ashamed, she gives up her wand and wings and flees to Neverland, where she meets Captain Hook and has an unknown encounter with him at Skull Rock. ("Awake")

After Third Curse

In Neverland, Tiger Lily somehow discovers that the Black Fairy is in Storybrooke and planning to kill the Savior. She finds Hook, who returned to Neverland by accident, being chased by a group of Lost Boys and fires darts at them, knocking them all unconscious. However, when Hook thanks her for her help, she announces that it was not a rescue and fires a dart at him into his neck to knock him out as well. She drags him away to a cave and awakens him with a slap, assuring him that it is not payback for what happened at Skull Rock, as she would have left him to be killed by the Lost Boys if it were. Tiger Lily refuses to free him, scoffing at his claim about having found true love with a woman and his desire to return to her, and instead wants Hook use the Jolly Roger to take a broken fairy wand to the Savior so that she can win the upcoming war. When she mentions the Savior, Hook realizes that they are on the same side, as the Savior is the woman he loves: Emma. However, Hook reveals that he cannot return to Storybrooke due to a spell preventing him from going home. Although Tiger Lily has no way to break the spell, she suggests that Peter Pan might have a way. She takes Hook to Pan's old base, where she points out a tree with magic sap he can use. To help Hook get to the tree unharmed, Tiger Lily creates a distraction, firing an arrow at the Lost Boys' meal and fleeing as they pursue her, allowing Hook to get the sap to give his shadow form and help him escape, but one of the Lost Boys notices him and calls the others for help. As the Lost Boys encircle Hook and drag him and his shadow down, Tiger Lily yells for him to get the wand to Emma, to which Hook gives up, letting his shadow fly off with the wand while he is captured. As the Lost Boys prepare to execute both Tiger Lily and Hook, Tiger Lily apologizes, but they are interrupted by Emma's arrival through a magic door. Emma and Hook escape back through the door, which allows Tiger Lily to break free from the Lost Boys and flee to safety in the forest. ("Awake")


Production Notes

  • The casting call describes her as "'a force to be reckoned with'. Determined and resourceful, 'she’s the kind of woman who’ll risk her life to save yours — and she’ll do it even quicker if it benefits her'. Beneath Tiger Lily’s tough exterior is someone who isn’t afraid to accept help, even if she’s reluctant to ask for it". To fill the role, the series is seeking "a Native American actress in her late 20s to early 30s".[2]



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