• Since, OUaT has rebooted and set Season 7 in Hyperion Heights. I thought, it would be fun to theorize, what the denizens of our favorite sleepy town in Maine. These theories can be as ridiculous as you want.... the wackier, the better!

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    • Captain Hook: When not arresting petty criminals as Deputy Sheriff, Hook is Storybrooke's resident sex therapist. After receiving their happy endings, all the fairytale characters wanted to spice up their romances. So, they turned to Storybrooke's dashing former rogue. Rumor had it that Hook had a way with women, and everyone wanted to learn his secrets. 

      Mary Margaret: Since she was Storybrooke's most dedicated teacher, Mary Margaret was promoted to school principal. However on the side, she began writing steamy romance novels, based on the escapades of a certain blonde Savior and her roguish Pirate. Due to the copious amount of sexual content, and the fact that the inspiration was her own daughter and son in-law, she was forced to use the pseudonym of Juniper B. Winters.... the B is for Bianca. 

      David Nolan: Jealous of Hook's success as a sex therapist, and his wife's "literary" success, David tries his hand at being a wingman. The problem is that his only client is Leroy, who is as grumpy as ever. Not one to be dishearted, he gains a new appreciation for domestic life. The Charming farmhouse has never been so clean, and David has become quite the chef. 

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    • August Booth: August has become a teacher at the elementary school.

      Lily Page: Lily has become a waitress at Granny's taking over Ruby's place.

      Zelena: Prior to becoming cursed, Zelena became the new owner of the pawnshop.

      Ruby: After the Final Battle, Ruby has come back to Storybrooke and becomes a worker at a clothing store.

      Maleficent: Maleficent, after Regina leaves, becomes the new mayor.

      Mulan: After the Final Battle, Mulan finally comes to Storybrooke and becomes a gym teacher at the local high school.

      Elsa: After the Final Battle, Elsa comes back to Storybrooke and becomes a wedding planner.

      Aladdin: After Henry leaves, Aladdin, Jasmine and all the other Agrabah inhabitants move to Storybrooke. Aladdin becomes a worker at a bakery.

      Jasmine: Jasmine has become a librarian.

      Kathyrn Nolan: Kathryn becomes a worker at the Dark Star Pharmacy.

      Aurora: Aurora becomes an accountant.

      Phillip: Prince Phillip becomes a police officer.

      Clorinda: Clorinda becomes an elementary school principal.

      Dorothy Gale: After the Final Battle, Dorothy moves to Storybrooke, and becomes a nurse.

      Jefferson: Jefferson becomes a clothing store manager.

      Liam: After the Final Battle, Liam comes back to Storybrooke, and becomes a history teacher.

      Lancelot: After the Final Battle, Lancelot moves to Storybrooke and becomes the new district attorney.

      Sean Herman/Thomas: Thomas becomes a doctor.

      Anton: Anton becomes the new head chef at Granny's.

      Glinda: Glinda has moved to Storybrooke and becomes a waitress at Granny's.

      Astrid: Astrid quits being a nun and becomes a teacher instead.

      Leroy: Leroy is finally dating Astrid, and becomes a teacher.

      Granny: Granny retires and gives the diner and the bed and breakfast to Ursula.

      Ursula: Ursula moves back to Storybrooke and is the new owner of both the diner and the bed and breakfast.


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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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