• Belle: "Any man would be lonely."

    Rumble: "I'm not a man." 

    Watching S1 again and getting a lot if insight into Rumble's character. How he changed from a cowardly man, but willing to do anything, including making a pact with the devil, for his son, to lonely, bitter man, ashamed of what he had become.

    How he considered himself less than a man, but instead a creature born of magic, ruled by his desire for power and his lack of love in his heart since he lost Bae. And how this all changed when he found Belle. 

    Any thoughts on his character? Or his development? 

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    • I think his character development is awesome during both season one and two, while I think S3's Rumple's development as a character were pretty rushed.

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    • There is something un-human about him if you think about how he survived through the centuries never aging due to his powers keeping his appearance intact. I think immortality is something most people would like, but it's also a curse to remain ageless forever while watching everyone around you age, start families and die. The immortality factor likely changed his perspective on what it means to be human, or even just a man with feelings and emotions. He might've tried to block himself off from all those things because he didn't like what he became as the Dark One.

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    • Or he destroyed those happy families, because he doesn't have one. Making it a lot easier to be stuck with his curse. I just thought it was EXTREMELY weird, after Belle said any curse could be broken, by true love's kiss, that he went berserk. If I had the kind of curse that he did, I would want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Actually he was trying to get a rid of it when Bae was still around, but ultimately gave up once he lost his son.

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    • The Dark One's powers is both a very tempting and vile thing for Rumplestiltskin, I believe. It gives him power to do what he couldn't before, but at the large price of giving up his mortality and human life. He hates what he has become and how much he has come to depend on these powers, but at the same time, he's terrified to be without them. Remember how when given the chance to let go of his powers and go with Baelfire to a land without magic, he ultimately chose his powers? That's similar to his reaction when Belle tried to break his curse. Plus, the fact he kept those powers intending to find a way to reunite with Baelfire was all the more reason why he didn't want his curse broken. That was one of the reasons, but in the scene he goes berserk, he also reacts in rage because he believes Belle is attempting to take away his powers on the Queen's orders. He fears reverting to a powerless, weak coward without his Dark One powers.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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