• The Writers were saying they had an alternate ending which was going to revealed another Disney giant And they might use it for the future. 

    Season 4b, anyone? I'm thinking Maleficent!

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    • I've been thinking that as well, and I've been crossing names since last night (I also read that article). So far, I've crossed: all the animals (sorry, but I found hard to bring in a Dumbo arc without heavy CGI pre- and post-prod) and nearly all the princesses (we already saw Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and of course Snow White). What's left? Here's my list, and a few reasons (I'll post ablog later with expanded theories). Also, remember, Rumple did say he enclosed in his chamber the Darkest an/or Understandable magic, which could be a) really powerful magic or b) people from other realm (as he tried to do with Emma):

      1. Cruella DeVil. We know Pongo lives with Archie. Where's Perdita? And where's Cruella.

      2. Doctor Facilier. Which could introduce a Princess and the Frog story.

      3. Princess Merida / the bear carving witch. Merida has no magic of her own, but Rumple may have enclosed, just because it's fun, or because she's from another world. As for the witch, well, she may have tried to transform him into a bear with her food.

      We're running out on "Disney iconic characters". Please note I'mleaving off the list characters from less popular movies such as The Black Cauldron or Oliver & Company or any Pixar movie. I'll post morelater in a blog.

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    • maybe the alt ending was something to do w/ greek mythology (Hercules was Disney) or the authurian route, that so many wanted.

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    • Maleficent could have been ashes and held in Rumple's vault until Regina found a loophole, and saved her "Friend" If she had been brought to the future, I think she would have came, looking for Aurora and Phillip. 

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    • Rwo

      I think they've introduced Jafar, finally escaping his bottle after Wonderland events.

      « Only a handful of people got to see the real thing — and many people who work on the show didn’t even find out until afterwards. » If there still was a story of jarre, that would have made sense ^^'

      So only those who were working on the scene in the Dark Castle's vault (Jennifer, Colin, Robert, and the technical team) would have know it wasn't him ^^

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    • THAT would be interesting. 

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    • I really want to see Tiana or Merida on the show other than that I still don't understand why Mulan is in the Disney princess lineup.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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