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  • My Theories:

    1. Peter pan and Rumple have a long history together. Pan has Henry's picture cause Rumple gave it to him. Rumple "believed" Henry was his "undoing" so he gave the picture to Pan to find the Boy.

    2. Peter pan is also a "boy" and in fact the "Boy" that his "undoing." ( Undoing the dark one curse, but not killing the man known as Rumple)

    3. The "Boy" will be his "undoing" was meant for Peter Pan, cause Pan will help Rumple find his son. ( Cause his son [Balefire] is believed to be dead by Rumple.)

    4. Balefire is NOT in fairytale land! As seen being rescued but not shown the location. The people seen with him had to go on a "adventure" to rescue Phillip (he is seen alive). They all might (also) be in neverland.

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