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Peter Pan: Everyone will forget who they are. Time will stand still. And, Felix, we will be in charge.
Felix: This whole place?
Peter Pan: Yes. And when we're done with it, it's going to be the new Neverland.

"The New Neverland" is the tenth episode of Season Three of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Andrew Chambliss and directed by Ron Underwood. It is the fifty-fourth episode of the series overall, and premiered on December 8, 2013.


The residents of Storybrooke are overjoyed upon the return of Henry and our heroes from Neverland. But unbeknownst to them, a plan is secretly being put into place by a well-hidden Pan that will shake up the very lives of the townspeople. Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tale Land that was, Snow White and Prince Charming’s honeymoon turns out to be anything but romantic when they go in search of a mythical being that could stop Regina cold in her tracks.[2]


This section is a detailed recap of this episode. There are major spoilers. Click to expand.

In present day Storybrooke, Belle is walking with Ariel to find Eric. She finds him at a counter cutting fish. When he sees her, he runs to her and they kiss. Suddenly, Belle sees the Jolly Roger fly into Storybrooke.

Everyone starts cheering as the Jolly Roger lands at the dock. Peter Pan and the heroes exit the ship and walk down the ramp to the crowd. Everyone starts hugging each other as a reunion. Mr. Gold meets up with Belle and explains that she was that they would see each other again. WhenWendy exits the ship, she meets her brothers and Neal and they plan on going back home. Mary Margaret and David display their happiness and thank Regina of their escape.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, The Evil Queen threatens Snow White and Prince Charming at their wedding. Furious, Snow White stomps into a meeting room, not knowing what the do about The Evil Queen. Prince Charming assures her that all Regina made was threats an they should enjoy their honeymoon to show her that her threats don't matter. Snow White suggests they go to the Summer Palace and he agrees. Grumpy comes in the room and asks her if she agrees with Prince Charming and she says she thinks there is something at the Summer Palace that might help defeat The Evil Queen.

In Storybrooke, Mr. Gold explains to David that the Shadow can't escape and they are all safe. Pan walks up to Felix and discusses their plan. Pan tells Felix that he needs to be locked up so they will trust him. Pan, who is in Henry's body urges the heroes to hide Pandora's Box, so Henry won't escape.

Mr. Gold takes the box to his shop and locked it up. He explains that only his magic can take the box out. Later, Belle helps fix Mr. Gold's tie and he tells her he wants a future with her.

At the party for getting out of Neverland at Granny's Diner, Emma sits down with Pan and gives him Henry's book. When Emma notices that he doesn't recognize it, she asks if something is wrong. Neal comes to sit down next to Hook and Hook tells him that he will let Hook have Emma. When Regina and Tinker Bell walk in, they run into Mother Superior. Regina asks if she can give Tinker Bell her wings back and mentions that she got Pixie Dust to work. When Mother Superior asks about this Tinker Bell says it only worked for a second. Mother Superior then says she can't believe in her if she doesn't believe in herself. Neal then comes over to Emma and asks her on a date. Her parents tell her she owes it to herself to go.

In the Enchanted Forest, Snow White and Prince Charming arrive at the Summer Palace. When Prince Charming says that they should enjoy the time alone, Snow White tells him that she has something planned. As soon as he leaves, she takes off the robe and sneaks out the Palace. As she is walking, she spots Prince Charming and he asks her what she is doing. Snow White explains that she wants to cut off Medusa's head to turn The Evil Queen into stone. He reluctantly agrees.

In present day Storybooke, Emma tells Pan that it is bedtime and they should go, but he wants to spend the night at Regina's house. When he gets home, he opens the book onto a page, displaying the curse. When Regina comes to tuck him in to bed, Pan asks about Regina's vault explaining that he wants to be safe, but he really just wants something from it. After Regina leaves, he lets the Shadow out.

Back in the Enchanted Forest flashback, Snow White and Prince Charming discuss what to do with Medusa. He asks her why they should turn Regina to stone and she tells him because The Evil Queen threatened the kingdom.

In Storybrooke, while David and Mary Margaret are eating at Granny's, Mr. Gold give him the elixir to stop the Dreamshade poisoning. As David tells Mary Margaret that they should have a baby, she notices that Emma didn't go on the date with Neal. David goes to check on Emma and she tells him that she thinks something bad is going to happen. He advises her not the think like that and tells her to enjoy the good moments. He then gives her a lift to Granny's.



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The Queen then turned to [image ends]
shall destroy your happiness [image ends]
Having made her vows [image ends]
to walk away. But Charming [image ends]
Queen's threat go [image ends]
threw it at the evil [image ends]
her, however, the Queen [image ends]
smoke. The sword [image ends]
Queen was gone. [image ends]

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  • Henry's clock on his bedroom drawer cabinet reads as five o'clock, but after Pan lets his Shadow free from the sail, the clock tower proves it is almost midnight.

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