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I'm sorry. I let you all down. I let myself down. And I put this defenseless little garden at risk when I should have protected it. You see, this garden isn't what it was supposed to be. I couldn't see that. But my Lucy did. She never stopped believing in it for a second. We're gonna show Victoria Belfrey that when you truly believe in something... you can change things.
Jacinda to the people of Hyperion Heights

"The Garden of Forking Paths" is the third episode of Season Seven of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by David H. Goodman & Brigitte Hales, and directed by Ron Underwood. It is the one hundred and thirty-sixth episode of the series overall and premiered on October 20, 2017.


When Cinderella finds herself staring danger in the eye, she receives help from an unlikely source. Her rescue leads to an alliance that could aid in the defeat of Lady Tremaine's rule and reveals a dark secret from Cinderella's past. In Hyperion Heights, Jacinda goes to extreme measures to stop Victoria Belfrey from destroying Lucy's beloved community garden, while Lucy tries to convince Henry that Victoria is after more than just a plot of land. Meanwhile, Victoria makes a discovery that could alter everyone's fate.[2]


Deleted Scenes

Sabine's Date

As described by Mekia Cox, Sabine uses a dating app where you swipe if it's a frog or if it's a prince (a reference to the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog), and goes on a date with an unnamed person.[3]

Rogers and Sabine

A scene with Rogers and Sabine talking to each other while they're sitting on a bench. Its is the same bench that Rogers was sitting on while observing Michael Griffiths.[4]

Roni and Lucy

A scene with Roni and Lucy, where Roni walks Lucy across the street by the Community Gardens.[5]



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