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This article focuses on Emma Swan's New York apartment.
For her Boston apartment, see Swan Boston Apartment.

A year ago... I was in Boston. 'Til a fire destroyed my apartment and I moved to New York to have a fresh start with my son.
Emma, after being given new memories by Regina, to Hook src

The Swan New York Loft is a Land Without Magic location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the eleventh episode of the third season.


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After First Curse

During Second Curse


On-screen Notes

  • The apartment number is the same as its first episode's number—311.[1] ("Going Home", "New York City Serenade")
  • The city view from the top of Emma's apartment building[2] is the same as the view seen from the top of Neal's apartment building in "An Untold Story",[3] indicating that the two buildings are located in the same neighborhood. ("New York City Serenade")


Popular Culture

Props Notes

  • The mugs over Emma's kitchen sink[6] are beige Dinera mugs from IKEA.[7] Emma's breakfast plates[8] are beige Dinera plates from IKEA.[9] ("Going Home", "New York City Serenade")
    • Matching Dinera side plates and bowls[10] are sitting on Emma's kitchen shelf.[11] ("Going Home", "New York City Serenade")
  • The book that Henry is putting into his schoolbag in the morning,[12] is the same book prop that was used for Mary Margaret's copy of The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne in "7:15 A.M.",[13] and Ruby's copy of the same title in "Tiny".[14] However, Henry's book is too far away to make out the title. ("New York City Serenade")
  • According to the label, the bottle that Hook and Emma are drinking from contains Jamaican Dark Rum from "Santa Christ[obscured]".[15] ("New York City Serenade")
  • Emma's drinking glasses[16] are Fabulös glasses in green from IKEA.[17] ("Going Home", "New York City Serenade")

Set Dressing

  • The swan-shaped fruit bowl on the table[18] is a Giant Bird Bowl by Jonathan Adler[19] (no longer available). ("New York City Serenade")
  • On Emma's wall,[20] there is a Japanese internment camp mail bag from World War II.[21] ("Going Home", "New York City Serenade")
  • In the apartment,[22] there is a poster by the famous book illustrator Arthur Rackham, which contains one of his illustrations from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It shows Alice surrounded by a group of creatures, including the Dodo. The caption says "Rackham in New York".[23] ("New York City Serenade")
  • The cuckoo clock on the wall[12] is a white Torre & Tagus Village Cuckoo Clock.[24] ("New York City Serenade")
  • There is a simplehuman tension arm paper towel holder on Emma's kitchen table.[25] ("New York City Serenade")
  • On Emma's desk,[26] there is a Linen Document Box from Restoration Hardware.[27] ("New York City Serenade")
  • On the shelf beneath the cuckoo clock,[28] there is a Casa White tissue box from Umbra Casa[29] and a white Menu A/S Double Candleholder.[30] ("New York City Serenade")
  • There is a High and Dry dishrack from Black+Blum[31] and a Joseph Joseph Elevate carousel kitchen utensil set[32] on the kitchen counter (note that Emma's kitchen tools are facing inward, to hide the brand name).[33] ("New York City Serenade")
  • Emma's dish brush[34] is a green Plastis dishwashing brush from IKEA.[35] ("New York City Serenade")
  • Two white Sockerärt vases/mugs from IKEA[36] are sitting on Emma's kitchen shelves.[37] ("New York City Serenade")
  • A "The End" bookend from CB2[38] (no longer available) is sitting on Emma's shelf.[39] ("New York City Serenade")
  • On the kitchen table,[40] there is an Anthropologie Faccia Serving Bowl (no longer available)[41] and a Knyck napkin holder from IKEA.[42] ("New York City Serenade")

Filming Locations

  • The scenes in Emma and Henry's apartment were filmed in Gastown's Koret Lofts building[43] on East Cordova Street, Vancouver. These large New York style open loft apartments are characterized by their sandblasted exposed brick, posts, wooden beams and ceilings.


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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