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This article focuses on Emma Swan's New York apartment.
For her Boston apartment, see Swan Boston Apartment.

Sorry, my place is just kind of a mess right now.
Emma to Walsh src

The Swan New York Loft is a Land Without Magic location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the eleventh episode of the third season.


After First Curse
When the dark curse is undone, Emma and Henry obtain false memories of their life together. As Emma recalls, a fire broke out in her apartment in Boston, which caused her and Henry to start their lives over in New York. ("Going Home", "New York City Serenade")

During Second Curse

A year later, it is morning in New York City. Emma wakes up in her new apartment and makes breakfast for herself and Henry. As she serves the hot cocoa, Henry points out that something is missing, and Emma adds cinnamon in their drink. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Henry asks if someone's coming over, but Emma says no. She answers the door to see a strange man dressed in pirate clothes, and he claims to know her. He tries to convince her that her family is in danger, but Emma says that her family is right here. The stranger says that he can make her remember and attempts to give her true love's kiss, but it doesn't work. She knees him in the groin and ignores his profuse explanations by slamming the door closed, before she resumes her breakfast. ("Going Home")

A woman named Mrs. Cuse looks after Henry while Emma is on a date with Walsh. When Emma returns home, Mrs. Cuse informs her that Henry was quiet tonight, but Henry merely explains that he was concentrating on playing his video game. Emma joins him and as they play, Henry is curious to know how Emma's date went. When he hears that Walsh proposed to Emma, he urges her to accept, since Walsh has proven himself to be serious, and won't leave her like his biological father did. The following morning, Henry is getting ready for school. Emma hands him a permission slip for a field trip and opens a note that Hook gave her which is the address for Neal's apartment in the city. Henry sends a text to Walsh asking him to come over for dinner at eight o'clock and later informs Emma about this.

Emma regains her memories from a potion that Hook gives her and the two of them share a drink in her apartment. She learns that her family has been re-cursed by someone powerful. Emma then heads to the rooftop with Walsh, where she rejects his proposal; citing that she has to take care of past business. Walsh reveals knowledge about the memory potion and violently attacks Emma after turning into a flying monkey. Emma shoves him off the roof. Over breakfast the next morning, Emma tells Henry that she needs his help with a case. Henry is overjoyed at the prospect of no school and a trip with his mother. When Hook arrives, Emma gives Henry a cover story about him and Emma puts on her red leather jacket before the three head to Storybrooke. ("New York City Serenade")


On-screen Notes

  • The apartment number is the same as its first episode's number—311.[1] ("Going Home", "New York City Serenade")
  • The city view from the top of Emma's apartment building[2] is the same as the view seen from the top of Neal's apartment building in "An Untold Story",[3] indicating that the two buildings are located in the same neighborhood. ("New York City Serenade")


Popular Culture

Props Notes

  • The mugs over Emma's kitchen sink,[6] which are used to serve hot cocoa in the morning, are beige Dinera mugs from IKEA.[7] Emma's breakfast plates[8] are beige Dinera plates from IKEA.[9] ("Going Home", "New York City Serenade")
    • Matching Dinera side plates and bowls[10] are sitting on Emma's kitchen shelf.[11] ("Going Home", "New York City Serenade")
  • Emma's drinking glasses[12] are Fabulös glasses in green from IKEA[13] (the exact color is no longer available). ("Going Home", "New York City Serenade")
  • The book that Henry is putting into his schoolbag in the morning[14] is the same book prop that was used for Mary Margaret's copy of The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne in "7:15 A.M."[15] and "Skin Deep",[16] and Ruby's copy of the same title in "Tiny".[17] However, Henry's book is too far away to make out the title. ("New York City Serenade")
  • According to the label, the bottle that Hook and Emma are drinking from contains Jamaican Dark Rum from "Santa Christ[obscured]".[18] ("New York City Serenade")

Set Dressing

Filming Locations

  • The scenes in Emma and Henry's apartment were filmed in Gastown's Koret Lofts building[50] on East Cordova Street, Vancouver. These large New York style open loft apartments are characterized by their sandblasted exposed brick, posts, wooden beams and ceilings.


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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