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Fuel. Fuel! That's right. It's feeding time.
Mary Margaret src

Storybrooke Power Inc. is a Storybrooke location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the second episode of the fourth season.


After Second Curse

Elsa uses her special ice powers to create a wall of ice around Storybrooke and blackout strikes the town. Unexpectedly, Granny, Happy and Leroy persuade Mary Margaret into fixing the power issue. She balks, as this is a task for the mayor, but they believe Regina no longer wants the job. Granny stresses that Mary Margaret cast the last curse, so she must step up now. Bringing her son Neal along with her, Mary Margaret and her friends head to the electrical service site where they attempt to restore power. Mary Margaret looks at the circuit system while her friends talk about whether Marco or Dr. Whale could help them, but she insists they don't need assistance. When Happy and Leroy complain further, Mary Margaret lashes out, voicing her exhausting lifestyle since having a new baby, and maintains that although she cast a "little" curse, it wasn't her choice to maintain a town with residents dependent on electricity despite that they previously lived in the Enchanted Forest without it. Lastly, she spitefully tells them to buy a flashlight, which shocks them into silence as they exit. Left alone with only her son Neal, Mary Margaret fiddles with the circuit buttons to no avail. Soon, Neal becomes fussy due to hunger, and after Mary Margaret picks him up, she recognizes that the circuit system simply needs a fuel refill to start up again. Having located the problem, she refills a full tank, bringing the power back. Mary Margaret, overjoyed that she has finally solved the problem, gives Neal a "baby high five". After breastfeeding her baby, mother and son both return home. ("White Out")

After Third Curse

Mr. Gold plots to use an aging spell to accelerate his wife Belle's pregnancy so that he can use the Shears of Destiny on their son, preventing him from hating his father. To show Belle his plan in hopes of scaring her back to him, he corners one of the nuns in the Storybrooke power plant and ties her up. The Evil Queen shows up to witness what he planned to do to her, as she is aware of his hatred towards fairies. Gold admonishes her for not yet fulfilling her mission to finish off her sister Zelena, but the Queen is reluctant to believe he is truly over Belle. Mr. Gold insists he is, having realized Belle will never accept him for who he is, and further persuades the Queen that she can have him all to herself as soon as she takes out Zelena. He then sprinkles some powder on the nun, turning her into an elderly woman and releasing her so she can return to the convent. ("Changelings")


Set Dressing

  • The machinery seen in the control room of building[1] is the same prop used in the top level of Belfrey Towers.[2]