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Land Without Magic Location
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Status: Existing
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First appearance: "Pilot"
Latest appearance: "The Bear King"
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It's like a fairy tale.

Regina Mills to an adoption agent src

Storybrooke, Maine is a Land Without Magic location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the first episode of the first season of Once Upon a Time.


During First Curse

In the Enchanted Forest, the Evil Queen cast a Dark Curse, which sends all of the inhabitants to a newly created town in a Land Without Magic called Storybrooke. The curse, prophesied by Rumplestiltskin, can be broken in twenty-eight years by Snow White and Prince Charming's daughter Emma. To protect their infant daughter, a magic wardrobe is constructed that brings her to another land just before all of the Enchanted Forest is engulfed in the curse. In a secret deal with the Blue Fairy, Geppetto guarantees his own son, Pinocchio, is one of the two to be saved. Both children end up in the Land Without Magic and are placed in the same foster home, but Pinocchio later abandons Emma. ("Pilot")

In the days after the curse is enacted, the Evil Queen lives as the mayor of Storybrooke, Regina, and while at first pleased with the other residents' miseries, she grows bored with her new life. One flaw in creating Storybrooke is it becomes visible to outsiders, and when two strangers, Kurt and Owen, arrive in town, Regina attempts to usher their leaving. Eventually, she takes a liking to Owen and wishes for him to stay, although Kurt refuses. Through her manipulation, Sheriff Graham arrests Kurt, who flees Storybrooke with his son, however, they are caught at the town border. While Kurt surrenders himself, Owen escapes town, with Regina's permission. Later, she kills Kurt and buries him in the woods. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

Eighteen years later, Regina adopts a baby boy, who she names Henry. When he shows signs of possible illness, she sleuths for information on his birth parents, eventually learning his birth mother is Emma Swan, the prophesied savior. After deciding to keep Henry as her son, Regina drinks a memory potion to forget his birth mother's identity. ("Save Henry")

Henry, at ten years old, gains a fairytale book from his teacher as a means to inspire hope in his life. Within its pages, he finds a photo of Snow White and Prince Charming's infant daughter and mysteriously realizes her name is Emma. Coming to believe Storybrooke is under the Evil Queen's curse, Henry brings Emma to Storybrooke, and she later stays in town out of concern for his happiness. With her arrival, the curse gradually weakens and time begins to move forward again. After a few days, Emma becomes a sheriff's deputy, and after the sheriff's death, she gains her predecessor's job. As sheriff, she is unknowingly reuniting people who would otherwise be separated due to the curse's effects. ("Going Home", "Pilot", "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")

The town becomes rocked by a scandal when Mary Margaret's affair with David is made public. Kathryn, David's wife, opts to allow them to be together as she decides to leave for Boston. Regina, unwilling to let the lovers be happy, sets up Mary Margaret for Kathryn's death, leading to her arrest when evidence is found. With help from August, Emma figures out Regina's plot, just before Kathryn is found alive after being secretly freed by Mr. Gold. To make Emma accept her role as curse savior, August attempts to make her believe in magic, but she refuses. Believing Regina is dangerous, Emma then tries leaving town with Henry, but the boy persuades her out of it. Regina, on the other hand, extracts a poisoned apple from the past Enchanted Forest, in a bid to get rid of Emma. However, Henry ends up eating it, falling into a coma, and later dying. In a final farewell, Emma kisses his forehead, accidentally emitting true love's kiss, which breaks his curse as well as the Dark Curse. As everyone regains memories of their past lives, Mr. Gold combines a bottle of true love, Mr. Gold combines it with well water to bring magic into Storybrooke. ("What Happened to Frederick", "Red-Handed", "The Stable Boy", "The Stranger", "An Apple Red as Blood")

After First Curse
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During Second Curse

After a year, Snow White recasts the Dark Curse, bringing everyone back to Storybrooke, but due to the Wicked Witch's machinations, they forget the past year in the Enchanted Forest. The only clue, as proof a year has gone by, is Mary Margaret's pregnancy. The Wicked Witch, brought along by the curse, blends into town as a midwife named Zelena. In her farm cellar, she keeps a revived Mr. Gold as her prisoner. Through some means, she also causes some of the townspeople to vanish and turns them into her pet monkeys. Regaining her lost memories with Hook's aid, Emma returns to town, where she teams up with Regina to sleuth out the curse caster, who manages to escape before they apprehend her. After David and Hook witness someone turning into a flying monkey, it is believed the Wicked Witch cast the new curse. ("New York City Serenade", "Witch Hunt")

Zelena, desiring to change her past with a time spell, requires several ingredients; Mary Margaret's child, David's courage, Regina's heart and Mr. Gold's brain. After Zelena collects David's courage, Mr. Gold escapes and reverts to Neal. Following recovery at the hospital, Neal helps Emma look for Mr. Gold, not knowing he and his father are in the same body. Upon realizing the truth, he begs Emma to separate him from Mr. Gold's body, although it'll kill him, so his father can reveal the Wicked Witch's true name. After being exposed, Zelena escapes and reappears at the diner during a funeral wake for Neal, where she reveals herself as Regina's half-sister and challenges her to a duel. There, she fails to steal Regina's heart, which has already been removed and placed under Robin Hood's care. Threatened by Emma's light magic, Zelena curses Hook's lips so he can take away her powers, and not if, the savior's family will die. Desperate to break the curse, Emma attempts to make Henry believe in magic by giving him the storybook. From touching it, he regains his lost memories, but it is Regina's true love for him, which breaks the curse. ("The Tower", "Quiet Minds", "It's Not Easy Being Green", "The Jolly Roger")

After Second Curse
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^: Former inhabitants
†: Deceased inhabitants
º: This inhabitant came to Storybrooke after the first curse was cast
2: This inhabitant comes to Storybrooke only because of the second curse
ºB: This inhabitant came to Storybrooke after the second curse was cast
*: This inhabitant's status and/or current whereabouts is unknown
3: This inhabitant was brought to Storybrooke as an inanimated figure, such as statue, puppet or corpse



For detailed location information, please see the list of Storybrooke locations.

Notable Businesses

^: The Storybrooke Pet Shelter is replaced on the set by Any Given Sundae from "White Out"
^^: La Tandoor is replaced by Duperré & Hughes in "Broken". In "White Out", Chop Shop has also become part of the same building.
^^^: Worthington's Haberdashery is replaced by the Storybrooke Pet Shelter in "Red-Handed"


On-screen Notes

Production Notes

  • Location filming of Storybrooke scenes takes place in Steveston Village, a suburb of the city of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. However, a portion of Storybrooke's main street has also been recreated within The Bridge Studios in Vancouver, primarily for use during night scenes, with the set for Granny's Diner located behind its facade.[73]
  • Changing Steveston into Storybrooke takes about ten hours.[74]
    • The Storybrooke Clock Tower does not exist within the real Steveston and is added to location filming using optical effects.[74]
  • According to show creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, Storybrooke is meant to be timeless, which is why it has cell phones and computers, but also old phones and older cars. It is meant to look timeless, like a mix of everything.[75]
  • Sara's Ice Cream is a real-life Steveston Village business that features Once Upon a Time inspired ice cream names and flavors such as Once Upon a Thyme, Cinderella’s Carriage, Entirely Emma, Mr. Gold and Grumpy's Road.[76][77]

Prop Notes

  • Storybrooke's coat of arms is an apple tree.[78] ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")
  • Storybrooke's zip code is 04815.[79] ("Dreamy")
  • Among the areas listed on Greg and Tamara's map of Storybrooke, are Pine Lake, Blythe Lake, Nightingale Village, Hunter's Grove, Storybrooke Centennial Park, Cove Jaune, Storybrooke Harbor, Harper's Point and Heron Island.[80] ("Lacey")
    • Hunter's Grove is also mentioned in a newspaper ad in "Kansas".[81]
    • Among the numerous streets listed on the map, is one called Westlake Street; a reference to Neil Westlake, a graphic designer and production staff member on the show.
  • According to the marked route on the Darling brothers' map,[82] Storybrooke appears to be in the location of Thomaston, Maine, a small seaport town west of Rockland. ("Dark Hollow")
    • Additionally, according to Emma, Boston is four hours away from Storybrooke. This may be an accurate time frame for a drive from Boston to Thomaston, taking delays and speed fluctuations into account. ("The Price of Gold")
  • As Elsa is running through the woods, she runs past a sign which says "Storybrooke Wilderness Park - Yarrow Lane".[83] ("Breaking Glass")
  • The Storybrooke map that Hook finds in the pawnshop mentions a location called Villar's Point.[84] ("Smash the Mirror")
  • Despite Storybrooke being supposedly hidden from the rest of the world by various curses, it is not completely cut off, as the first season reveals that Internet is available, as is both modern cell phone and smart phone/Blackberry service (both despite the fact the town is supposed to be otherwise trapped in the 1980s). Regina is known to use a Blackberry. ("Enter the Dragon")
  • When Isaac is caught, a direction sign in the background says "Sperling".[85] ("Operation Mongoose Part 2")

References to the Enchanted Forest

Storybrooke is filled with nods to where the inhabitants come from; the Enchanted Forest:

  • The inn has pink floral wallpaper upstairs[86][87] and a flower-printed couch with matching armchairs in the lounge.[88] There are two forest paintings in the room where Greg Mendell stays.[89]
  • The diner has forest-themed wallpaper.[90] The adjoining hallway has pink floral wallpaper.[91]
  • The mayor's office[92] and the town hall[93] have birch-tree wallpaper. There are matching birch tree logs by the mayor's fireplace.[92] A leaf-shaped bowl is sitting on a table in the mayor's office.[92]
  • Archie has green stripes on his office walls tapestry.[94] This is a subtle a reference to his former life as a cricket; crickets live among the grass. Above the green, there is wallpaper which depicts a forest at sundown. The trees are well above eye-level;[95] fitting for a former cricket. Fittingly enough, at eye level, there are mushroom ornaments on Archie's bookshelves.[96]
  • Tree[97] and flower motifs[98] are decorating the walls next to Mary Margaret's bed in her loft.
  • In the pawnshop, actual birch trunks are scattered around as dividers.[99] The wall behind the main counter has crenelated "windows" which are full of paintings of trees and woods.[100][101] Similar paintings can be seen in other parts of the shop. A leaf-print curtain[102] separates the front room from the back of the shop.
  • The Nolan House has flower printed wallpaper.[103]
  • One of the classrooms at the Storybrooke Elementary School has tree silhouettes and falling leaves on the windows.[104]
  • The Storybrooke Pet Shelter has silvery forest wallpaper on the counter and behind the counter,[105] and tree silhouettes on the window panes.[105][106] Above the fish tank, there is a framed picture of a winter woods scene, with birch trees.[105] Real birch tree trunks are used as decorations.[107]
  • Real branches[108] and birch trees[109] are used as decorations at the town bar.
  • Jefferson has birch tree trunks in his living room.[110][111] A room in his mansion has forest-themed wallpaper[112] and floral curtains.[113] There's a silver tree-like rack inside the hat room.[114]
  • In the Storybrooke Free Public Library, there is a tree shaped mirror on the wall that hides the elevator doors.[115]
  • The wallpaper in the room where Cora appears as a ghost in Regina's house, shows branches in a forest.[116]
  • There is a tree-like decoration with green leaves in an alcove in the restaurant where Hook and Emma have their first date.[117]
  • In Emma's house, there is a framed picture of a winter woods scene,[118] which she uses to hide the stolen Squid Ink.

Storybrooke is also filled with references to the maritime part of the Enchanted Forest:

  • There are two model ships in Archie's office,[119][120] and a ship painting in the hallway.[121] When Emma first visits him, there is a big sea shell on his desk.[122]
  • There are ship paintings in the bedrooms[86][123][124] and the lounge[125] at the inn. There is also a ship in a bottle and a miniature rudder on the mantelpiece in the lounge.[126]
  • There are many model ships in the pawnshop,[127][128][129][130][131] and a canoe hanging from the ceiling.[132] Two ships in a bottle are sitting on a shelf.[133][134] Other maritime objects include a miniature ship's rudder,[135] a couple of ship paintings,[136][137] and a real ship's rudder.[127]
  • A large painting of a ship is hanging on the wall outside the mayor's main office,[138] and there are several paintings of ships[139] and boats[140] inside the town hall.
  • Giant sea shells are seen in one of Mary Margaret's school classrooms.[141]
  • There is a hand carved wooden model ship in Marco's shop.[142]
  • Duperré & Hughes, a business located next to Granny's Diner, has a model ship on display in the window.[30] As Regina walks through town in 1983, there are two model ships in the window.[143]
  • There is an engraving of a ship's rudder on a cupboard in Regina's living room.[144]
  • There is a nautical guide book,[145] and a children's book with pop-up sailing ships, in the Storybrooke library.[146]
  • There are two model ship in the Lakeside Mansion.[146]
  • There is a model ship on the mantel in Mr. Gold's cabin.[147]
  • Some references were not added for the show, but are an actual part of Steveston Village, which doubles as the town of Storybrooke:
    • The business next to the diner is called Atlantic Twine and Net.[22] This is a real location called Pacific Twine and Net.[148]
    • There is a business called the Marine Garage,[44] a real location in Steveston.[149]
    • An old, weathered row boat filled with plants is used as a decoration in the yard next to Granny's Diner.[150] In real life, the boat is sitting next to the Cannery Cafe, which doubles as Granny's Diner for the show.[151]
    • Storybrooke Country Bread has a ship's steering wheel on display in the window.[45] It is an actual part of a real location known as Romania Country Bread.[152]



Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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