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This page focuses on Snow White's Enchanted Forest persona.
For her Storybrooke counterpart, see Mary Margaret Blanchard.
For her Wish Realm counterpart, see Queen Snow (Wish Realm).
For the fairytale, see "Snow White (Fairytale)".
For the film, see "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".

I've loved you since the first moment I saw you.
—Snow White to Prince Charming src

Princess Snow White, briefly known as Mary, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She debuts in the first episode of the first season. She is portrayed by starring cast member Ginnifer Goodwin and guest star Bailee Madison. She is the Enchanted Forest counterpart of Mary Margaret Blanchard, and the main reality version of Queen Snow.

Snow White is based on a character of the same name from the fairytale, "Snow White", the Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and the fairytale, "Snow-White and Rose-Red". She also takes the role of Perseus from Greek Mythology.


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Before First Curse

Snow White is born in the Enchanted Forest to her father, King Leopold, and her mother, Quen Eva, during a harsh winter. A decade later, the day of her coming-of-age birthday celebration approaches. While the decorations are being prepared, Eva has an heirloom tiara to give her. As they go to retrieve it, they find one of the royal servants, Johanna, trying the tiara on. Immediately, Snow White voices disapproval by stating servants should not wear crowns. Eva is disappointed in her daughter's tone and emphasizes that regardless of if they are royals, every one of their subjects deserve love and respect. When asked the purpose of the upcoming ball, Snow White proudly answers that it's in honor of her own birthday. Rather than that, Eva helps her to see it is to honor the people and show them what a good queen Snow White will be someday. Snow White learns a lesson, to which Eva places the tiara on her daughter's head. While admiring the view, her mother suddenly collapses. Johanna rushes to get a doctor, and after some examination, the cause of the illness cannot be pinpointed. Snow White wishes to cancel the party until her mother is well again, however, Eva insists for the show to go on without her. She is led out of the room by Johanna after seeing her mother cough up blood. Fearing Eva will die, Snow White is in a state of distress until Johanna suggests she go find the Blue Fairy for help by wishing upon a blue star. ("The Queen Is Dead")

Out in the darkness, Snow White tries to locate a blue star in the sky, but the Blue Fairy arrives even when she didn't make a wish. The Blue Fairy has no means of helping Eva, except a type of dark magic in the form of a candle, which sacrifices one person's life so another can live. Snow White rejects the deal as she doesn't wish to use bad means to gain something, but runs back to the palace in tears, admitting to Eva what she couldn't do. Though she believes this makes herself weak, her mother is very proud of Snow White's sign of strength and goodness. As their time together shortens, Eva promises to be with Snow White as long as she has good in her heart. She passes away peacefully as her daughter breaks down into sobs. In preparation for the public mourning ceremony, Snow White changes into a black gown as Johanna places the tiara on her. At the memorial service, she puts a single snowdrop on Eva's chest and then refuses to leave her mother's side, even when everyone else is gone, until Johanna helps her leave the room. Following this, her father returns and Snow White begins traveling a long journey with him. ("The Queen Is Dead")

While on a break in the forest, Snow White is still seated on her horse, as Cora watches nearly from behind a tree. Cora purposely startles the horse into taking off, in which the terrified princess is forced to hold on as her horse gallops onto an estate. Snow's calls for help alert a young woman, Regina, who pulls Snow White to safety. Later, she tells her father about the woman's brave feat. King Leopold, in turn, is so impressed that he proposes to Regina so his daughter can have a stepmother. In the evening, Snow White walks in on Regina kissing a stable boy, Daniel, and runs off to inform her father. Before the princess can get to her father, however, Regina chases her down and explains what she and Daniel have is true love, though her mother Cora will never accept it. Snow is sworn to secrecy but begins to feel sympathy for Cora, who expresses a desire to make Regina happy. Drawing from her own experience in losing her own mother, Snow doesn't wish for Regina to lose hers, and therefore, reveals the truth about Daniel to Cora. Some time later, Snow watches Regina get a fitting for a wedding dress. When she brings up how understanding Cora is, Regina is puzzled by her words. This leads Snow to admit that she told Cora about Daniel and her reasons for doing so. Regina turns away in horrified shock and anger, but she quickly composes herself and instead tells the girl that Daniel ran away, and now she is very happy to marry King Leopold and become her stepmother. Snow, too, is glad things worked out and happily leaves the room, completely oblivious to Regina's rage towards her. ("The Stable Boy")

After Regina marries into the family, Snow White sits in one of the castle rooms as her hair is braided and adorned with flowers by her new stepmother. While admiring the new look, she notices a necklace in Regina's jewelry box. Curiously, the girl inquiries about where the necklace originated from, but Regina doesn't recall. Snow White decides to try it on, and while she is happily admiring the necklace, Regina fantasizes about choking her to death with it. ("We Are Both")

King Leopold, away on a diplomatic mission, leaves his daughter and new wife to tend to the kingdom's affairs. When peasants plead for help about a bandit, Dead Eye, who is terrorizing their villages, Snow White agrees to notify her father, however, Regina gently reasons she can handle it instead. The girl, overcome with fear about taking on this responsibility, chokes out a hasty apology, before fleeing the throne room, much to Regina's veiled satisfaction. Fleeing into the woods, she accidentally falls into a hole, where she is saved by the demi-god Hercules, who needs to complete his Twelve Labors in order to reach Mount Olympus and become immortal. To help her be the hero her kingdom needs, he persuades her into learning archery from him because her fear of failing shouldn't keep her from trying. As Hercules teaches her how to hold a bow, he openly flirts with her and tells her about the last Labor he needs to finish: defeating the three-headed beast Cerberus. At one village, Snow White shoots an arrow, making it miss Dead Eye and hit a tree, as a warning to him about her capabilities. She threatens to make the next arrow hit his good eye, and when the bandit dares her to try, she grabs an arrow from her quiver, only to have all the arrows spill out. Snow White fumbles, finally clasping one arrow, when Dead Eye steps on it and tries to bully her into leaving. Using his demi-god ability, Hercules causes a brief earthquake to goad the bandit into retreating. Miserable over the fiasco, Snow White attempts to break her bow, believing she's not fit to be a queen one day. Drawing from his own past with failure, Hercules tells her about how completing his first Labor almost killed him, but it was from failure that he learned to win. After Snow White looses an arrow that knocks Dead Eye's sword away, she is backed-up by armed villagers, who surround the bandit's men, which forces the outlaws to retreat. While Hercules plans to go after Cerberus, Snow White opts to stay and look out for her kingdom. The two friends, having mutual feelings for each other, say goodbye with a kiss. ("Labor of Love")

When Snow turns fifteen, her father gifts her a trained pony for her birthday. Much to the princess' delight, the pony bows to her, causing her to exclaim happily that "this is my perfect day!" ("Heartless")

At an older age, Snow White masters horseback riding and earns many medals for her tremendous skill. While the princess happily gallops on her favorite horse in a meadow, Regina angrily regards her from inside the stable window. Later, she poisons Snow White's horse with a dose of the sleeping curse. ("Enter the Dragon")

While in the royal gardens, Snow White meets a new friend of her father's, the former Genie of Agrabah, who he invites to his birthday celebration. At the festivity, King Leopold praises his daughter as the fairest one of them all as she greatly reminds him of Eva. A few days after, her father is found murdered in his bed. After a search of his room and the castle, the royal guards discover a Agrabahn viper, which is native to the land the Genie came from. Although he is believed to be responsible, the Genie himself is never found, and none realize he killed King Leopold in order to win the Queen's favor. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

After her father's sudden death, Snow White goes into mourning while being consoled by Regina. Despite the affection from her stepmother, she knows Regina desires to get rid of her. During an outing in the woods, she talks with a knight but soon realizes he is actually someone Regina sent to kill her. She hits the man, a Huntsman, with a bag of apples and escapes into the forest, though he catches up. When Snow White learns that the Queen sent him to kill her, she disappears to buy herself time to finish a farewell letter to her stepmother. In it, she expresses hopes that her death will bring an end to Regina's suffering and that the subjects of the kingdom will be ruled justly. After the Huntsman finds her again, she hands him the letter and prepares herself for death. Instead, he is moved to tears by her written words and allows her to go. Before this, the Huntsman fashions a whistle for her to use if she ever finds herself in trouble. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")

Not long after running off, Snow White wanders to a village and seeks shelter inside a chicken coup, to avoid a howling beast she hears outside. At dawn, she steals eggs from the chicken nests, only to be caught by Red Riding Hood. Instead of being upset, the young woman offers her a place to stay. Assuming the name Mary, Snow White later goes with Red Riding Hood to haul water at the well. Once there, they see the bodies of the hunting party, ripped to shreds by a wolf, scattered all around. To keep herself from being publicly recognized, Snow White partially obscures her face with a scarf while attending a town meeting discussing the ravenous wolf; with Granny determining that no one has the power to kill the beast. Returning home, she brings up a boy, Peter, who Red Riding Hood is in love with, though Granny will never allow it since the dangers of the wolf stand in the way. Red Riding Hood prompts a suggestion about killing the creature themselves. Snow White objects but accompanies her for a tracking expedition. They successfully follow the trail of the wolf tracks, though, to their horror, they slowly turn into human footprints leading to Red Riding Hood's cottage. From this, both have reason to believe Peter is the wolf. That evening, Snow White masquerades as Red Riding Hood by putting on her cloak. Red Riding Hood, on the other hand, breaks the news to Peter in the woods. Snow White is caught by Granny but insists Red Riding Hood and Peter are truly in love. To her confusion, Granny is horrified at the vulnerable situation Peter is left in. On the way there, Snow White is told Red Riding Hood is the wolf and without the cloak, she has no control over transforming. They arrive too late to save Peter, who has already been killed and eaten by wolf Red Riding Hood, but Granny is able to shoot a silver arrow to knock her out. Snow White puts the cloak over Red Riding Hood to turn her back to human, who comes back disoriented until catching a glimpse of what she did to Peter. There is no time to grieve as a hunting party approaches, so Granny stays behind to hold them off while the two girls escape into the night. ("Red-Handed")

Through the woods, they are pursued by the Queen's knights, which Snow White realizes from seeing a wanted poster of herself. They manage to hide out of sight, but Red Riding Hood is terrified that a tear in her cloak will force her to transform again, so she sends Snow White away. She comes back to look for Red Riding Hood and finds a den that is home to other shapeshifting wolves. When she enters, one of the shape-shifters, Quinn, attacks her for intruding, but Red Riding Hood convinces the leader of the tribe, Anita, and the other members of the pack that Snow White means no harm. She is permitted to stay and learns Red Riding Hood has eagerly embraced herself as a wolf and wishes to stay with the tribe. The peaceful moment is wrecked by the appearance of the Queen's knights. In the middle of the disruption, Quinn is struck and killed by one of the knights. Directly after, Anita mournfully tends to Quinn's body and angrily blames Snow White for his death. She begins strangling her as an act of vengeance, though Red Riding Hood shape shifts to defend her friend. As the mother-daughter pair fight, Anita accidentally impales herself on a spike and dies. After Anita is buried, Snow White and Red Riding Hood pay their respects to her grave. Before they resume their journey together, she thanks Snow White for the constant support of both halves of herself as wolf and human. ("Child of the Moon")

In time, Snow accumulates money from selling her some of her old family heirlooms. She interests a nobleman in a brooch, but when he only offers her measly three coppers, she tries to up the price because of its value, only to accept his original payment when he appears to recognize her as Snow White. After she meets up with the Blue Fairy, they are attacked by a masked Woodcutter, a bounty hunter hired by the nobleman to capture Snow and bring her to the Queen. They scare off the man, but Snow is terrified by the run-in, professing that she needs to leave the kingdom right away as she recognizes the nobleman from earlier must have sold her out. Blue insists otherwise because people love and need her, however, Snow doesn't see how love can help with anything. Upon parting ways from Blue, Snow lets down her guard around a stray dog, with the Woodcutter capturing her afterwards and placing her in a locked cart. She attempts to escape, and David tries to help her, but he is soon forced into a fight with the Woodcutter. During this, the Woodcutter punctures a hole in the cart, allowing Snow to grab his arm and hold him back, while David kills him. David prepares to break Snow out, however, she prevents him from seeing her face, in fear if he knows her true identity, the Queen will hurt him. As they talk, she learns he is headed to Longbourn to sell his farm because he doesn't have the funds to keep it anymore. Snow helps him by giving him her money, and decides she can steal from a rich nobleman to survive. David questions if this is something she can do on her own, to which she confirms that since she has his support, she won't be alone. As she passes him the coins from her bag, their hands touch, unknowingly creating the first spark of true love, which grows into a sapling. ("Heartless")

Eventually becoming a skilled bandit, Snow becomes wanted by the Queen for false crimes, such as treason and killing King Leopold. While squatting in one of the outer villages, she befriends the inhabitants. After receiving a tip that the Queen's soldiers had discovered her location, Snow White flees. Soon after, she rescues a peasant woman named Wilma from being executed by the Queen's men. Wilma succumbs to fever due to the soldiers' rusty blades, and is cared for by Snow White in the forest. She tells the woman about how Regina saved her as a little girl; revealing that her faith in people and their goodness resulted from this one connection. When Wilma has fully recovered, she and Snow begin traveling through the woods, where Snow declares that she harbors no hatred towards the Queen and would be willing to let her back in and be a family again if she is sincere about changing. Unfortunately, the two arrive at a village, which Snow White previously stayed, and come across a hill of the inhabitants' corpses. Realizing the Queen had all of them killed, a horrified Snow retracts her prior statement about the Queen, and attests there is absolutely no good left in that woman. Strangely, Wilma mentions the matter in how Regina saved Snow White, although this was never brought up in their prior discussion. Snow White, tipped off by this, quickly raises her bow to Wilma, recognizing her as Regina in disguise. Regina fesses up, before attempting to use magic, but nothing works, so she flees from Snow White, who reluctantly lets her go. ("The Evil Queen")

Wanting to save enough money to leave the kingdom for elsewhere, Snow White learns to survive by stealing valuables from carriages owned by the Queen. During one outing, she mistakes a passing carriage as belonging to the Queen's and purposely fells a tree to block the road. While the soldiers are checking the tree, she snatches a bag of jewels before fleeing on horseback. She is chased down by a man, who wrestles her to the ground, and flips her over to see the face of the person he is dealing with. He is dazed to see she is a woman, to which Snow White uses the moment to smash his chin with a rock and escape on his horse. She looks back with a satisfied smirk when the man shouts that he will find her. Snow White sells the jewels to the trolls on the Troll Bridge for gold. Outside her makeshift home, she is caught in a net trap. The man she previously stole from steps forward to introduce himself as Prince James, though Snow White sarcastically dubs him Prince Charming. He agrees not to turn her into the Queen if she returns his stolen ring. Though it's already been sold to the trolls, she has no choice but to help him. On the way there, he takes away her vial of fairy dust, which she was saving to use on the Queen, as the substance can transform an adversity into something harmless. When questioned about her wanted status, she alludes to having destroyed the Queen's happiness. At a stream, Snow White requests a sip of water, but when he allows it, she clocks him and runs away only to be cornered by the Queen's knights. With her vial of dust gone, she is nearly killed but saved by Prince Charming. Since he helped her, she decides to take him to the Troll Bridge. They try to bargain for the ring, but the trolls find it suspicious she wants a refund. From fishing through Prince Charming's things, they see the wanted poster and attack him while Snow White flees. After reaching a safe distance, she turns around, expecting that Prince Charming got away as well, but sees he is entrapped by the trolls. She saves him by throwing fairy dust on the trolls; turning them into bugs. The two leave and reach an intersection where they must part. Snow White hands back his ring but jokingly tries it on for a moment, though she states it's not her style. With the terms of their agreement satisfied, they both leave in opposite directions. ("Snow Falls")

Wanting to save enough money to leave the kingdom for elsewhere, Snow White learns to survive by stealing valuables from carriages owned by the Queen. During one outing, she mistakes a passing carriage as belonging to the Queen's and purposely fells a tree to block the road. Snow White hides in a tree while a prince and some soldiers examine the fallen tree. Suddenly, the sound of a broken branch startles her, and she turns to see a man and a woman in the bushes. Losing her grip, Snow White falls to the ground as the prince realizes the tree was purposely cut and it's an ambush. With her opportunity wasted, Snow White flees. Hoping to find passage on a ship, she gives gold to a pirate, Black Beard. He asks for double in order to buy his silence, but she can't afford it. Despite no deal, a crew mate of another ship asks her to speak to his captain. The captain offers passage on his ship if she steals a ring from Prince James. Snow White finds the ring but is caught by the prince, who is shocked that she is a "girl". She calls herself a "woman" and bashes him in the face with a jewelry box. Her presence is then alerted to the Queen's soldiers by the prince's fiancée. In her haste to escape, Snow White drops the ring. After she rides off on a horse, the prince angrily shouts that he will find her. Later, she walks into his net trap and sarcastically dubs him Prince Charming. Another prince, Charles, claims that the stolen ring is with his princess, Leia, and they must rescue her from the Queen first. She agrees to help break into the palace if Prince Charming doesn't turn her into the Queen. On the ride there, she attests the charges on her wanted poster are lies, and the Queen hates her for ruining her life. When Prince Charming grabs her fairy dust, Snow White explains that it's a weapon to turn someone into something easily squashed and that she is saving it for the Queen. While the princes search for Princess Leia, she uses the dust on the Queen, who neutralizes it. Recalling the Queen's hatred for her, Snow White insists she didn't know any better when telling Cora about Daniel. The Queen orders her to be executed tonight, though Snow White states even if she is dead, the kingdom will never be hers. Before the Queen's fireball hits her, she uses the remaining dust to transform into a bug. She flies to Prince Charles, who prepares to squash her, but Prince Charming stops him; realizing the bug is Snow White. With the Blue Fairy's help, she is restored to human. To Snow White's confusion, Princess Leia is overjoyed to see her alive. The next morning, she offers to refill Prince Charming's water canteen, but actually makes off with his ring. He finds her at a bridge where they are attacked by trolls. When Prince Charming is trapped, Snow White saves him by threatening to turn the trolls into bugs, and they believe her, though she is bluffing with sand instead of fairy dust. At their parting, Snow White jokingly tries on his ring but declares it's not her style. With the terms of their agreement satisfied, they both leave in opposite directions. ("Snow Drifts", "There's No Place Like Home")

While still living as a bandit, Snow White is chased by Queen's knights and attempts to outrun them. Eventually, she is cornered at a cliff, but jumps headfirst into the water to elude capture. As she begins sinking, a mermaid named Ariel saves her life. Ariel shares her experience falling in love with a prince named Eric and plans to meet him at the upcoming Ursula ball by transforming her tail into human legs. Snow White agrees to assist her, and the two attend the celebration together. She teaches Ariel the name of a fork utensil. Ariel likes the fork so much she keeps it. When Eric strolls in, Snow White pushes a shy Ariel towards him, and the pair begin waltzing. After the dance is over, Ariel rushes back to tell Snow White about the traveling expedition Eric invited her to. As they discuss the matter, Snow White urges Ariel to be honest with Eric about her mermaid self even if she is rejected. Ariel goes to think over her decision and regroups with Snow White at the docks with a solution to both their problems with a bracelet from Ursula. She clasps it on Snow White, which transforms her legs into a tail. Though Ariel considers this a way for her to escape the Queen with a new life under the sea, Snow White still doesn't believe Ursula is real. The Evil Queen interrupts the chat, and only then Ariel realizes she has been tricked by an impostor Ursula. Snow White pushes Ariel to leave to be with Eric; sentiments the Evil Queen agrees with. Ariel apologizes and hurries off, to which the Evil Queen begins choking the life out of a defenseless Snow White. Suddenly, Ariel lunges from behind to stab the Evil Queen in the neck with a fork. In the middle of the distraction, she also pulls off the bracelet from Snow White's wrist, reversing the effects on both of them and they flee by swimming away. After reaching a shoreline, Snow White encourages Ariel to catch up with Eric, who likely is still waiting for her, so the mermaid makes haste. ("Ariel")

Since Snow White's chance meeting with Prince Charming, he is in her thoughts frequently. While hiding in the woods of King Midas' realm, she overhears a conversation from travelers concerning Prince Charming and his upcoming wedding. As she enters a tavern, she hears news of his fiancee, Princess Abigail, who is also King Midas' daughter. Suddenly, a man bursts in to report the Queen has helped a wolf pack seize control of the silver mines and they are terrorizing villagers in their search for Snow White. Worried about innocent lives at stake, Snow White uncloaks herself to the pub patrons and requests that they tell the Queen she will be waiting in the woods. Before reaching her destination, she joins Red Riding Hood, and surprisingly, the Huntsman that once spared her life. They travel to Lake Onondaga where a totem can be used to transform the shape-shifters into normal wolves, but it can be wielded by someone only once. On the way there, she notices a growing closeness between the Huntsman and Red Riding Hood. On glimpsing the lake, Snow White deliberately remarks how romantic it looks, which makes Red Riding Hood blush. While the Huntsman grabs the totem, his companions hold off the wolf pack. However, Snow White and Red Riding Hood fall into the lake as the Huntsman jumps in after them. Due to the totem’s power, all three turn into aquatic creatures. Before regaining human form, the Huntsman convinces Red Riding Hood to talk sense into the pack. They approach the leader, Adair, who refuses to listen and calls out the wolves. To menace the Queen, the Huntsman threatens Adair's life, but she incinerates the man herself; causing the upset wolves to attack her. As the Queen counters them, Red Riding Hood urges the Huntsman to take Snow White away while she ensures the pack's safety. Rather than that, the Huntsman sacrifices his heart to the Queen while the two women escape. Snow White regrets how much Red Riding Hood has given up for her, but the latter wants to continue protecting her in order to honor the Huntsman's wishes. Additionally, Snow White promises to stop the Queen so Red Riding Hood and the Huntsman can be together again. ("Shadow of the Queen")

Secluding herself in an isolated cottage, Snow White attempts to hunt a wild turkey, but she ends up giving herself away and causing her prey to flee. Red Riding Hood drops by with a basket of food for her and confirms the wedding between Prince Charming and Abigail is set to happen. This bothers Snow, who wishes to forget about her feelings for Charming, and she then presses Red for answers on whether there is actually a way. Going by Red's instructions, she seeks out a man named Rumplestiltskin who can grant her wish for a price. From him, she gains a potion capable of helping her forget about Prince Charming, and he takes a lock of her hair as payment. On a different day, she prepares to drink the potion when a carrier bird arrives with a letter from Charming. In the letter, he declares his feelings for her and asks that, if she feels the same, to meet him at castle so they can run away together. She enters the castle easily but is caught and thrown into a dungeon. In the cell next to hers, a dwarf, Grumpy, explains his own failed love story that landed him in the dungeon. Soon, another dwarf, Stealthy, arrives to free him. Snow bids him farewell with the hope that he finds his love again, so Grumpy frees her as well. As they work their way out, Snow advises using the back exit, but the dwarves go through the front. The guards kill Stealthy, and Grumpy is saved by Snow, who threatens to burn down the castle if King George does not let him go. In a private chamber, she is forced to submit to King George's request of rejecting Charming's feelings, or he will kill him. Snow heads into the prince's room and breaks his heart, as well as her own, by affirming she does not love him, and it would be better if he is with someone else who he could love and be loved in return. She leaves the castle in tears as Grumpy and his six brothers, both of out gratitude and pity, take her into their home. Again, Snow tries to ingest the potion, but Grumpy reasons that having pain is a part of herself and promises to help her through it. After staying in the dwarves' cottage, Snow eventually soothes her heartbreak away by taking the potion. Grumpy rushes in with news of Prince Charming's canceled engagement, but Snow White no longer remembers the man she so desperately loved. ("7:15 A.M.")

The potion not only erases Snow White's feelings for her prince but turns her into a callous person with little affection for anything or anyone. Her friends stage an intervention with the help of Jiminy Cricket, but instead she decides to take charge by getting rid of her biggest problem, the Evil Queen, by killing her. Grumpy drags her back to Rumplestiltskin, but the potion cannot be undone. She is further encouraged when Rumplestiltskin hands her an enchanted bow, which is famed to never miss a shot, and a map to look for the perfect spot to use it. Prince Charming attempts to break the potion's effects by giving Snow White true love's kiss, however, it does nothing. After knocking him unconscious, she ties Prince Charming up and leaves to continue her mission. While the Evil Queen is traveling on the road below, Snow White readies her aim and fires, only for Prince Charming to take the hit. She is surprised by his feat, especially when Prince Charming says he would rather die than see her become evil. Touched, she kisses him and returns to her normal self. They have a brief reunion just as King George's men kidnap Prince Charming, though she promises to rescue him. She returns to the cottage and apologizes to the dwarves for her previous behavior. When she announces that Prince Charming has been taken by King George, they offer to go with her to save him. ("Heart of Darkness")

In an effort to rescue Prince Charming, Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Granny, the dwarves, and numerous fairies stage an attack on King George's castle. The attack is successful, but when Snow White arrives in the dungeon, she discovers a mirror image of Prince Charming since he is now the Evil Queen's prisoner. After a tearful conversation, the image changes to the Queen, who asks her to come to a certain place, "where it all began", alone and unarmed. She agrees, though her friends do not like the idea. Snow White comes to the old estate of Regina's family and finds her at the stables. The Queen shows her a grave marker and finally reveals what actually happened to Daniel after Snow White told Cora about him. She learns Daniel did not run away but was killed by Cora due to his relationship with Regina. Stunned, Snow White tries to settle the war between them since the Queen hurt her, too, by killing King Leopold. The Queen rejects this proposal and gives her an apple infused with a Sleeping Curse that will give the appearance of death. For the curse to work, Snow White must willingly eat the apple, which she does when the Queen promises that her downfall will keep Prince Charming from harm. She quickly passes out after one bite and is later discovered by her friends. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

Believing her to be dead, the dwarves put Snow White's body to rest in a glass coffin, and as they are mourning her, Prince Charming arrives and unintentionally breaks the curse with true love's kiss. Later, Snow accepts his marriage proposal and voices her desire to take back the kingdom. ("Pilot", "A Land Without Magic")

Intending to win back her rightful place as the kingdom's ruler, Snow rallies villagers with a speech exposing the truth about the Queen’s evil ways, including King Leopold's murder and her own plight under the sleeping curse. The townspeople agree the Queen's reign of terror must end, but when she asks them to join her to reclaim the throne, no one speaks up. With the Queen's surprise appearance, the villagers scatter. The Queen asks Snow White to give up her claim to the throne and go into exile, as the real satisfaction isn't killing the princess but taking everything that belongs to her. Then, she orders Snow White to swear on King Leopold’s grave to revoke her own petition to the throne. When Snow White challenges this, the Queen threatens a peasant girl's life. Snow White charges at the Queen, who disappears in a puff of smoke, causing her to fall flat on the ground. The Queen warns them that they must answer before sundown of the next day, and for every day Snow White refuses, one of her loyal subjects will perish. Lastly, she asks Snow White to stop denying that she was a princess, but never a queen. Snow White, doubting her inability to protect the kingdom's subjects, resolves to agree to Queen's offer. While she is practicing archery, Prince Charming informs her that he made a deal with Rumplestiltskin, and he later shows her the Excalibur sword, embedded in stone, which only the kingdom's true ruler can wield. After pulling it out, she turns down the Queen's deal. As the Queen suffocates Grumpy, Prince Charming calms Snow White by reminding her what Excalibur symbolizes. Confidence renewed, she charges at the Queen, who dissipates and reappears, as the sword cuts into her. Declaring her intent to fight for the throne, Snow White stands her ground as the Queen retreats. Afterward, she summons Rumplestiltskin to pay for his deal with Prince Charming. However, the wizard proves the sword is fake by dissolving it into dust, and for wasting his time, he steals her mother's necklace. Upset, she confronts Prince Charming, who explains never doubting she is the proper ruler of the kingdom, but simply wanted her to show the Queen the kind of courage he always knew was there. The two make-up with a kiss. ("Lost Girl")

Sometime during the war with the Evil Queen, Snow White and her allies ambush her at a village. Although they catch her off guard, Regina decides to retreat rather than fight them, since she is feeling generous on her birthday. Later, Regina's father Henry asks to speak with Snow White alone. She shows up to the meeting spot armed and ready to take him out if he tries anything, but Henry tries to persuade her that he just wants the war to stop because going down this path might cost Regina's soul. Suddenly, a second Henry appears behind Snow White, and she turns to retaliate against him, only to have the first Henry rip out her heart. Only then, Snow White sees the Henry she spoke to is actually Cora, while the other is the real Henry. Cora then instructs her to forget this ever happened and go on with her business, which she does. That night, Snow White toasts Prince Charming and her friends to Regina, remarking that she hopes her stepmother spends every birthday not finding her. Within her castle, Regina witnesses this, and in anger, she begins crushing what she believes is Snow White's heart. At once, Snow White stands up, seemingly feeling the pain of her beating heart being squeezed. The more pressure Regina puts on the heart, the more frantically Snow White unravels the knotting of her layered clothes, hoping to alleviate the pressure on her chest. Prince Charming and the dwarves watch Snow White's behavior with concern, until Jiminy falls out from under her shirt, making everyone laugh in amusement. From this, Regina realizes the heart she has is not Snow White's, and that someone switched it out. ("Souls of the Departed")

With the Evil Queen out of the way, Snow White and Prince Charming lay down further groundwork for gaining back the kingdom. From Red Riding Hood, they hear about King George's hit-man, the Leviathan. When King George's forces storm their camp, Prince Charming offers to stay behind and tells Snow White to meet up with him at his mother's cabin. While fleeing, she is apprehended by the Leviathan, Lancelot, who brings her to King George. When given a cup of water, she drinks it, and only after this, King George smugly explains that the water has cursed her to be barren. Afterward, she is let go, but Lancelot follows her into the forest. Furious at his affiliation with King George, she attacks him, but he begs her to spare him as he, too, was unaware of the poison in the cup. She allows him to come with her and together, they return to Prince Charming, but discover his mother Ruth has been injured by a poisoned arrow. On their journey to Lake Nostos to obtain water to heal the wound, Ruth shows Snow White a necklace her own mother had given her, which can predict the gender of a woman's first child. She tries it out on Snow White, but nothing happens, to which the princess admits to being cursed to never bear children. Finding the lake completely dry except a few water droplets, Snow White refuses Ruth's offer to drink the water and lift her inability to have children. In an act of sacrifice, Ruth secretly pretends to ingest the water, but she later gives the lake water to Lancelot for Snow White. Ruth's wound refuses to heal, which leads everyone to believe she requires more of the lake's water. As her dying wish, she asks to see her son and Snow White married. During the ceremony, Lancelot slips the lake water into a cup and explains it is rumored to have magical properties for immortality, to which Snow White drinks from it. Soon after, Ruth passes away and Prince Charming burns a candle for his mother. Snow White is apologetic that he is losing the last of his family, but Prince Charming is grateful to have her as his wife since they will have children of their own. She looks on, visibly distraught, as he pulls out Ruth's necklace and tests it on her. Miraculously, the necklace begins to swing, leading Snow White to figure out that Ruth had Lancelot switch the lake water into the cup for the marriage ceremony. ("Lady of the Lake")

As the war continues, Regina's allies, King George's army, finally meet their defeat. Snow White then lures the Queen into a conversation in the woods, where the Blue Fairy freezes the Queen with fairy dust, and the war ends with her capture. In a discussion with the war council, they decide the Evil Queen's fate. Snow White is against killing the Queen, but she is outnumbered, as the others believe death is a fitting punishment. At the execution, Regina gives a sorrowful speech which turns into a vehement declaration, as she is only sorry to have not caused more pain. As the executioner's arrows are fired, Snow White calls for them to stop. Prince Charming is adamant that Regina is simply too dangerous and will never change, however, Snow believes there is still some good left in her, and then recalls a moment in the past when Regina saved her life. She receives a knife that Rumplestiltskin enchanted with a protection spell, which will make her and Charming immune against harm. To test whether Regina is capable of changing, Snow enters the former Queen's cell and gives her the opportunity to leave and start a new life. Once Regina has left the cell, she chokes Snow, before taking the knife and attempting to stab her with it. The attack is ineffective, but Snow now has proof that Regina is still as vengeful as ever. Additionally, whoever uses the knife will never be able to harm Snow or Charming as long as they are in the Enchanted Forest. Snow banishes Regina from the kingdom and warns her not to harm anyone again, or she will be executed. ("The Cricket Game")

Some time after this, Regina employs the Count of Monte Cristo to gain Snow and Charming's trust. Snow and her husband arrive at a ruined village which the Queen's knights burned down, where they search for survivors. They find a man named Edmond, who is actually the disguised Count, with burns on his hands that he claims he acquired from putting out the fire. A sympathetic Snow quickly has her handmaiden, Charlotte, tend to Edmond's wounds with a salve. Edmond insists on getting back at the Queen for his village, but Snow reasons that stooping down to Regina's level won't make them any better than her. She persuades him to instead find happiness elsewhere because this is the best kind of revenge against Regina. Because Edmond has lost everything in the village, Snow invites him to return to the castle with them, with Charming suggesting that he can become their wine steward. During one night, Snow and Charming are chatting at the table, oblivious to Edmond adding poison into a wine jug on the Queen's orders. Charlotte, set to leave the castle permanently to tend to her ill mother, joins the couple for a farewell meal. Edmond pours wine into Snow and Charming's cups, and, after a moment of hesitation, does the same for Charlotte's cup. The trio cheerfully clinks their glasses together, but before they can each take a sip of the wine, Edmond stops them, stating that a bottle of match is better suited for the celebration. He then goes to fetch the bottle, while another steward takes away the cups. Edmond later decides not to fulfill the Queen's deal, but Rumplestiltskin banishes him to another land as assurance he won't interfere with his plans for the couple. ("A Bitter Draught")

With peace restored, Snow White and Prince Charming begin residing in the castle and hold a formal wedding ceremony as the kingdom's citizens gather in attendance. The Evil Queen crashes into the room just as the couple is joined in matrimony. As she walks up to them, Snow White shows no fear and unsheathes Prince Charming's sword as a threat. The Evil Queen announces her intent to have revenge on everyone by destroying their happiness. ("Pilot")

Upset that the Evil Queen ruined their wedding, Snow White storms off into the war council room. Prince Charming convinces her to let it go so they can enjoy their honeymoon. Instead, Snow White has an idea of how to get rid of the Evil Queen, and since the very item needed for the task is near the old Summer Palace, she asks that they go there for their honeymoon. While her husband goes to make preparations for the journey, Grumpy notifies Snow White that the castle has been secured so the Evil Queen can't come back in. He thinks it's a bad idea to leave when the Evil Queen's threat is at stake, but she hints that there is something at the Summer Palace that will help get rid of their nemesis. Once the couple reaches the Summer Palace, she sneaks out when Prince Charming is away, though he catches her outside. Snow White elaborates on a being called Medusa who has the ability to turn whoever looks into her eyes into stone, and she wants to cut off her head and use it on the Evil Queen. Together, they venture into Medusa's home. While Prince Charming goads the creature to come towards him, Snow White readies her blade. Her sword shatters upon contact with Medusa's neck, and as the couple tries to flee, Prince Charming turns into stone when Medusa forces him to meet her eyes. Left alone, Snow White sees the Evil Queen spying on her through a mirror in a fallen shield. The Evil Queen finds it amusing that Snow White is wreaking havoc on her own life, to which the princess realizes she must let go of her own fears before more damage is done. As Medusa attacks, Snow White holds up the shield, causing the monster to gaze into her own reflection and turn to stone while Prince Charming is freed. That night, she decides to stop worrying about the Queen and start living her life with Prince Charming by trying to have a baby. ("The New Neverland")

Riding back to the castle, Snow White expresses a priority to focus on dealing with the Queen now that their honeymoon is over. Discovering all the guards asleep from the sleeping curse, she and Prince Charming rush past the gates. There, Maleficent and her associates, Cruella De Vil and Ursula, reveal themselves and explain the Queen is planning to cast a curse that will affect themselves and everyone else. To defeat the curse, the trio wants Snow White and Prince Charming to consult the Tree of Wisdom, a being that will only answer questions from two of the most valiant heroes. On the journey there, guards posted at a bridge refuse to let Maleficent and her companions cross. Before the royal pair can persuade the soldiers to relent, Maleficent morphs into a dragon and kills the guards with her fire breath. After camping out one night, Snow White and Prince Charming disappear towards the Tree of Wisdom without the others' notice. Once there, the pair put each of their palms on two rocks and ask their question, but both are ejected backward. When the villainous trio arrives, Maleficent recognizes the tree refused them because Snow White is pregnant, and her child, although born of true love, has great potential to be evil. ("Unforgiven")

Sometime after this, Snow White wakes up in bed to see Maleficent before her. She tries shaking her husband awake, but the witch has made it so he won't wake until morning. Assuring the princess that she came alone, Maleficent reveals she, too, is pregnant. Since they are both going to be mothers and want to protect their children, she hopes Snow White will team up with her to defeat the Queen's curse. Instead, Snow White doesn't wish to use dark methods to win against the Queen, and she fears that to do so will jeopardize her own child's potential for good. Maleficent accuses her of putting the kingdom at risk just to keep her child from becoming evil, to which Snow White attests she and her husband will win, but they won't compromise their morals to do it. ("Unforgiven")

As a married couple, Snow and Charming attend a King's ball. Snow bumps into Cinderella there, and the two become friends. Snow sees Prince Thomas has taken notice of Ella, and as Charming comes to whisk her off on a dance, she urges Ella to go to her prince. Later that night, Ella disappears from the ball, leaving behind one of her glass slippers. Thomas, completely besotted with her, vows to find her, which Snow helps with by using her tracking skills to find where Ella went. They reach a home, but no one answers the door, so Thomas proposes that they keep looking elsewhere. Before Snow can leave, a mouse attracts her attention and tells her where Ella is, which helps Thomas to find Ella and propose to her. ("The Other Shoe")

Sometime later, Snow goes with Charming to Cinderella and Thomas' wedding. During the wedding party, she sweeps Ella into a dance and praises the princess-to-be for changing her life as well as setting an example for others. ("The Price of Gold")

Unsure whether their child will be good or evil, Prince Charming and Snow White touch the horn of a unicorn to glimpse their baby's future. While her husband sees his infant daughter in a basket, she sees her teenage daughter in a pink gown. When Snow White states herself to be her mother, the girl rips out her heart before crushing it. Homebound, the pair helps a peddler free his wagon. Having escaped from the west, where Maleficent has claimed territory and laid an egg in a cave, the peddler advises them to go east through Infinite Forest until they reach a cottage. Following his instructions, they meet the Apprentice and ask him for a way to keep their child from becoming evil. The Apprentice can help, but as with all magic, it has a price. By banishing darkness from their child, he must infuse another vessel with darkness. After much thinking, Snow White convinces Prince Charming that they'll use Maleficent's egg since she believes a child of a dragoness will be evil by nature. Knocking out Cruella and Ursula, who are guarding Maleficent's den, with poppy dust, the pair then ventures in to steal the egg. Upset, Maleficent retaliates in dragon form before reverting to human and begging them for mercy. Snow White vows to return the egg after things are settled, and then she and Prince Charming flee as a devastated Maleficent makes a failed attempt to stop them. As the Apprentice enacts the spell on the egg, he reveals infusing darkness in it puts this land at risk, so it must go to another world. Realizing they have made a grave mistake, the horrified couple watches a portal open while the egg hatches into a baby. They attempt to save the child but are distracted when Cruella and Ursula arrive to berate them for what they've done. The portal then absorbs not only the baby but Cruella and Ursula as well. Afterward, the Apprentice cautions Snow White and Prince Charming to keep their child on the right path in life. ("Best Laid Plans")

Some months later, Cinderella gifts the expecting parents a unicorn mobile, which only reminds a guilt-ridden Snow White of how she and Prince Charming condemned a child to be inherently bad just for the sake of ensuring their own child will be good. She doesn't believe they can be heroic anymore after what they've done, but Prince Charming suggests that if redemption is possible, they should start by being the best people they can be. ("Best Laid Plans")

While nearing the end of her pregnancy, Snow's worries still linger on what the Queen threatened to do to them. To ease his wife's mind, Charming agrees to let her meet with Rumplestiltskin, who is rumored to have the power of foresight. As part of the deal, Snow agrees to give Rumplestiltskin the name of her unborn child in return for information about the Evil Queen's revenge. Rumplestiltskin states that there will be a curse cast by the Evil Queen, and their only hope to break free of it is their unborn child, whom he dubs to be a Savior who will save them all in twenty-eight years. Before leaving, Snow fulfills her end of the deal by revealing the name of her child: Emma. ("Pilot")

Directly after the meeting with Rumplestiltskin, Snow becomes frantic about finding a way to stop the Queen's curse but then agrees with her husband's suggestion that she get some rest first. She heads out to the balcony, where she wishes on a blue star to give Emma a happy ending. Unbeknownst to Snow, her wish is granted that very night by the Blue Fairy in the form of a singing spell. Snow wakes up the next morning to the tweeting of a bluebird and is startled to find that all her words are coming out in song. With Charming singing along with her, Snow realizes they can use the power of their love expressed through song to defeat the Queen. They track down a pirate named Captain Hook and attempt to give him money as payment for passage on his ship to the Queen's castle. Hook rejects their offer and instead sings about his deep-seated desire for revenge against Rumplestiltskin, whom the couple promise to turn over to him if he helps them. After getting to the Queen's castle by Hook's ship, Snow and Charming quickly overpower the Queen with the intensity of their song. Charming corners her at swordpoint, but only then, the Queen delivers an ominous refrain, revealing they've fallen into her trap and their power will end once the spell is broken before she opens a green box to absorb their musical voices. Snow and Charming then attempt to sing again, though their voices end up coming out in normal speaking tones. Afterward, the Queen sends them home, telling them to enjoy the time they have left before the curse comes. Out on the castle balcony, Snow and Charming are met by the Blue Fairy, who explains that the power that came from their songs was never intended to be used against the Queen and instead is for Emma. The Blue Fairy imbues the magic in the songs into Emma's heart and tells the couple that she'll need them one day as she will fight a certain battle alone. With the end of the singing spell, everyone who was affected by it forgets that they ever sang. ("The Song in Your Heart")

On the war council, Snow's hopes of fighting the Queen's curse continue to plummet, however, the Blue Fairy suggests using the last enchanted tree in the land, which can be carved into a magic wardrobe and protect one person from the curse. They settle for sending Snow, while she is still pregnant, into the wardrobe to another land, which will allow her to guide Emma as she grows up to fulfill the prophecy. ("Pilot")

As Geppetto and Pinocchio set out to carve the wardrobe, Snow White questions the Blue Fairy for more details on the Dark Curse as Prince Charming listens on. The Blue Fairy tells her to have faith their plan will work, and if not, the curse will take them to a new land where their memories are erased and they will be slaves to the Queen's will. This is not much assurance, so Snow White further asks how the savior will know how to save them. The Blue Fairy stresses in more vague terms that when the time comes, the savior will learn of their story. Snow White is left more uncertain as the Blue Fairy requests to be trusted as she herself has the one thing they all need, which is hope. After the Blue Fairy's departure, Snow White relates her crushed dreams to Prince Charming of them ever being a family due to the curse. She agonizes over the future, but he believes the unknown isn't always bad and life is full of twists and turns just like the curse. He is sure that even though their chance to be a family is gone, it doesn't mean they can't have a different future together. To this, she affirms her decision to choose hope and believe that things are going to work out for them. ("Going Home")

As time runs low while they await the Evil Queen's curse, Snow White frantically expresses an unwillingness to part from her husband for twenty-eight years once she goes through the wardrobe. Prince Charming has faith they will eventually be reunited. They kiss, to which Snow White pulls away abruptly as she begins having contractions. On the same day, the curse approaches. While Snow White is labor, Prince Charming attempts to move her to the wardrobe, but Doc advises against it. After birth, she and Prince Charming have a shared moment with Emma until realizing that their child must go through the wardrobe alone or all is lost. She sends Prince Charming to bring Emma into the wardrobe and later hobbles out of bed. After finding Prince Charming unconscious, she tries to bring him back with true love's kiss, to no avail, just as the Evil Queen arrives. Snow White confidently assures the Evil Queen that she has lost since Emma has gone through the wardrobe. As the curse spreads into the room, she clutches Prince Charming close to her as the three of them are engulfed by it. ("Pilot")

For events occurring after the casting of the first curse, see Mary Margaret Blanchard.

Before Second Curse

After Regina takes magical preventive measures to undo Pan's casting of the Dark Curse, all the inhabitants of Storybrooke pay the price by returning to the Enchanted Forest and reverting to their prior personas. In a group, they manifest on land belonging to Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip. As the heroes try to figure out what to do next, Regina mentions in passing that her old palace is still standing due to a preservation spell, to which Snow White suggests Regina join them for the journey there as their united forces will put everyone else's minds at ease. Neal wishes to stop off by his father's old castle, but Snow persuades him that there is no way of crossing the realm to get to Emma and Henry. During the trek to the palace, Grumpy notifies Snow about Regina's sudden disappearance. Snow then goes to look for her and discovers her attempting to bury her own heart. She sympatheizes with Regina's pain, as she knows all too well what it's like to say goodbye to her own child, but promises the pain will lessen over time. Regina is convinced by her to find happiness for Henry's sake and eventually reinserts the heart into her own chest. Soon after, they are attacked by a flying monkey that scratches Regina before being scared off by one of the Merry Men's arrows. Friar Tuck, Little John, and Robin Hood accompany the whole group to the palace, but Regina discovers a protection spell keeping them from entering, meaning someone is already inside. For the time being, Robin Hood suggests everyone can take shelter at Sherwood Forest. ("New York City Serenade")

As the group departs for Sherwood Forest, Snow White notices Regina is not budging from her standing position. She realizes Henry is once again on Regina's mind, but the former Queen changes the topic, proposing to sneak into the palace through underground tunnels and deactivating the shield to allow entry. Snow White arms herself with a bow and arrow when the flying monkey attacks again, which is quickly taken care of when Regina turns the creature into a stuffed animal. In a group discussion, Belle shares knowledge about the flying monkey's origins in the land of Oz, so Regina determines the person in the palace is the Wicked Witch. Snow White wants to help with infiltrating the palace but stays behind since Regina insists she does it alone. A plan is set up to wait for Regina to bring the shield down and then mobilize the whole group into the palace. Once night falls, Grumpy gives the signal when he spots the dissipating barrier as everyone begins heading to their destination. ("Witch Hunt")

After a night's rest in the palace, Snow White awakens to view the beautiful balcony scenery. Happily, she also shares the news with her husband that they are expecting another child and becomes worried when Prince Charming looks shocked, yet insists he is thrilled. Later, while gathered inside the palace with Belle, Regina, Robin Hood, and other residents, Snow White witnesses a long-lost Rapunzel, who Prince Charming helped save, reunite with her parents. Prince Charming admits his fears to Snow White about raising a child when he wasn't there for Emma in the same aspect, but she promises that they will figure out everything together. ("The Tower")

Just as Snow White intends to make a public announcement to the kingdom's citizens of her pregnancy, Belle returns to tell everyone about how Neal sacrificed his own life to resurrect Rumplestiltskin, who is now controlled by the Wicked Witch, Zelena. While everyone ponders what the witch wants from them, Aurora and Prince Phillip admit Zelena desires Snow White's unborn child and that they were forced to keep quiet or their own child would be harmed. After this revelation, Zelena arrives to turn the two into flying monkeys and then immobilizes Snow White; approaching to touch her belly and claiming that the baby will be hers. Later, Snow White, Belle, Grumpy, Prince Charming, Regina, and Robin Hood discuss counterattacking Zelena. They break into the Dark One's castle; gaining information from Rumplestiltskin about Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, who can help them. With her husband and Regina, they find a door leading to Glinda, but it can only be entered by the pure of heart. Snow White and Prince Charming pass into it to speak to Glinda about Zelena's weakness—light magic—a criterion Emma fits. Though the only way to reach Emma is with another Dark Curse, Regina refuses since it would mean taking Henry's heart. Prince Charming urges his wife to sacrifice his heart, which she inevitably accepts. As they say goodbye, Prince Charming remarks that their hearts have always been as one. Regina rips out his heart, and Snow White crushes it. Suddenly, Zelena swoops down to add a potion into the curse mixture, which will erase everyone's memories of their year in the Enchanted Forest. Before the curse spreads, Snow White, recalling her husband words, allows her heart to be torn out and divided; giving each half to herself and Prince Charming. From this leap of faith, Prince Charming is revived just as the curse closes in. ("A Curious Thing")

For events occurring after the casting of the second curse, see Mary Margaret Blanchard.

During Alternate Reality

After Isaac rewrites everyone's stories in the Heroes and Villains book, Snow White rules the Enchanted Forest as the Evil Queen, who hates her stepdaughter Regina for telling a secret that resulted in her true love James' death. As a substitute, the Queen rips out the heart of James' twin brother, Prince Charming, so he is not only her lover but will do her bidding. At some point during this, she also locks up a woman, who calls herself the savior, in a tower near the Bottomless Sea, with the Black Knight Lily guarding her. One day, her underlings, the seven dwarves, capture Isaac, who they suspect is a supporter of Regina as Queen. When presented with proof of his treachery, Isaac tries to convince her he is on her side, and that a boy named Henry is trying to take away everything she has. Snow White speaks into Prince Charming's heart, ordering him into the throne room, so he can execute Isaac. However, Isaac saves himself by revealing his knowledge about why the Queen hates Regina, and he claims to learn all this from a magic book. Intrigued by his encouragement to seek revenge against Regina, Snow White learns from him that Regina will ambush a royal carriage later. When she asks what he wants in return, he asks her to kill Regina and Henry. As promised, Regina attempts to steal from a royal carriage, except Snow White surprises her by stepping out. While Regina tries reasoning with her about their past, Snow White demands the boy's location, but the latter hesitates in answering. The Queen prepares to aim a fireball at her, though Robin Hood distracts Snow White with a loosed arrow before rescuing Regina. ("Operation Mongoose Part 1")

Annoyed with her followers for not capturing Regina and the boy, Snow White rips out and crushes Doc's heart to show what will happen to another one of them if they fail again. With Lily's help, the Queen tracks Emma down at the dock with Hook and demands the boy. Emma tries to convince the Queen and Prince Charming that they are her parents and the hope they instilled in her, which only serves to make the Queen command her Black Knights to kill her. To ensure Emma protects Henry, Hook stays behind to fight, gaining the upper hand against Prince Charming. When Hook threatens to do the same to the Queen, Prince Charming kills him, as Emma and Henry are forced to run. Once Henry harnesses the pen and becomes the next Author, Isaac's stories are undone and everyone returns to their old lives in Storybrooke. ("Operation Mongoose Part 2")

For events occurring after the reversion of the alternate reality, see Mary Margaret Blanchard.

During Fourth Curse

Engulfed by the Black Fairy's Dark Curse in Storybrooke, Snow White is separated from her daughter Emma and transported back to the Enchanted Forest, where she wakes up at the altar of her old castle with her son Neal in her arms. She, with Prince Charming, Hook, and Regina, look through one of Regina's mirrors to see Emma has been cursed to believe the fairytales of Henry's book are nothing but delusions. When Regina suggests Emma's fake reality may have something to do with the final battle, Snow realizes it actually is the final battle and it's a fight for Emma's belief in magic. Zelena, having just escaped a dissipated Oz, arrives to take them inside the Mad Hatter's hat to see that other realms are mysteriously vanishing, which Snow correctly deducts is because of Emma's fading belief and the subsequent loss of magic. While still in the hat's portal of doors, they find other survivors who escaped from their realms, including Jasmine and Aladdin, before Regina teleports everyone back to her palace so she can begin working on a way to get back to Storybrooke. Snow stays behind when Charming and Hook venture off to collect a magic bean and she witnesses the partial destruction of the Enchanted Forest as Emma's belief is decimated. ("The Final Battle Part 1")

After Charming and Hook fall from a beanstalk, Snow senses something bad has happened to her husband and travels with Jasmine on a flying carpet to find him. They come across Hook without seeing Charming anywhere, to which Hook offers to help look for him, however, Snow insists on searching alone and urges him to get to Emma as soon as possible. Running along the length of the beanstalk, Snow eventually discovers a seemingly dead Charming but she restores him with true love's kiss. They return to the palace together to warn the others about the approaching destruction and then gather with everyone else in the courtyard, where Regina unsuccessfully tries to rejuvenate the magic in the bean. As the cloud of chasm closes in on them, Snow holds onto her son and husband, bracing to be wiped out of existence, only for the smoke to suddenly vanish and leave everyone untouched. Snow joyfully realizes a small speck of Emma's belief has been restored, and moments later when the Black Fairy dies in Storybrooke, she and those who were banished to the Enchanted Forest because of the Dark Curse are whisked home. ("The Final Battle Part 2")

For events occurring after the breaking of the fourth curse, see Mary Margaret Blanchard.


Queen Eva
King Leopold
Evil Queen
Snow White
Prince Charming
Neal Cassidy
Emma Swan
Killian JonesPrince Neal
Henry Mills


  • Solid lines denote blood parent-child relationship
  • Dashed lines denote marriage relationships and relationships that result in offspring
  • denotes the deceased
  • Emma and Neal Cassidy have never been married



  • Snow White's mother, Eva, named her "Snow" because she was born during the toughest winter. ("The Queen Is Dead")

Character Notes

Storybook Notes

[image begins]ny woman
[image begins] Prince
[image begins]know who she
[image begins] agility, cun-
[image begins] woman. And
[image begins]ce the mud is
[image begins] on the idea
[image begins] Prince leaps
[image begins]e on the
[image begins]w he must
[image begins] his armor
[image begins] the dagger
[image begins]al for battle, are
[image begins] oot chase. And the thief is so
[image begins]ne seems to glide over the foliage and
[image begins]ppear into the thickets.

As the Prince moves deeper into the forest the trees
[image begins]ock out the sunlight. The woodland creatures whisper
[image begins]eir echoing songs. They are on her side, he thinks to
[image begins]mself. She is companions with the wild. Perhaps she's
[image begins]scendant of wolves. Of unwanted children abandoned in the
[image begins] only to be adopted by the most terrifying of beasts
[image begins]ised in the traditions of hunting raw
[image begins] This is who she could be he decided, and knew
("Snow Falls")

  • Another page reads:[5]

Snow White's hideaway contained all the comforts of home
but was by no means the castle she was accustomed to
as a child. The small coal hearth could heat the tree but
would scarcely have sufficed in keeping the mice warm at
home. Her table wasn't big enough to accommodate more
than one visitor, not that she ever had any, where her
father's table in the dining hall seated hundreds of royal
guests and kingdom officials. But despite the meek humble
nature of her forest hideaway Snow paused for a moment to
reflect om how she would miss it before continuing to pack
her belongings for a final time. Urgency welled inside her.
She laced her riding boots and stuffed an extra cloak into her
satchel. She swept the stack of gold coins resting on the
modest table into her sack. Her riding cloak fit snugly over
her shoulders and as she was about to leave the cave there was one
final item. Dangling from a hook rested a simple gold neck-
lace holding a glass bottle.
Snow grabbed the necklace and paused. Something about
this necklace [illegible]ed Snow to her very core. Her face
[two illegible words] and the sweet memories of her past life were
[five illegible words]d , replaced by something much darker.
[four illegible words] the memory down but it was impos-
[illegible/obscured]ing. Too dark. Too wracked with
[illegible/obscured]ppiness. The unmistakable face of the Evil
[image ends] Snow's memory. Finally, with a deep,
[image ends]Snow gingerly tied the bottle around her

neck. This was something special to her. It was both her
greatest hope and a reminder of her darkest days. An on
another day, we may have seen more clues to help discover
what this tiny bottle meant to Snow. But on this day, [image ends]
there was no time to linger. There was only time for one final [image ends]
sweep of her home, then a silent farewell before Snow exited
the tree trunk.
Snow put her hood on and tried to shake away the jittery
her trip down memory lane had left her with. But
for some reason, Snow's nerves weren't calming down.
Suddenly, Snow had a terrible realization... someone was
watching her! But by the time she felt the Prince's eyes on
her, it was too late. Snow planted her foot right in the
middle of the Prince's snare and with a shocking snap and a
blur of dizzying motion, Show found herself suspended high
in the air. Trapped like an animal.
As Snow swung in the air, her stomach sank with the
realization that she'd been tracked. The, as she watched
the Prince emerge from his hiding place, her eyes flashed and
her face went red. It was him?! How could she have let
herself be tracked by someone who had never even cooked a
a meal for himself a day his entire life? Snow saw the look
on his face and knew exactly what had driven him to find
her. It was the ring. It must have been even [image ends]
than she'd anticipated. And with just [image ends]
Snow knew exactly how bad a d[image ends]
("Snow Falls")

  • Another scene from "Snow Falls" reads (note that the opening words are repeated later in the text):[6]

[image begins] Evil Queen
said she was. Holding out the bag of gold he mutters
"So... You probably want this." Snow turns to him with
the jewels, "And you can't get married without this."
He spills the jewels into his palm. The wedding ring
glistens in his hand. Snow eyes it. "Not your style?"
the Prince chides her. "Only one way to find out."
Snow takes it from his hand and slips it on her finger.
It glistens. A perfect fit and for a moment she thinks...
but no. "Yeah. Not me at all," and she dismisses the
butterflies inside her stomach. The Prince, grateful that
she returned to save his life now knew that Snow White
could never be what the Evil Queen said she was. Hold-
ing onto the bag of gold he mutters, "So...You probably
want this. "So... You probably want this." [sic] Snow turns
to him with the jewels.

[illegible word] would be safe in the kingdom. To fall in love he
would have sacrifice his station to live like a fugitive.
He would have to forsake his family and break vows
which would lead to a war between nations. There are
lives on the line, she told herself. The responsibility of a
royal is great. Bigger than one's self. And though she
was no longer of the court and her kingdom seemed to
have turned against her, Snow was none the less raised as
a princess and expected to be a queen one day. This
would never be taken from her. She knew instinctively the
[image ends]e she must make.
Snow takes the ring off her finger and hands it to him.
[illegible word]. Where ever you go from here, if you need me,
I will find you", the Prince offers, "always." And Snow
wants to believe it. "Goodbye, Prince Charming," Snow replies.
[image ends] Charming grins, "I told you. It's James." Snow
[image begins]urns to leave, "I like Charming better." She
[image begins] back over her shoulder and they stare into each
[image ends][image begins] other's eyes, they didn't need words to express what
they felt in their hearts. For it was here, in the shadow
of the Troll Bridge, that their love was born. Where
they knew, no matter how they were separated, they would always
find each other, and true love.
("Snow Drifts", "Unforgiven")

  • The final page that the Author was transcribing, says:[7]

and [illegible word], could not be burdened by
such a cursory thing, and walked right through it. "There
was no way we could have known. The Apprentice hid
the truth from us," the prince tried once again to assure
her. Inside, he felt as she did, but pangs of helplessness
at the sight of his love so forlorn compelled him to comfort her.
She was about to reply when a bluebird settled on a
branch up ahead. The princess averted her gaze. She
imagined its whispers of judgment in her ear echoing her
own disappointment in her actions and was relieved when
the bird flew off rather than perch on her shoulder. She
had thought before that she had known true depths of
sorrow with the heinousness of the evil queen's betrayal of
her family. But in that moment the princess knew that
the greatest betrayal of all is that of a hero [blurred]
("Best Laid Plans")

Production Notes

  • The role of Snow White was written specifically for Ginnifer Goodwin.[8]
  • While preparing for her role as Snow White, Ginnifer Goodwin "watched every Snow White movie ever made".[9]
  • The casting call for her younger self describes her as "12 to 14 years old to PLAY 12, a young and innocent princess, she sees the world through a prism where she believes everyone is capable of the same kindness she and her benevolent father bestow on their kingdom".[10]
  • Bailee Madison wore green contact lenses for the role as young Snow White, since her eyes are naturally brown.[11]
  • Ginnifer Goodwin became pregnant during Season Three, and for the final episodes of the seasons, her stunt double, Maja Aro, was used as Snow White's double. The stunt woman had to learn all of Snow White's lines for these episodes, and did the dialogue with the other actors on set. Snow White's lines were then dubbed by Ginnifer Goodwin in post-production.[12]



Props Notes

  • Snow White's tiara which is a gift from her mother on her birthday belonged to her great-grandmother. ("The Queen Is Dead")

Costume Notes


  • In "Lady of the Lake", after Snow White is poisoned by King George, she is disposed of on the side of the road. At the shot from her backside as she falls from the impact of being thrown, the upper right back part of her clothing is barely smudged with a light imprint of dirt. The camera angle switches to the front and then to the back again, to show the upper right back part of her clothing is now deeply coated in a heavier amount of dirt.
  • In "There's No Place Like Home", when Snow White comes over to thank Prince Charming for saving her,[26] you can clearly see that the one who comes over is not Ginnifer Goodwin, but her stunt double, Maja Aro, who served as the body double for a pregnant Ginnifer for the final episodes of Season Three.[12]


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.

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