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This article focuses on the Sheriff of Nottingham's Enchanted Forest persona.
For his Storybrooke counterpart, see Keith.
For his Wish Realm counterpart, see Sheriff of Nottingham (Wish Realm).

They call me Nottingham. The sheriff of Nottingham, actually.
—Sheriff of Nottingham to Cora src

The Sheriff of Nottingham, also known as Nottingham, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the nineteenth episode of the second season. He is portrayed by guest star Wil Traval. He is the Enchanted Forest counterpart of Keith, and the main reality version of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

The Sheriff of Nottingham is based on a character of the same name from the ballad, "Robin Hood".


Before First Curse

Although the Sheriff of Nottingham loves Maid Marian, she runs away to marry a thief, Robin of Locksley. One day, sometime after the couple open a tavern business in Sherwood Forest, the Sheriff arrives to collect tax payments from them. He gives them two days to fulfill it, or Robin will be imprisoned and their business shut down. To Marian, the Sheriff implies this may be enough for her to finally come to him, but she stubbornly disagrees. After two days have passed, he returns to the tavern to collect the taxes, but instead, Robin ambushes him with his Merry Men and takes all his gold to give it to the peasants. Later, Marian talks to her husband about what he'll do now since the Sheriff will almost certainly want him dead for his defiance. Robin is undeterred, taking his reputation in stride, and renames himself Robin Hood. ("Lacey", "Heart of Gold")

While spending time at a tavern, the Sheriff notices a woman of high stature, Cora, walk in. She asks him about a man with a lion tattoo who her daughter is destined to be with, but the Sheriff reveals he is a thief and already married. Cora then considers that the man's wife can be eliminated and asks him to help her. The Sheriff agrees, but he wants something in return. However, Cora quickly changes her mind and considers he can be her daughter's potential marriage match instead. Tempted with the idea of being king, he is given a fake lion tattoo by Cora and then presented to Regina. During a casual chat in the garden, the Sheriff attempts to charm Regina, who seemingly lets down her guard, before using magic to turn his fake tattoo into a miniature lion. As the beast burrows under his clothing and attacks him, he shrieks in pain while she demands the truth. He admits wanting to be king, but Cora set her up hoping she would bear a child. Afterwards, Regina hangs the Sheriff upside down over a fire pit as punishment until Cora sends him back home. ("Mother")

From this, the townspeople of Nottingham look down on the Sheriff, who is made a laughingstock. Driven by his grudge against Robin Hood, he hunts after him, but the thief continues to elude capture. One day, while travelling through Sherwood Forest, he confronts the Dark One, Rumplestiltskin, and his servant, Belle, lingering around. Rumplestiltskin, looking for an escaped thief, shows him a bow that belonged to the man. In exchange for the thief's name, the Sheriff asks to spend a night with Belle. Rumplestiltskin declines, and then, out of impatience, he takes away the Sheriff's tongue as a threat. When the Dark One demands the promised information in return for his tongue, the Sheriff tries to respond, which comes out as gibberish. Taking the reply as a yes, Rumplestiltskin magically reattaches the tongue, to which Sheriff bitterly recounts all the wrongs the thief, Robin Hood, has done against him. ("Lacey")

For events occurring after the casting of the first curse, see Keith.


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