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A glamour spell. This is how you shall appear to one and all.
Rumplestiltskin to Emma and Hook src

Shapeshifting is a magical ability featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the second episode of the first season.

Known Ways to Shapeshift

A glamour is an illusion, and only affects the perception of people who see the glamoured person or object, as opposed to changing its actual form. Transfiguration, on the other hand, is a complete shape-shift, where the person physically transform into another being or form.[1][2] ("Siege Perilous")

Ways to shapeshift

List of Shapeshifts

S Ep Type Turned Into By Status
1 2 Shapeshifting spell Evil Queen A mouse Herself Reversed
1 3 Dark fairy dust 3 Bridge Trolls Bugs Snow White Permanent
1 8 Glamour spell[3] Zoso Himself with normal skin Himself Reversed
1 13 Magical ability Siren Snow White Herself Reversed
1 15 Werewolf ability Red Riding Hood Werewolf Herself Reversed
1 16
1 17 Glamour spell Evil Queen An old woman Herself Reversed
1 20 Fairy magic Pinocchio Himself as a real boy Blue Fairy Reversed
1 19 Shapeshifting spell Donkey Driver A snail Rumplestiltskin Permanent
1 22 Magical ability Maleficent A dragon Herself Reversed
2 3 Glamour spell Cora Lancelot Herself Reversed
2 7 Werewolf ability Red Riding Hood/Ruby Wolf Herself Reversed
Werewolf ability Anita Werewolf Herself Reversed
2 10 Shapeshifting spell Fisherman Fish Cora Apparently Permanent
Glamour spell Unnamed person Archie Cora Apparently Permanent
Glamour spell Cora Regina Herself Reversed
2 11 Fairy Dust Yaoguai Prince Phillip Belle Permanent
2 12 Glamour spell Cora Henry Herself Reversed
2 15 Glamour spell Cora Blue Fairy Herself Reversed
2 18 Fairy magic August Booth Pinocchio Blue Fairy Reversed
2 19 Glamour spell
(Six-Leaf Clover)[4]
Robin Hood Unnamed person Himself Reversed
2 20 Glamour spell Evil Queen A peasant
Rumplestiltskin Reversed
Glamour spell Regina Mills Fisherman Herself Reversed
3 2 Magical ability The Shadow Belle Himself Reversed
3 4
3 6
3 6 Shapeshifting spell Evil Queen Herself as a cecaelia
Unknown Reversed
Shapeshifting spell
(Sea Bracelet)
Snow White A mermaid Evil Queen Reversed
3 13 Flying Monkey's bite Little John Flying Monkey Flying Monkey Reversed
3 16 Glamour spell Rumplestiltskin Evil Queen Himself Reversed
Shapeshifting spell Walsh Flying Monkey Zelena Presumed Reversed
3 17 Glamour spell Zelena Ariel Herself Reversed
3 19 Shapeshifting spell Aurora Flying Monkeys Zelena Reversed
Prince Phillip
3 20 Shapeshifting spell Gold Threads Golden Brain Zelena Unknown
3 21 Glamour spell Emma A princess
("Princess Leia")
Rumplestiltskin Reversed
Hook A prince
("Prince Charles")
Werewolf ability Red Riding Hood Werewolf Herself Reversed
3 22 Dark fairy dust Snow White A bug Herself Reversed
Fairy magic A bug Snow White Blue Fairy Permanent
Dark fairy dust 3 Bridge Trolls Bugs Evil Queen Permanent
4 11 Shapeshifting spell A flock of ravens Maleficent Herself Permanent
4 13 Magical ability Maleficent A dragon Herself Reversed
4 14
4 14 Glamour spell Mr. Gold Hook Himself Reversed
Fairy Magic Pinocchio August Booth Mr. Gold Permanent
4 15 Divine Magic
(Poseidon's Trident)
Ursula (mermaid) Herself as a cecaelia Herself Permanent
4 17 Glamour spell
(Six-Leaf Clover)
Zelena Maid Marian Herself Reversed
4 19
4 20 Magical ability Lily A dragon Herself Reversed
4 22
5 2 Shapeshifting spell Dopey A tree Power of Third Dark Curse Reversed
5 3 Glamour spell Emma Herself with normal hair and skin Herself Reversed
5 5 A tear of lost love Merlin A tree Nimue Reversed
5 6 Spell of Mor'du Merida A bear Herself Reversed
Anti-Transformation Powder A bear Merida Mr. Gold Permanent
5 8 Glamour spell The name "Killian Jones" on Excalibur[5] Disappeared Emma Swan Reversed
5 9 Shapeshifting spell Ruby A wolf Witch Reversed
5 11 Glamour spell Hook Henry Mills Himself Reversed
5 12 Glamour spell Cora Henry Herself Reversed
5 16 Glamour spell Zelena Mother Superior Herself Reversed
5 18 Werewolf ability Ruby Werewolf Herself Reversed
5 22 Dr. Jekyll's Serum Jekyll Mr. Hyde Poole Reversed
6 5 Glamour spell Evil Queen (Serum) Archie Hopper Herself Reversed
6 8 Glamour spell Evil Queen (Serum) Regina Mills Herself Reversed
6 10 Shapeshifting spell Evil Queen (Serum) A cobra Gideon Reversed
6 15 Shapeshifting Spell Prince Achmed A wooden staff Jafar Permanent
Jafar Jasmine
Glamour spell Gideon "Æsop" Himself Reversed
W 4 Shapeshifting Spell Amara A serpent (Amara) Jafar Reversed
A serpent (Amara) A staff
W 7 Transformation Potion Jafar Edwin Himself Reversed
W 12 Shapeshifting spell A chandelier A hydra Amara Reversed
C SQ Werewolf ability Adair Werewolves Themselves Reversed
Red Riding Hood
Shapeshifting spell Huntsman Sea creatures Magic Totem Reversed
Snow White
Red Riding Hood


On-Screen Notes

Production Notes

  • The way glamour spells are depicted on screen varies according to what the writers want to show.[7]

Other Notes

  • In magic lore, a glamour is a spell cast on somebody to make them see something the spell-caster wishes them to see, when in fact they are not what they seem to be. Shapeshifting, on the other hand, is a common theme in mythology, folklore and fantasy fiction, which refers to the ability to physically transform into another being or form.


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