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Kelly: She'll use the girl's magic to save Lucy's life.
Roni: In exchange for what?
Kelly: The Resurrection Amulet. [...] She wants us to bring it to the Botanical Garden Greenhouse at midnight.

"Secret Garden" is the eleventh episode of Season Seven of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz, and directed by Mick Garris. It is the one hundred and forty-fourth episode of the series overall, and premiered on March 2, 2018.


Eager to harness her burgeoning magical skills, Robin engages in a risky relationship with Mother Gothel. Meanwhile in Hyperion Heights, Roni and Kelly strike a deal with Eloise, desperate to save Lucy from her mysterious illness. But nothing comes without a price. As things finally come to a head between Victoria and Ivy, someone may have to pay with their life.[2]




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  • When Zelena opens Cora's spell book,[16] we see a palmistry illustration of a hand, with astrological symbols for the mounts on the palm. Mounts are the bumps of flesh on the palm, which are named after planets, and which play a very important role during a palmistry reading. Five astrological symbols can be seen on the illustration:[17]
    • Venus (♀), the mount by the thumb. Below that, the word "Vita", Latin for "life", is printed.
    • Jupiter (♃) is erroneously printed on the mound between the thumb and the index finger, which is where Lower Mars should be.
    • Mars (♂) is erroneously printed on the mound beneath the index finger, which is actually Jupiter's mound.
    • Saturn (♄), the mount under the index finger.
    • Apollo, the sun (☉), the mount under the ring finger.
    • Note that the mount of Mercury (☿), which is placed beneath the baby finger, is obscured.
    • Next to the hand, there are micro-excerpts from Ars grammatica, a survey of Latin grammar by Aelius Donatus, a fourth century Roman grammarian and teacher of rhetoric. The excerpts in the spell book are from Donatus' first Ars grammatica, known as Ars Minor, which is a brief overview of the eight parts of speech.
      • The paragraph at the top of the page consists of selected words from the section De praepositione,[18] "about preposition". The paragraph from the spell book reads thus: "Vbi locum significat, magis [three or four illegible words] ablativo ubi onem alicuius facimus accusativo casui ervit". The following is the excerpt in its entirety, with the selected words (and pieces of words) in the spell book set in bold:
Vbi locum significat, magis accusativo casui servit quam ablativo; ubi mentionem alicuius facimus, ablativo tantum, ut "multa super Priamo rogitans". In quam vim habet? Etiam tum accusativo casui servit, cum significat contra, ut in adulterum, in desertorem.[18]
  • The paragraph at the bottom begins with "Legendus legenda legendum participia venientia a verbo passivo temporisum futuri generis" (the rest of the text is illegible), which is from the section De participio,[18] "about participle". Note that the original excerpt from Ars Minor says "temporis", not "temporisum".
  • Additional text from De praepositione can be glimpsed on the opposite page. The following is the excerpt in its entirety, with the parts that can be seen in the book (most of the text is obscured by Zelena or illegible) set in bold:
Quo modo? Dicimus enim ad patrem, apud villam, ante
aedes, adversum inimicos, cis Renum, citra
forum, circum uicinos, circa templum,
contra hostem, erga propinquos, extra terminos,
inter naues, intra moenia infra tectum, iuxta macellum,
ob augurium, pone tribunal, per parietem, prope fenestram,
secundum fores, post tergum, trans ripam, ultra fines,
praeter officium, propter rem, supra caelum, usque Oceanum,
penes arbitros. Da praepositiones casus ablativi A ab abs
cum coram clam de e ex pro prae palam sine absque tenus. quo
modo? Dicimus enim a domo, ab homine, abs
quolibet, cum exercitu, coram testibus, clam
custodibus, de foro, e iure, ex
praefectura, pro clientibus, prae timore,
palam omnibus, sine labore, absque iniuria,
tenus pube, quod nos dicimus pube tenus.
Da utriusque casus praepositiones. In sub super subter.

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