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Lucy: It's like your Storybrooke.
Henry: No, it's not. It's a real neighborhood in Seattle. A real city with real people.
Lucy: And living with them your family. And the other cursed fairytale characters.
Lucy and Henry about Hyperion Heights src

Seattle, Washington is a Land Without Magic location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the twenty-second episode of the sixth season.


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Before First Curse

Before the Land Without Magic lost its magic, a magical grove inhabited by Tree Nymphs stood at this location. Thousands of years after Gothel, the last tree nymph, purged the land of all life out of vengeance for humans destroying her home and killing the rest of the tree nymphs, Seattle was built atop the former location of the grove. ("Flower Child")

During Fifth Curse

After a curse is cast over the New Enchanted Forest, a neighborhood known as Hyperion Heights appears in Seattle, home to the cursed fairy tale characters who called the New Enchanted Forest their home. Victoria Belfrey, the cursed counterpart of Lady Tremaine, uses her position as CEO of Belfrey Developments to push the fairy tale characters out of Hyperion Heights and bring the inhabitants of the Land Without Magic in. Henry Mills becomes a failed author and a driver for Swyft and lives elsewhere in Seattle with false memories that his wife and daughter were killed in a fire. ("Hyperion Heights")

Sometime after the curse is cast, a young girl named Lucy arrives in Seattle on an elevated train, during which she reads a more modern edition of the Once Upon a Time book just as the train comes to a stop. Getting off, she heads to an apartment, readies herself, and knocks on the door, and asks the man who answers if he is Henry Mills. When he confirms this, she introduces herself as his daughter, though he believes he doesn't have a daughter, however, she insists he does and that his family needs him. ("The Final Battle Part 2")


Currently in Seattle

Formerly in Seattle

†: This individual is deceased
i: This individual was brought to Seattle as an inanimated figure, such as statue
*: This individual's status and/or current whereabouts is unknown

Unseen Inhabitants

The following is a list of Seattle inhabitants who have not appeared on screen.

Notable Businesses


On-Screen Notes

Production Notes

Filming Locations

  • Columbia Street and 704 Clarkson Street in New Westminster double as Seattle for some of the street scenes in "Hyperion Heights".[30] The scene with Alice in the alley was filmed at the back alley of South 4100 Block Hastings Street in Burnaby Heights.[31]
  • The scenes at Lucy's ballet studio in "A Pirate's Life" were filmed at the premises of the Vancouver Rowing Club in Vancouver's Stanley Park.[35]
  • The scene with Rogers on the bench in "The Garden of Forking Paths" was filmed in New Westminster's Hyack Square.[36] Scenes from "Beauty" were also filmed there: The scene where Weaver is walking down the street and sees Tilly,[37] the scene with Tilly and Weaver on the bench,[38] and the nighttime scene with Henry and Ivy on the same bench later in the episode.[38]
    • The scene with Henry and Roni on the bench at night in "Wake Up Call" was also filmed in Hyack Square.[34]
  • The scene where Rogers and Weaver are walking through the park in "Beauty",[39][40] and the park scene with Henry, Rogers and Tilly in "Eloise Gardener"[41] were filmed in CRAB Park at Portside in Vancouver.
  • The scenes where Lucy and the other children are trick-or-treating in "Beauty" were filmed in 6359 Palace Place in Burnaby.[42]
  • The driving scene with Tilly and Weaver in "Beauty" was filmed in Richmond's Alderbridge Way.[43] The scene where Tilly jumps from Weaver's moving car and runs off was filmed on a lane in 4400 Still Creek Drive in Burnaby.[44] The scene where Tilly and Weaver are walking through the alley was filmed behind the Burrard Inronworks in Vancouver.[40]
  • The scenes with Henry, Jacinda and the food truck in "Wake Up Call" were filmed at the parking lot of the Red Apple Market on 4170 Hasting Street in Burnaby Heights.[45]
  • The short scene where Rogers parks his car outside the abandoned building in "Eloise Gardener" was filmed outside a decrepit building next to 1050 Glen Drive in Vancouver.[46] The scene with Tilly, Rogers and Eloise outside the building was filmed outside an unidentified warehouse[47] (the same or a different building).
  • The scenes at Lucy's group home in "Pretty in Blue" was filmed at a house attached to the St. Francis of Assisi Church[48] on 2025 Napier Street[49] in East Vancouver.[50] The scene with Sabine and Jacinda walking down the street, away from the house, was filmed along Napier Street and Semlin Street.[49]
  • The restaurant scene with Nick and Jacinda in "Pretty in Blue" was filmed at the Cuchillo restaurant on 261 Powell Street in Vancouver.[51]



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