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Rumplestiltskin and Mr. Gold's Deals are featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They début in the first episode of the first season.


Throughout the realms, Rumplestiltskin became known as a being of great power and was feared because of his ability to grant a person's deepest wishes and darkest desires with magical deals that proved to be worse than he would initially proclaim. These deals appear to transcend into the Storybrooke reality as well, with Rumplestiltskin's counterpart Mr. Gold retaining a similar disposition for swindling people in desperate situations. In either reality, it appears that Rumplestiltskin always benefits in the long term through his deals, despite short term set-backs brought about by certain individuals. He has only broken one deal as Rumplestiltskin and a second deal as Mr. Gold. A third deal was negotiated with William Smee, but never carried out.

Rumplestiltskin's Deals

Deal Made With Offers Desires Reason Status
Baelfire The Dark One's magic Baelfire's happiness Rumplestiltskin's love for his son Broken by Rumplestiltskin
William Smee Smee's youth A magic bean To find Baelfire Never made
Seer Take the Seer's power Knowledge on how to find his son To find Baelfire Completed


Milah and Hook's life A magic bean To find Baelfire Never made; killed Milah and cut off Hook's hand, leaving without the bean.
Jiminy Cricket Marionette transforming potion The potion's victims Unknown Completed
Cora Teach her how to use magic Cora's firstborn The child will cast the Dark Curse Revised
Cora Teach her how to use magic "Rumplestiltskin's child" He loves Cora Completed (did not get first-born child as result of a revised deal)
Ruth Prosperity on her family's farm One of her sons (Prince James) To give to King George Completed
Queen Regina Magic lessons A favor She will cast the Dark Curse Completed
Victor Frankenstein Gold Knowledge of how to bring back the dead Regina's heartbreak Unknown
Mad Hatter A royal passport Transport and introduce Victor Frankenstein to Queen Regina To cause Regina's heartbreak Completed (obtained passport from Regina)
Mad Hatter Gold Slippers and crystal ball To find Baelfire Completed (obtained only the crystal ball)
Dr. Frankenstein An enchanted heart Regina's heartbreak Regina's willingness to learn magic Completed (obtained enchanted heart from Regina)
Sir Maurice Protection from ogres Belle's eternal servitude "He needs a maid" Never made (Belle made deal instead)
Belle Protection from ogres Belle's eternal servitude "He needs a maid" Completed
Sheriff His tongue To learn the location of Robin Hood To kill Robin Hood for stealing from him Completed
Queen Regina To perform a shapeshifting spell on her Regina to cutoff all trade with King George's realm Needs King George's kingdom bankrupt Completed
King George Prince Charming The Fairy Godmother's location He wants her wand Completed
Belle Belle returning from town with straw Rumplestiltskin telling her how he lost his son Rumplestiltskin falling in love with Belle Completed in Storybrooke
Snow White Forgetfulness potion A lock of Snow's hair To make a true love potion Completed
Snow White A bow and a map to kill the Evil Queen Nothing Being invested in her future; he knows her daughter will break the Dark Curse. Completed
Prince Charming Snow's location Charming's cloak, which has a fews strands of his hair. To make a true love potion from a strand of Charming's hair Completed
Prince Charming An enchanted ring Placing the potion inside Maleficent Bringing magic to Storybrooke Completed
Prince Charming A weapon to help Snow White to believe she was able to defeat the Evil Queen Nothing Rumplestiltskin had no interest in helping him Never made (Prince Charming lied)
Cinderella A night at the ball Cinderella's firstborn To get a favor from Emma. Nullified
Snow White An enchantment that will prove if Regina can change Nothing Regina will cast the Dark Curse out of desperation Completed
Snow White Information about the Dark Curse Emma's name To bring back his memories Completed
Queen Regina How to cast the Dark Curse Comfort and favors To maintain his power Completed

Mr. Gold's Deals

Deal Made With Offers Desires Reason Status
Regina Mills Finding a child for Regina to adopt (Henry) Unknown Needed Henry to find and bring Emma to Storybrooke Completed
Ashley Boyd A large sum of money Her unborn child, Alexandra Deal carried over Nullified
Emma Swan Ashley's debt forgiveness A favor Her help finding and getting his son to talk to him Completed
Emma Swan Good publicity The sheriff's loyalty Political power Completed
Emma Swan The person who bought the compass Tolerance in burning Regina's house To avoid trouble Completed
Regina Mills A plot of land $50,000 To ruin Emma Completed
Moe French A car loan Money Financial influence Completed
Regina Mills Mr. Gold revealing his real name Belle's teacup His love and memory of Belle Completed
Regina Mills Mary Margaret Blanchard's guilt Dropping the assault charges Obtaining a clean slate Completed
Mary Margaret Blanchard Being her lawyer for the murder case Nothing Being invested in her future Completed
David Nolan A tracking potion Peace Keeping trouble away Still Stands
Regina Mills Cora's spell book Regina's keeping silent about the Enchanted Forest's continued existence It's in his best interest Broken; Regina revealed the truth
Belle Belle coming back from town with straw Mr. Gold telling her how he lost his son She wants to know why he needs magic Completed
Dr. Whale A reattached arm Whale's admittance that he needs magic Mr. Gold's ego Completed
Cora A truce between her and Mr. Gold The magic globe To show him the location of his son Completed
William Smee (Storybrooke) A talisman to keep his true memories intact once past the town border. Needed a test subject for the potion that creates the talisman Revenge for trying to force Belle over Storybrooke's borderline Completed
Emma Swan To pay back favor Her help finding and getting his son to talk to him Wants to find his son Completed
Mary Margaret Cora's death to protect her family The life-restoring candle to be lit The only way to save his life Completed
David Nolan A favor Help in making Lacey fall in love with him Wants to bring back Belle's memories Completed
David Nolan A potion that will allow Mary Margaret to find Regina To pay back favor Always honors his deals Completed
Captain Hook A way to locate the person who cast a freezing curse on Marian so Hook can clear Elsa of false accusations Hook's keeping silent about the Mr. Gold giving Belle a fake dagger Does not want Belle to know he lied to her Completed

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