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This article focuses on the Season Five episode.
For the Storybrooke character, see Ruby.
For the magical items, see Silver Slippers.
Ruby: Well, yeah, but I almost lost you.
Dorothy: You didn't. You came back for me.
Ruby: I always will.

"Ruby Slippers" is the eighteenth episode of Season Five of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Andrew Chambliss & Bill Wolkoff, and directed by Eriq La Salle. It is the one hundred and sixth episode of the series overall, and premiered on April 17, 2016.


In flashbacks, Ruby and Mulan find themselves in Oz, where they meet Dorothy. After the three witness Zelena’s return to Oz, they look for a way to defeat her once and for all. However, Dorothy mysteriously disappears, and Ruby’s search for her new friend lands her in the Underworld. Reunited with the heroes, Ruby teams up with Emma, Regina and Snow to continue looking for Dorothy. Meanwhile, Snow and David struggle with not being able to be with their son, Neal, and devise a plan so that one of them can escape the Underworld.[2]




Guest Starring



  • Unknown dog as Toto



Production Notes

Event Chronology

  • The Oz flashbacks take place years after the flashback scenes from "Our Decay".
    • They also take place immediately after Zelena is banished to Oz in "Swan Song", and before she goes back to Storybrooke in the present day scenes in "Our Decay".
  • The Underworld events take place after "Her Handsome Hero" and before "Sisters".
  • The present Oz events take place not long after Zelena leaves in "Our Decay".

Episode Connections



  • Dorothy mentioned that she was committed to an asylum after telling her family about Oz. This is a reference to the 1985 Disney sequel film Return to Oz.

Fairytales and Folklore

Popular Culture

  • This episode revealed that Dorothy is a lesbian or bisexual. "Friend of Dorothy" happens to be a LGBT term that started out as a euphemism for stating or asking if somebody was homosexual without others knowing, back when homosexual acts were illegal in the United States.

Props Notes

so tangible and intoxicating to her, was merely in her
head. It was a thought that was too crushing to
bear, not to mention that it also meant Dorothy would
be doomed to lie on that dais forever. Ruby could hardly
take the pressure, and suddenly she needed someone by
her side to reassure her, someone who could instantly
put all this turmoil into perspective.
Fortunately Snow White was only a few feet away from
her. Dorothy turned to her uneasily, and Snow nodded
her on, as if to share a little of her own courage.
You can do it, Ruby", Snow said. "Go on."
[image begins] was enough to bolster Ruby, who turned back
[image begins]ing up the courage to say something
[image begins] toward anyone before. But
[image begins] to look at Dorothy in
[image begins]. Ruby's eyes
[image begins]ew she
[image ends]

And then she leaned down and kissed Dorothy. For her,
it was the kiss of a lifetime. She felt a jolt of electricity
pass from her lips to Dorothy’s. And just as she was
[shot ends]

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Costume Notes


Filming Locations

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