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This article focuses on the bar.
For its owner, see Roni.
Henry Mills: Excuse me, is this Roni's?
Roni: I sure hope so. Or else I put the wrong sign out front.
Henry Mills and Roni src

Roni's is a Seattle location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the seventh season.


During Fifth Curse

After the curse takes her to Hyperion Heights, Regina Mills becomes Roni, a local bar owner who doesn't remember her past as the Evil Queen. As Victoria Belfrey uses her power to push residents out of Hyperion Heights, Roni laments the loss of the community and, eventually, agrees to sell the bar to Victoria. The day before Roni is supposed to sign the bar over to Victoria, Henry arrives in search of his laptop, which was taken by Lucy, who claims to be his daughter. Roni and Henry briefly talk about how poorly their respective days have gone when Jacinda arrives to return Henry's laptop, apologizing for Lucy's behavior. There is an immediate and recognizable spark between Henry and Jacinda, so Roni serves them two drinks as an icebreaker to ease the romantic tension. Jacinda and Henry's bonding is interrupted by Victoria arriving, much to Roni's dismay, and announcing her plan to take full custody of Lucy. At midnight, Victoria arrives at the bar again to have Roni sign the papers, but Roni refuses, revealing that she was inspired by Jacinda to stand up to Victoria. Roni describes the bar as her home and tears up the contract. Infuriated, Victoria swears that Roni will regret her decision, but Roni responds that regret isn't really her thing. As Victoria leaves, Roni takes a look around her bar and smiles in triumph. ("Hyperion Heights")

At Roni's, Sabine introduces Jacinda to the WorkBunny app, which she encourages her to use to find jobs and earn the $550 she needs for a ticket to Lucy's ballet recital. When Henry comes to their table, Sabine quickly realizes who he is before taking her leave from the bar so he and Jacinda can talk privately. Henry apologizes for his part in separating Jacinda from Lucy, however, Jacinda finds his apology useless, telling him that it won't help her see her daughter at her recital. While Henry offers to cover the costs for her, Jacinda refuses, insisting she can earn her own money and doesn't need to be saved from him. Tasked by Victoria to drive Henry out of Hyperion Heights, newly paired Detectives Weaver and Rogers go to the bar to Roni for information. Weaver questions her about why Henry was in her bar this morning, however, Roni refuses to divulge anything. An unimpressed Weaver notes that he always gets his answer either way and after finishing his drink, he walks out of the bar, leaving Rogers to pay Roni for his tab. Roni warns Rogers to careful of Weaver, whose previous partners have all mysteriously disappeared, and she also asks him to consider just how badly he wants to keep this detective job. Upon exiting the bar, Rogers meets Weaver outside, telling him that they haven't done enough to go after Henry. Later, after an altercation with Weaver, Henry nurses his bruised cheek with an ice pack at Roni's. Jacinda drops by with a beer as a peace offering, in which she expresses appreciation for helping her see Lucy at the recital and that he took a hit from Weaver for her sake. After Jacinda finally accepts his apology, Henry asks her to sit with him, but Jacinda declines as she has a late shift to finish. Rogers arrives to give a list of cemeteries to Henry, who was hoping to locate where his deceased family members are buried. The detective references the blonde woman in Henry's book who bears a resemblance to a woman who saved him from death after he got injured trying to rescue a little girl. Rogers, wanting to do the morally right thing like the woman did for him, theorizes that Victoria may be responsible for keeping him from finding the girl. He shares with Henry and Roni that all their problems might be linked back to Victoria, and his wish to find evidence of her crimes. The trio then decide to work together to oust her. ("A Pirate's Life")

One night at her bar, Roni serves a customer who works for the building commission in Hyperion Heights. This customer, while inebriated, talks about how he will be making lots of money soon once he helps Victoria with a certain favor, and that he is meeting with her in the afternoon at Hyperion Plaza. Later, while Roni and Rogers are already waiting inside the bar, Henry arrives in with a box of donuts as they begin their plan to take down Victoria. Roni mentions her conversation with the drunk customer, which Henry suspects has to do with Victoria's plans to redevelop the neighborhoods. Hook agrees to stake out the meeting area and hopefully catch the customer in time to make him confess everything that Victoria is meddling in. Henry wants to tag along, but Hook insists he stick with his expertise in research, much to Henry's disappointment. As Henry is working on his laptop, Jacinda pops into the bar and tells Roni about Victoria's plans to demolish the community gardens today and replace them with condos. Roni, with knowledge from the manual for Hyperion Heights' building codes, finds a rule that states an injunction can be overturned as long as the community deems the property essential to the public good. She gives Jacinda the idea to form a petition and get people to sign it as a way to halt the demolition. Much later, Lucy comes to find Henry at the bar to show him the number of petition signers has reached 100. She is happy he stayed for Jacinda, even though Henry contends that he is only trying to help save the garden. Henry wonders why she isn't more upset about the garden's possible demise, to which Lucy reveals she isn't because it's giving her mother something to fight for and hopefully wake up from the curse. Lucy then tells him a secret about the demolition, in that it's not about the condos but something that's hidden below it which Victoria wants to dig up. After burning the petitions to accept an offer given to her by Victoria, Jacinda recuperates at the bar, telling Roni about how her actions disappointed Lucy, despite that she destroyed the petitions for a chance to be with her daughter. Roni advises her to think about how much she is willing to give up to Victoria, who will take away everything from her if she lets her. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")

In the bar during Halloween, Roni is dressed up as Sandy from Grease and lets Henry sample one of her new drinks called the Poisoned Apple. Henry takes a sip and suggests she could try adding cinnamon to it. Roni notices how down he seems and finds out from him that he recently found the graves of his deceased wife and child. She understands how hard it is for him to let them go but advises he could try to have fun by asking Jacinda out on a date, and that if he loved once before, he owes it to himself to find happiness again. After deciding not to accompany Jacinda and Lucy for Halloween night, Henry joins Ivy at Roni's for a drink. Ivy insists he keeps her company until she is ready to face the wrath of her mother. She also thanks him for helping her put herself first for once and for listening to her side of the story. Ivy prompts him about why he didn't join Jacinda and Lucy, with Henry admitting it's complicated, to which she toasts him with the vow to keep things "uncomplicated". Ivy later snaps some photos of herself and Henry during their bar outing and posts them to social media. ("Beauty", "Wake Up Call")

At the bar, Rogers shows Henry a box of evidence pertaining to the missing girl, Eloise Gardner, whom he never found. After Rogers' departure, Roni grills him about why he was with Ivy during the other night. Henry believes she is not bad like Victoria and that she might be willing to help them take her down, despite Roni's reservations about the girl's motives. Henry receives a call from Ivy about Victoria's recent habit of spending time in a secret room on the top floor of Belfrey Towers, which he then informs Roni about. Roni is unhappy he is actually putting his trust in Ivy and the possibility that he is falling for her. She insists Jacinda is the better option for him because she doesn't believe Ivy has genuine feelings for him. Henry expresses frustration over her acting like his mother, although Roni reasons that, if his mother were present, she'd tell him to get back into writing, ask Jacinda on a date, and tip her generously for giving him such sound advice. Upon seeing Henry begin leaving, she inquires about where he is going, to which Henry exasperatedly states that he's headed to the bathroom unless she means to hold his hand in there too. Henry's phone receives a message from Ivy to meet her at Belfrey Towers' lobby, but Roni answers for him, telling her that "he" will be there, before deleting both messages. After going to meet Ivy in Henry's place, Roni returns to the bar to come clean to Henry about what she did and show him a photo she found while there. The picture depicts a woman bearing an uncanny resemblance to Roni, except with different hair and clothes, as she hugs a young boy. Roni claims she does not know who the child is, however, Henry recognizes the boy is him. ("Greenbacks")

As Roni and Henry continue scrutinizing the photo, Henry suggests it was photoshopped to resemble a storyline from his book, with Roni as his mother the Evil Queen and him as her adoptive son. Roni, suspecting Victoria is screwing with them, goes behind the counter to grab her baseball bat to teach the woman a lesson, but Henry persuades her to act rashly. Jacinda pops into the bar to borrow tools from Roni for a food truck she is fixing, and Henry offers to help her, but she declines before rushing out. Henry is confused by her avoidance of him until he discovers photos that Ivy published online of them from their bar night out and the possibility that Jacinda thinks he and Ivy are an item now. As Henry is freaking out over this, Lucy runs in and excitedly asks to see the photo. Henry mistakenly believes she means the ones of him and Ivy, but it's the photo of Regina and young Henry that she wants to see. Lucy quickly pieces together who they're supposed to be in the picture and goes off to execute a way in which Roni can remember her old life. After Roni strikes a deal with Weaver to obtain the adoption papers that Regina signed, Weaver drops by the bar to give them to her, but not without asking her why she wanted his help if she believed he wouldn't find anything. Roni doesn't provide an answer and instead tells him not to interrogate her. While looking at Regina's signature, Roni replicates the woman's handwriting on a separate piece of paper, which leaves her confused about the similarity. Ivy visits, under the pretense of having more dirt on Victoria, and pours drinks from the bar for herself and Roni. In Roni's drink, Ivy laces it with a magical liquid in order to make her recover her lost memories. Roni suddenly remembers everything, and as she prepares to answer an incoming call from Henry, Ivy reminds her why the curse can never break. She then tasks Regina with forcing Henry and Jacinda apart so they can never share true love's kiss as only bad things will happen to Regina's loved ones if the curse is broken. ("Wake Up Call")

After Henry and Jacinda manage to get the electrical system on the food truck to start running, they celebrate by getting drinks at the bar, where Roni agrees to hire Jacinda to help her earn money. Henry and Jacinda then go sit down at a table together, while Ivy badgers Roni at the counter, once again pushing her to split up the couple and prevent true love's kiss from happening. Henry later sees Rogers at one of the outside bar tables, where he is working on the Eloise case. Rogers is adamant that Eloise is still alive and, despite how crazy it sounds, he feels a familial bond with the missing girl. During a work shift with Roni, Jacinda tells her about her upcoming date with Henry and that she is thinking about trying to regain custody of Lucy. Falling in line with Ivy's demands, Roni subtlely convinces Jacinda that pursuing a new relationship with Henry won't look good in the eyes of social workers if she intends to get her daughter back. Now worried about spoiling her chances of regaining Lucy, Jacinda cancels her date with Henry as Roni guiltily watches nearby and notices her son's disappointment. Later, Henry informs Roni and Jacinda about Victoria being arrested for holding Eloise captive, with these circumstances freeing Lucy from her Victoria's guardianship. ("Eloise Gardener")

In the aftermath of Victoria's imprisonment, Ivy agrees to an on-camera interview with Henry to talk about what happened. Henry does the recording in another room in the bar, and after he is finished filming, Ivy flatters him on his writing skills and offers to have Belfrey Towers back him up as a sponsor if he turns his blog into a podcast. Roni interrupts by asking for Henry's help with unjamming the keg room door, which Henry happily obliges with. In response to Roni demanding that she stay away from Henry, Ivy mocks her for sounding so "Evil Queen"-esque and reminds Roni that she's outnumbered now that Gothel is her ally. Roni is surprised to hear she is working with Gothel, even asking how they know each other, but Ivy scoffs, declining to villain monologue for her. Later at the bar counter, Henry unexpectedly bonds with a stranger over their shared music tastes before finding out that he is Jacinda's ex as well as Lucy's biological father who is helping her with the custody case. Weaver comes to find Roni later after hearing she was looking for him at the police station. At first, Roni questions him about what the name Rumplestiltskin means to him, but after he gives her a flimsy answer, she wastes no time calling him out for hiding under the radar and asks for his help to fight against Gothel. Weaver continues feigning ignorance and eventually goes to leave, to which Roni wonders if he is keeping his cover because of the Guardian and tells him to consider that Belle wouldn't want this for him. This appears to strike a nerve in Weaver, though he manages to turn around with a neutral face and ask her who Belle is. Frustrated with Weaver's noncompliance, Roni drops the subject and states she'll get help somewhere else. Roni later finds Henry getting drunk in her bar while he is heartbroken over Jacinda and persuades him to join her for a trip to California to find someone whose assistance she needs. During Henry's absence, Jacinda makes a mixtape for him but when she comes to the bar to give it to him, Remy tells her that he already left town. ("Pretty in Blue")


On-Screen Notes

  • As written on its front sign, the bar's opening hours are from 10 P.M. until late. The front sign also says "Homemade Burgers. Cocktails. Local Beer. On Tap. Live Music.".[1] ("Hyperion Heights", "A Pirate's Life")

Production Notes


Set Dressing

  • Three framed photographs are hanging on the walls.[4] They show Seattle's baseball team, known as the Seattle Reds[5] and the 1907 Seattle High baseball team.[6] ("A Pirate's Life" et al.)

Filming Locations