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This article focuses on Regina Mills' Storybrooke persona. For her Enchanted Forest counterpart, see
the Evil Queen.
Regina Mills
Storybrooke Character
Biographical Information
Counterpart: Evil Queen
Status: Alive
Home: Mills House
Occupation: Mayor of Storybrooke
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Current Allies:
Current Enemies:
Show Information
Portrayed by: Lana Parrilla
First appearance: "Pilot"
Latest appearance: "Poor Unfortunate Soul"
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Always the villain, even when I'm not.

—Regina Mills to Emma Swan src

Regina Mills is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts in the first episode of the first season. She is portrayed by starring cast member Lana Parrilla, and is the Storybrooke counterpart of the Evil Queen.


For events occurring before the casting of the first curse, see the Evil Queen.

During First Curse

After the enacting of the Dark Curse, Regina wakes up in a new world, and realizes she now has everything she has ever wanted. She is mayor of the town Storybrooke, and spends the first few days of her new life adapting to the town. She visits school teacher Mary Margaret, and shows her to the hospital's coma patient, John Doe. Mary Margaret has no recollection of who that man is, and expresses hope perhaps a loved one will find him someday. Smiling at the irony, Regina agrees that would be great for him, but not likely. At the diner, she enjoys some apple pancakes when Sheriff Graham stops by to set up a nighttime rendezvous with her. Regina is interrupted by a young boy commenting on her apple pancakes. She quickly learns he and his father, Kurt, have stopped in town since their car needs fixing. Hoping to send the strangers away faster, she asks the car mechanic Billy to speed up the car repairs, and then goes over to the diner to update Kurt on the news. Regina is dismayed to see Owen is sitting in her usual counter seat, but gives up when he refuses to move. Before the pair leave the diner, Owen gives Regina a lanyard keychain as thanks for letting him sit in her seat. Touched, Regina accepts the gift.

Day by day, Regina grows more unhappy with the sameness in town and goes to see Mr. Gold in the pawnshop to discuss the deal they made in the previous land, though he has no recollection of it. Regina expresses complaints about the town not being what she wanted as everyone obeys and does what she wants because they have no choice, and none of it counts as "real". Craving company, she invites Owen and Kurt over for dinner. Owen's bluntness about Regina's poor cooking skills only makes her grow fonder of his personality, and she sends him to pick apples so they can make dessert. While he is gone, Regina learns from Kurt about how Owen lost his mother and they're looking for a fresh start, which is the same thing she wants for herself. Owen helps her make and put the turnovers in the oven. He thinks she would make a good mother, and Regina forms a bond with him over his mother's passing. She suggests to Kurt that they could stay in town permanently. Owen likes the idea, but Kurt turns down the offer. Behind the scenes, she tries to delay their leave by having Billy stall the fixing of Kurt's car, but discovers they have already picked up the vehicle. Desperate, she manipulates Graham's heart so he'll arrest Kurt for drunk driving. Kurt overhears her words and as he backs out, Graham pins him to the desk, knocking the box with the heart to the floor. This causes Graham to loosen his grip and gasp in pain; leaving Kurt time to escape. They chase down Kurt in a police car and block him at the border. While Kurt surrenders himself to arrest, Owen runs, though Regina approaches him. Owen refuses to stay in town with her, and she allows to him to go, or else it wouldn't be "real". She later sees Owen bring police officers to the border to find his father, though the town is no longer visible to him since he left the town and lost his connection to it. Regina weeps as the officers take an upset Owen away. A short time later, she kills Kurt and buries him at his old campsite in a shallow grave. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

Despite having everything she could ever want in a life, Regina perceives there is something missing. During a chat with Dr. Hopper, she admits to feeling devoid of emotion. She is startled by his assessment that there is an empty hole in her heart, reminding Regina of what Rumplestiltskin said in their previous lives. He suggests perhaps she wants something more to life than just work, and even having everything is not enough when there's no one to share it with. Regina recalls the one time she didn't feel so desolate, which was when Owen came to town. When he states a child can bring so much meaning to one's life, Regina begins looking into adoption agencies, but comes to Mr. Gold for quicker help. He questions if she is ready to be a mother, though Regina attests it's something she needs. He agrees to procure an infant, but advises once she becomes a mother, it means putting the child's interests before her own. In a short time, Mr. Gold informs her of a baby from Phoenix who was previously placed with a family in Boston, but the adoption did not go through. She heads to the Boston adoption agency and passes the parental background check with flying colors. Regina names the child Henry as her father's namesake and brings him home, though she can't stop his insistent crying in the diner. Granny advises that soothing a child with a bedtime story works, which Regina attempts, but Henry ends up vomiting on her clothes. At the hospital, Dr. Whale checks out Henry and can find nothing medically wrong with his health. He counsels that it would help to know Henry's birth parents' medical history. Since it was a closed adoption, Regina phones Sidney to sleuth for information. She temporarily hands over Henry to Mary Margaret, and is shocked when her baby stops crying while the schoolteacher is holding him. However, once Henry ends up in Regina's hands, he begins wailing again. Returning home, Regina is quickly getting stressed out by his fussy temperament and attempts to nestle Henry in her arms, which finally quiets him down. She gets faxed documents from Sidney about Henry's birth mother and discovers the woman was found as a baby in the woods eighteen years ago. Regina confronts Mr. Gold over this, but he denies knowing anything, and believes the pressures of motherhood have gotten to her head. Fed up, she returns the child back to Boston, but ends up changing her mind and returning home with him. Prompted by a talk with Archie, she finds a solution to her problems by creating a potion to help herself forget ever knowing who Henry's birth mother is. ("Save Henry")

Ten years later, Henry runs away from Storybrooke to Boston and seeks out his birth mother, Emma. His disappearance worries Regina and calls Sheriff Graham over to her house, though she rushes out when he comes home with a woman, Emma, who Henry claims is his real mother. Though shocked, Regina quickly regains her composure and invites Emma in for a glass of apple cider, which is spiked as alcohol. Inside, Emma happens to mention in passing about Henry's obsession with a story book and how he believes everyone in town is a fairytale character. Troubled, Regina has no inkling what she means and shortly escorts her out. This causes Emma to crash her car and end up in a cell at the sheriff's department, where Regina sees her while anxiously looking for a missing Henry. Once again, Emma drops Henry back to Regina again. While Emma delves into the coincidental way she and Henry met in Boston, Regina interrupts to warn her to stay away from him as she has no legal right since it was a closed adoption. Regina attests that she loves Henry very much when Emma questions her, and then slams the door shut. Then, she takes away Henry's story book from him and uneasily stares at it through the mirror. ("Pilot")

In the morning, Regina flips through Henry's book when she reaches a page with a photo of the Evil Queen. She turns to the back of the book only to find the remaining pages have been previously ripped out. She demands an answer from Henry, but he avoids the subject. Displeased with his attitude, Regina asserts herself as his mother, though he states that she is not. Suddenly, she is startled by the sound of the clock tower chiming, to which Henry takes his leave for school. Regina can't figure out how or why the clock tower is suddenly moving forward in time until noticing Emma's car is still parked on the street. She goes up to Emma's checked in room at the bed and breakfast to offer her a parting basket gift of apples for the journey back to Boston. Emma takes her pushy behavior as all the more reason to stay in town and make sure Henry is alright. Regina insists she has things under control, clarifying that Henry is in therapy and warns Emma not to underestimate her power. She takes it a step further by forcing Henry's therapist, Archie, to trick Emma into taking a confidential file on Henry. After the file falls into Emma's hands, Archie calls her to confirm everything went well. Emma ends up getting arrested by Graham for "stealing" the file. It's all smooth sailing for Regina as she works throughout the day in her mayoral office until hearing a chainsaw buzzing in the backyard. She rushes out to stop Emma from cutting down any more branches of her apple tree. Emma attests that a shoddy arrest is not going to scare her off and tells the mayor to watch out. Graham has suspicions Regina is wreaking havoc on Emma and advises that the one getting hurt in all this is Henry. As her next move, Regina has Emma's car booted and then reminds Granny at the bed and breakfast of their no-felons policy for the inn, which evicts her nemesis from the guest room. Then, she pretends to reform her ways and calls Emma for an in-person meeting. Regina apologies for her actions due to being afraid Emma is going to take Henry away. Emma's only concern is making sure Henry is fine since he seems so troubled. On further prompting, she talks about how his imagination mixes reality and fantasy, which is "crazy". Henry is extremely hurt at overhearing her words and runs off. Pleased with the turn of events, Regina spends the evening cleaning up her apple tree when Mr. Gold passes through. Regina begins to suspect he has retained memories from his previous life after he hints she named her son after a certain someone. He refutes her accusations, but as she presses the issue, Mr. Gold takes his leave by ending his sentence with "please", confirming Regina's impression that he remembers, too. ("The Thing You Love Most")

Regina receives a call from Dr. Whale concerning a brief fluctuation in John Doe's vital signs due to Mary Margaret's presence. John Doe disappears from his hospital bed during the night, to which she comes to the hospital to have a look. Regina deflects Emma's wariness over the mayor getting involved in a missing person's case by stating she found John Doe on the side of the road years ago and became his emergency contact, though this is a complete lie. She ushers Henry home while cautioning Emma to mind her own business while Graham looks for John Doe. After he is found and brought back to the hospital for recovery, Regina brings along John Doe's wife, Kathryn, to be happily reunited with her husband, whose real name is David Nolan, to sidetrack the growing connection Mary Margaret has towards him. Using the opportunity to advantage, Regina tells Emma she is willing to look past all previous encounters and forgive everything. ("Snow Falls")

Abruptly, a large earthquake causes a sinkhole to cave in. Regina hurries down to the site of the destruction. She manages to hide a glass piece of Snow White's coffin and then proceeds to calm down the alarmed townspeople. To her disdain, She finds out Graham gave Emma the position of deputy sheriff, but then assigns her to push back the townspeople from danger of the sinkhole. Regina notices Henry draw both Archie and Emma to the sidelines for a discussion, to which she intervenes to chide the new deputy back to the task at hand. Secondly, she demands Archie erase the notion of the curse from her son's mind, and if he doesn't, she'll put him out of a job. Too terrified to stand up to her, he does as she asks. This unexpectedly has fatal consequences as this only makes Henry more stubborn to prove the sinkhole has something to do with the curse. When her son does not show up at home, Regina angrily presses Emma for answers over the phone, only to discover Henry has entered the sinkhole to find proof of the curse. Archie follows him in right before the sinkhole entrance completely collapses, leaving both Regina and Emma fearing for Henry's safety. When efforts of using dynamite to clear an opening in the sinkhole fail, Emma uses Archie's dog Pongo to track his owner and Henry's scents to a grate with an elevator shaft below. Emma is slowly lowered down to pull both Henry and Archie up. Safe and sound above ground, Regina reunites with Henry, though when Emma tries to check up on him, she pushes her away. Archie pulls Regina aside to renounce what she asked him to do earlier, and threatens that even if he is fired, she will be facing Emma in a losing custody battle. At nightfall, Regina pulls out the glass shard and drops it down a mine shaft vent down to the many pieces and remains of Snow White's coffin. ("That Still Small Voice")

At the party celebrating David's return home, Regina finds an upset Kathryn hiding out in the kitchen. After some prodding, Kathryn admits to being afraid that despite her best efforts, David is drifting farther away from her instead of growing closer. Regina encourages Kathryn to be with David, drawing from experience of her own previous love and how she lost him due to an unwillingness to fight for love. From this, Kathryn begins to consider Regina a friend. On another day, Regina discovers David has left his wife and bluntly tells Mary Margaret at the diner to stay out of the marriage as she will only destroy many lives. To draw David back to Kathryn, she purposely gives him the wrong directions on his way to the Toll Bridge to meet Mary Margaret. As a result, he goes into Mr. Gold's shop and remembers memories from his life with Kathryn before the coma. That evening, Regina secretly has Graham over as they have a physically driven affair. Unknown to her, Emma catches Graham jumping out of the house window and realizes what is going on. ("The Shepherd")

During one night, Graham shows up on Regina's doorstep in a distraught state and engages her in a frenzied kiss that later culminates with an encounter in the bedroom. He awakens from a nightmare and tells her about his recurring dreams featuring a wolf, Mary Margaret and a forest. Realizing he is recalling his Enchanted Forest memories, she tries to convince him that it's only a dream, but Graham can't shake the feeling it is a memory. Suspecting Emma has something to do with it, Regina goes to the sheriff's office. Emma flippantly remarks that Graham is out today and it must be because he spent the night with Regina. In turn, Regina accuses her of having a more than professional relationship with Graham, but Emma affirms anything that did happen meant nothing. As a final warning, Regina dissuades her from interfering in Graham's life and sending him down the wrong path. Later, she catches Emma and Graham snooping around in her father's tomb. Regina offers to take Graham home, but he breaks off the affair with her for good. She proceeds to blame Emma and goes as far as hitting her. The two get into a scuffle, which ends with Emma and Graham leaving together. Though Graham has not remembered all his memories yet, Regina can't take the risk and takes out the thing he was looking for in the tomb, his heart, and crushes it to ash, effectively ending his life. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")

Two weeks after Graham's death, Regina fires Emma from her deputy position and discloses her intention to appoint Sidney as the new sheriff. While she is making a town hall announcement electing Sidney, Emma intervenes to bring up the town charter rules, which state a mayor can support a candidate, but cannot instate one. Forced to play by the rules, Regina then declares she is backing Sidney for the sheriff election. To give Sidney the upper hand, she doesn't tell Emma until the day before that the electoral candidate speeches are tomorrow. As they argue, a fire breaks out inside the mayoral building. Emma rescues Regina by carrying her out. This greatly influences the townspeople's opinion of Emma for the election; annoying Regina. The day of the candidate speeches, Emma surprises everyone by indicting Mr. Gold as the fire-starter culprit to the townspeople and stepping out of the election running. The townspeople elect Emma as the new sheriff, much to Regina's dismay, though she grudgingly accepts it. Due to this failure, she lets go of Sidney from his editing job at the Daily Mirror. ("Desperate Souls")

After hearing word of Henry's alleged shoplifting in Mr. Clark's store, she arrives with the suspicion her son did not steal anything, and pins the blame on two orphans, Ava and Nicholas Zimmer. She instructs Emma to take them home, which she does. Regina is one step of Emma, who doesn't discover they are orphans until later, and takes the children's records files. Since their only parent is deceased, she wants to send them to a foster care system in Boston while Emma races to find the orphans' biological father. Though Emma is successful, the father, Michael, wants nothing to do with the children. Left little choice, Emma drives Ava and Nicholas out of town, but on the way, her car breaks down. Following a call to Michael, he is persuaded into taking the children in. ("True North")

The next morning, Regina sees a stranger outside her house speaking to Henry. As she moves closer to investigate, he drives off on a motorcycle. Concerned about the man's presence in town, she sends Emma to find out information about him. In preparation for the upcoming storm in town, Regina accompanies Kathryn at the drugstore as she shops for items. Mary Margaret bumps into Kathryn, spilling all her things on the ground, and happens to see one of the items is a pregnancy test. When left alone with Mary Margaret, Regina pushes her to stay out of David and Kathryn's personal lives. Per chance, she witnesses David and Mary Margaret's passionate kiss in the street. ("7:15 A.M.")

In a ploy to make Emma look bad, Regina has Sidney gain her trust. She annoys Emma by tearing down Henry's playground, to which they get into an argument about. Emma and Sidney join forces to expose Regina's greed to the townspeople by digging up evidence of the mayor's theft of fifty-thousand dollars from Storybrooke's treasury and bug her desk to unveil plans for a new house to be built in the woods. All this is actually a misunderstanding, which Regina clears up at a town hall meeting when Emma and Sidney publicly confront her with her corrupt ways, by stating the house is in fact a modern playground for the children of Storybrooke. As Emma leaves in a dejected state, Regina cuts off Emma's right to see Henry without her leave, and if she does, a restraining order will be filed. A few hours later, Sidney reports back to Regina to replay a conversation he and Emma had vowing to become allies to expose the mayor. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

With Emma out of the picture, Regina focuses on a more important enemy--Mr. Gold. She witnesses Mr. Gold take away Moe French's flower delivery service truck due to late rent payments. After cornering him in the hopes of asking some questions, Mr. Gold repeatedly dodges Regina with a well-placed "please", an enchantment that forces her to obey him. Regina has her suspicions about who Mr. Gold really is, and comes up with a plan to get the truth out of him. She goads Moe into stealing some of Mr. Gold's things as payback. In the process, she steals one of his most beloved items, a chipped cup, and lets Mr. Gold believe Moe is guilty of it, even after Emma fetches all of the stolen items except for the one Regina took. Eventually, Mr. Gold is arrested and placed in a jail cell by Emma. Regina visits to allow Emma some free time with Henry so she can speak to Mr. Gold. When they are alone, she explains her theft of his cup and wishes to know the name he had in another place. He declares his name to be Rumplestiltskin, satisfying Regina's terms, and she hands him back the cup. Mr. Gold attests that nothing has changed from the previous world, and he still has more power than her. Ironically, Regina does have one upper hand he does not know about. After leaving, she goes to the psychiatric ward of the hospital, where she checks up on a mental patient, whom Mr. Gold keeps the cup in memento of as he believes her to be dead. ("Skin Deep")

A few days later, Regina gifts Henry a video game as an apology for tearing down his playground, which she did out of safety reasons. Henry is unenthusiastic, but accepts her apology and leaves the room after Kathryn bursts in. Regina listens to Kathryn's grief over David's decision to leave her. With perfect timing, she indirectly references another woman in David's life, to which Kathryn asks to see the evidence. Regina brings out photos taken by Sidney as proof of David and Mary Margaret's affair. Kathryn becomes furious that a "friend" like Regina has been lying to her this whole time and storms out to confront Mary Margaret. When news of the affair spreads throughout town, Regina adds to the scandal by secretly spray painting the word "tramp" on Mary Margaret's car. Kathryn returns later in a more subdued state to apologize to Regina for her behavior. Having been accepted into a law school in Boston, Kathryn is leaving town very soon, and casually drops hints about the Dark Curse--that she had always been afraid to leave Storybrooke as well as her marriage with David never feeling right. She also mentions leaving behind a note for David to encourage him to continue a relationship with Mary Margaret. Regina becomes alarmed and secretly enters the house to grab the letter. As it burns to ash, Kathryn mysteriously disappears at the town border. ("What Happened to Frederick")

During the Miner's Day Festival, Mary Margaret is publicly shunned by the residents for having an affair with David while Emma is dealing with an ongoing investigation into Kathryn's disappearance. Regina gives Sidney fake phone records for Emma as substantial confirmation of an eight-minute conversation between David and Kathryn. Even after receiving this information, Emma doesn't go after David as a suspect until Regina makes threats to replace her if she is covering for him. ("Dreamy")

When David is found by Emma and her new-found assistant, Ruby, in the forest delirious and injured, he is taken to the hospital where Regina stalks in demanding his arrest as a suspect in Kathryn's disappearance and possible murder. Since Emma defies her, Regina plants Mary Margaret's jewelry box, containing a heart with Kathryn's DNA on it, near the Toll Bridge. Ruby discovers the box, and after Emma runs some tests, she has no choice but to arrest Mary Margaret for murder charges. ("Red-Handed")

Emma must do her job as sheriff and interrogate Mary Margaret as a suspect while Regina sits by as a third-party to ensure the questioning is unbiased. Mary Margaret recognizes the box Kathryn's heart was found in as her own personal belonging, to which Regina begins to speak sympathetically towards her about knowing what it's like to lose someone and to be placed in a "dark place". Outside, Emma tells Regina to refrain from speaking in the interrogation room, though the mayor confirms the schoolteacher, like any other woman who has had her heart broken, can do unspeakable things. While at her mayoral office, David speaks to Regina in Mary Margaret's defense. Regina believes evil is not born, but made, but David doesn't think Mary Margaret is capable of that. Instead, he is suspicious Kathryn's murder is his fault, even explaining his blackout episodes, but she ignores his theories. Shortly after this, she makes a deal with Mr. Gold to drop the assault charges pending against him if he will get Mary Margaret out of Storybrooke. They plant a key in Mary Margaret's cell; knowing she will likely use it to escape. However, Emma finds and convinces Mary Margaret to return to the cell before eight o'clock the next morning. Regina walks in expecting to see the cell empty, but to her dismay, Mary Margaret is there. ("Heart of Darkness", "The Stable Boy", "Hat Trick")

Based on Mr. Gold's assessment as Mary Margaret's lawyer, her personality can help get the charges dropped, so an interview with District Attorney Albert Spencer is scheduled. From outside the room, both Regina and Emma watch as Mary Margaret has an agitated outburst over her innocence being called into question, and admits in the heat of the moment that she "wanted Kathryn gone", which serves as a murder confession. Later, she pays Mary Margaret a visit in her cell. Mary Margaret is despondent that no one will believe in her innocence. Regina lists the evidence against her and to take easy way out by confessing and avoiding a trial. She doesn't answer when Mary Margaret asks why Regina hates her so much. To hide evidence of her own involvement, Regina quickly gets rid of a chipped shovel that she previously used to bury the box containing Kathryn's heart just in time since Emma shows up the next day with a search warrant. She states that an anonymous caller saw Regina digging at the Toll Bridge and shows her the broken off shovel piece. Emma checks through the garage, but instead finds a brand new shovel and guesses Regina was warned. The mayor furiously proclaims Mary Margaret is a liar as well as murder and will pay for what she's done. During the night, Regina comes to a sobbing Mary Margaret, who apologizes for anything she's ever done to cause hate. She does not accept the apology and admits to knowing Mary Margaret didn't kill Kathryn, but deserves to suffer. On the day of the trial, Regina holds a ring close to her while whispering, "We got her, Daniel. We finally got her." Unexpectedly, the trial is halted by the reemergence of an alive Kathryn. ("The Stable Boy")

With her latest scheme to destroy Mary Margaret ruined, a livid Regina confronts Mr. Gold. She claims that he broke their deal since they both agreed that something tragic would happen to Kathryn. While she believed this meant death, Mr. Gold simply kidnapped Kathryn and kept her alive for some time. In stun, she realizes all the falsified evidence will trace back to herself. Regina demands to know why Mr. Gold turned on her, though he retorts that she should be smart enough to figure it out. With Emma onto her, Regina sets up Sidney to give confession of how exactly he kidnapped Kathryn and why he did it. She waits at the sheriff's office until Emma shows up and then has Sidney give the confession. Emma leads her outside for a private chat in which she strongly suspects Regina is behind everything, but the mayor denies having any involvement. Emma vows to make her pay, especially since Regina once took away someone she loved, and now she will do the same by fighting to gain custody of Henry. ("The Return")

Some days later, Mary Margaret sees Regina at school for the first time since her release. Regina sticks to the story of Sidney being the one who framed Mary Margaret for murder. Mary Margaret does not buy it, and forgives Regina for all she has done to her. She even pities the mayor for being lonely if her only joy comes from destroying other people's happiness. A stunned Regina finds Henry and attempts to force him to switch classes so that Mary Margaret will not be his teacher, but he flatly refuses and tells her that in the end, she will lose and the curse will be broken. Hoping to get back at Mary Margaret, Regina lures David to her house in hopes of seducing him. While he does stay for dinner and then helps her do the dishes, she attempts to kiss him, though David rebuffs the advance and would rather just stay friends. She calmly sends him off from her house, but once the door shuts, she furiously smashes her wine glass into the mirror. ("The Stranger")

That night, Regina has a horrible nightmare of her worst fears coming true. In the dream, a vengeful Emma and several of the other town's residents drag her out of the house and tie her to a withering apple tree to get justice for what she did to them as the Evil Queen. Regina begs Henry to help her, but he merely says she has brought this on herself. Emma proceeds to behead her when Regina awakens in terror. Upon noticing her apple tree is starting to die, she demands an answer from Mr. Gold. He jokes she should change her fertilizer. She, however, believes it's a sign the curse is weakening as a result of Emma's presence in town. Though Emma does want custody of Henry, Regina doesn't want to give him up, despite Mr. Gold's suggestion. Despite her wish to get rid of Emma, they both know killing the savior will end the curse itself. Mr. Gold refuses to elaborate when she asks why he designed the curse in this manner, and no longer wants any future assistance from her as she has nothing he desires. He also thinks it'd be a good idea for her to leave town if the townspeople start to remember everything as they will want her dead. As an alternative, she draws out Jefferson and offers him a deal to use his hat and her last ounce of magic to retrieve something from the Enchanted Forest. In return, she will reunite him with his daughter. Regina parts with her precious ring in order to obtain a poisonous apple from the past in the Enchanted Forest. She bakes it into an apple turnover intended for Emma to eat it and fall under the Sleeping Curse. As luck would have it, Emma pays Regina a visit announcing her departure from Storybrooke and agrees to give up the custody battle over Henry if she gets visitation rights. Regina, of course, accepts the offer and later smugly tells Mr. Gold that she is victorious at last and that he will not be going anywhere. Regina pays no mind to his words about there being a price to what she's done. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

Alas for Regina, the price of magic is one of tragedy as it is not Emma who bites into the apple turnover, but Henry. After hearing the terrible news, she rushes to the hospital to her son only to be assaulted by a livid Emma who finally knows the truth. Regina admits that she, in fact, is the Evil Queen and everything Henry has been saying is true. Both women decide to ask Mr. Gold for help. He tells them a true love potion can save Henry from death with its magical properties, which exist even in this world. He smuggled a bottle of the substance made from the entwined hairs of Snow White and Prince Charming into this world inside a dragon. Though Regina is adamant she should be the one procuring the potion, Mr. Gold stresses that Emma must do it, and gives her a sword. Since the elevator to the dragon can only be operated manually, Regina has to stay and move the switch so Emma can go down to the lower level. Mr. Gold, with his own plan for the potion, sneaks up to Regina and ties her up after Emma has gone down. He tricks Emma into throwing up the potion. Only when she climbs up does she see a bound Regina. Suddenly, they are called back to the hospital by their pagers. Upon arrival, Dr. Whale announces that Henry has passed. Regina can only watch from outside the room in a numb state as a grief-stricken Emma goes in to give Henry a goodbye kiss on his brow. Miraculously, Emma uses true love's kiss to bring Henry back to life, though this means trouble for Regina since the magic also broke the curse. Regina rushes in to tearfully tell Henry she does truly love him before she flees back home. Demoralized, she sits alone in Henry's room crying until noticing a storm of purple smoke quickly spreading to engulf the whole town. With a tear-streaked face, she looks out the window with a triumphant smile. ("A Land Without Magic")

After First Curse

Shortly after the Dark Curse has been broken, Regina opens her door to Dr. Whale and a large crowd of embittered townspeople. She attempts to scare them with magic, but is not able to channel her powers. Emma, David, Henry and Mary Margaret intervene on her behalf, locking Regina in a cell in the sheriff station as a safety precaution. She is happy to know it was Henry's concern for her that prompted Emma and her parents to help. After they depart, Mr. Gold, in an act of revenge over Belle, marks Regina with a medallion and sends a Wraith to suck out her soul. Again, she is rescued in time by Emma and her parents. Since the Wraith cannot be killed, Regina produces Jefferson's magical hat to send it through a portal. She is not able to get the hat it work, though it activates by Emma's touch. They draw the Wraith into the portal, but Emma falls in as Mary Margaret hastily follows after her daughter. The portal closes before David can follow too, to which he furiously confronts Regina about where they went. She herself doesn't know, but fends off David by pinning him to the wall with magic. As she is suffocating him, Henry and Ruby arrive. When she tells Henry what happened to Emma and Mary Margaret, he blames her for the loss and leaves with David and Ruby. ("Broken")

David drops by her house to get information about the hat so he can reunite with his family. She is surprised he came alone, though David suggests Regina's earlier burst of magic is an anomaly or else Storybrooke would not be safe with her around. She feigns ignorance about the hat and tells him to go back to Henry's side. While he gloats about her powerless state, she promises to find a way for her magic to be restored and take Henry back. Before leaving, he sneers that if Regina has to use magic to get her son, then she never had him to begin with. Quietly, she leaves the house, but is halted by Archie's offer to be a listening ear to her issues. She rejects Archie's assistance and scoffs that his PhD was given to him by the curse. Regina goes into Mr. Gold's shop to look for her mother's old spell book to jump start her powers. When he catches her, she asks him to hand over the book. He refuses as it wouldn't be good for himself if Regina became powerful again, and asks her to "please" leave. Smugly, Regina notices the "please" enchantment forcing her to obey him does not work anymore, which is the one good thing that came out of the curse breaking. Only when she threatens to expose to everyone else that their land still exists does he forfeit the book. She disregards his same old warning that all magic comes with a price, though momentarily pauses when he notes that Regina, who did not resemble her mother in the past, is now becoming just as power hungry as her. In the courtyard of town hall, Regina opens the book to receive a magical rejuvenation and storms the inside of the building. She ignores Archie's attempt to calm her down and frightens everyone with her newly gained powers until Henry agrees to accompany her home. Once there, he locks himself in his old room and undertakes an elaborate escape plan, but it fails since Regina cast an anti-escape spell. He is quite displeased to be her prisoner, but Regina is so desperate for his love that she is willing to keep him against his will. She reasons that his every desire can be obtained with her magic, and even offers to teach him everything. Henry firmly says that he doesn't want to become like her, which genuinely hurts Regina as she remembers once saying the same words to her own mother. While leafing through her spell book, Regina is accosted at sword point by David. She decides not to put up a fight and allows Henry to go, but apologizes to her son for making him stay by force. She also confirms to David that the Enchanted Forest still exists. ("We Are Both")

Regina has been asked to step down as mayor of Storybrooke. While packing up her things, she received a phone call from Henry. Regina is ecstatic Henry wants to meet her for lunch and runs out of her office. But, she is stood up by Henry, and goes to check the office to find her keys missing. She guesses correctly that Henry planned to sneak into her vault looking for something to bring Emma and Mary Margaret back. Regina sends David to fetch Henry back as she knows he would never go with her. ("Lady of the Lake")

In an effort to better herself for Henry, Regina begins seeing Archie for therapy. Though she has only refrained from magic for two days, she is struggling to not use it. As they begin their session, Dr. Whale breaks into the office and demands that Regina send him home. Regina states she cannot, and then Archie sternly orders Dr. Whale to leave. Continuing with the therapy session, he asks Regina if there is anything holding her back from moving forward. Regina brings up how she once preserved the body of her true love, Daniel, hoping he can be resurrected. Gently, Archie suggests that moving on is not possible until the past is let go. Unable to accept it, Regina leaves to go home. While in her car as it begins to rain heavily, she sees Daniel on the street, but in the next instant, he is gone. Going on a hunch, Regina goes to her vault to check on Daniel's body, which is no longer there. She pegs Dr. Whale as the culprit and discovers him in the hospital mental ward with one of his arms torn off. He relates that bringing Daniel back was a success, but the man is now a monster. While Dr. Whale is admitted as a patient in the hospital, she is accused by David of harming the doctor. Regina fills in him on Daniel and the possibility he may have gone to the last place of familiarity, which is the stables. The two rush there to stop Daniel from choking Henry to find Daniel choking Henry. Despite David's reservations, he allows Regina alone time to speak with Daniel. Once alone, she is attacked by Daniel, who releases her when she says "I love you", and the old lovers have a brief, happy reunion. However, Daniel is in constant pain and has the urge to harm those around him, so he pleads for Regina to let go and learn to love again. As he moves to attack again, she freezes Daniel with magic and dissolves him into dust while collapsing in a heap of tears. Regina returns to Archie's office to acknowledge she just used magic. With compassion, Archie welcomes her back in for another session. ("The Doctor")

While David is busy mining for fairy dust as a means of bringing Emma and Mary Margaret back, Regina watches over a sleeping Henry until he wakes up from a nightmare. Alarmed by the burn on his arm, she hauls Mr. Gold over to take a look. He informs Regina that Henry's burn is due to his spirit travelling to the fiery Netherworld while unconscious as a result of being woken up from the Sleeping Curse. To give Henry control over the dangers in the Netherworld, Mr. Gold gives him an amulet to extinguish them out the fire in his dreams. She questions what he wants in return, but Mr. Gold simply says it's for Henry. ("Child of the Moon")

Both Regina and David awaken to Henry's screams. He informs them of the other person he met in the Netherworld, Aurora, who is from the Enchanted Forest and is currently together with Emma and Mary Margaret. Regina is filled with apprehension at the news her mother is alive and plotting a way to Storybrooke. Hastily, she goes to notify Mr. Gold of Cora's soon to be arrival. With his help, Mr. Gold instructs Henry to go back to the Netherworld and inform Aurora about a special kind of ink that can be used to stop Cora. After Henry awakens from the trip, they learn communication with Aurora was cut short with the message undelivered. Regina is shocked by more burns on his arm. Though Mr. Gold remedies the wound, both Regina and David refuse to allow Henry to go back to the Netherworld and sustain more burns. David volunteers himself for a Sleeping Curse to get in contact with Mary Margaret, so Regina gets to work assembling the ingredients together. Henry comes over to converse with her, and is pleased to know she stopped using magic and is helping others. After the curse is completed, Mr. Gold combines it with a needle for David to prick his finger on. ("Into the Deep")

As David is still under the Sleeping Curse, Regina admits that his condition will only improve with true love's kiss. She is persuaded by Mr. Gold that it's more than likely Cora will be the one coming through and they decide to put a stop to whoever will be using the portal to enter into Storybrooke, regardless if it's Emma and Mary Margaret, so Regina can be the only mother in Henry's life. Before they execute the plan, she lies to Henry about making preparations for Emma and Mary Margaret's arrival and will do anything in her power to keep them safe. She and Mr. Gold go to the mines to collect all the diamonds needed to power fairy dust into a wand. Then, Mr. Gold uses the wand at the wishing well to create a trap to kill anyone coming through the portal. Henry and Ruby arrive to put a halt to their scheme. Regina justifies her actions to Henry because she wants to protect him from Cora. Desperately, he implores Regina to have faith that Emma and Mary Margaret are the ones coming through the portal instead, to which she lifts the trap. She collapses near a tree as Emma and Mary Margaret emerge from the well and reunite with Henry. She receives thanks from Emma for helping them. Regina returns to the pawnshop as David is awoken with true love's kiss by Mary Margaret. Henry hugs Regina while praising her for changing into a better person. Regina has a tender moment with her son until Emma, her parents, Ruby and the dwarves pull him away to have dinner at Granny's. Mr. Gold observes that despite the good Regina did, she is still excluded. ("Queen of Hearts")

In honor of Emma and Mary Margaret's return, a celebration is thrown at Granny's. Emma invites Regina to the party as well, though this displeases some of the guests. She comes bearing a full plate of homemade lasagna and spends some time with Henry. Her lasagna is a hit with the party goers, but other than that, Regina is ignored. Disheartened, she leaves the diner early, though Emma follows Regina out and attempts to convince her otherwise. Regina asks to be allowed to spend more time with Henry, but Emma does not think it is a good idea. Emma's response causes a frustrated outburst from Regina, though she quickly apologizes. From this, Emma explains how she came to the decision of inviting her to the party because Archie said Regina is doing well in therapy and improving for Henry's sake. Though it is positive criticism, Regina can't believe Archie disclosed confidential information, and confronts him at the dock the next morning. Ruby witnesses the confrontation, but Regina dismisses her. Before walking off, Regina warns him that it's good she has changed and won't be using magic to get even. The following morning, Regina is surprised to learn Archie is dead. She is brought in for interrogation, but Emma doesn't see anything suspicious and believes Regina is changing for the better. Later that same day, Regina is affronted by Emma, whose opinion has changed and now believes the mayor is absolutely guilty of killing Archie. Regina denies having harmed anyone, and pleads for Henry to hear her side of the story. Emma refuses to listen and queues Mother Superior to attack Regina with fairy dust. She easily catches and tosses the dust aside, and in a bout of anger, uses magic to physically shove Emma away. Angrily, Emma confirms Henry will never forgive Regina after this and that she is a person not capable of changing. A broken Regina retreats in a cloud of smoke and later tearfully watches from a distance as Emma breaks the news to Henry. ("The Cricket Game")

Since facing the false murder charge, Regina has been hiding in a secret room in her father's tomb, but allows Henry in when he shows up. She insists to him that Archie's death was not her doing, and surprisingly, Henry believes her. However, it is too good to be true, as the facade of Henry melts away to reveal her mother. Cora admits to framing her for Archie's death, and expresses remorse for all the things she forced Regina to do in the past. Though her mother wants to start afresh with her, Regina rejects the notion and instead wants her name to cleared of murder. Regina is distressed at the fact she was trying so hard not to use magic for Henry's sake and now Cora has ruined everything. Her mother agrees to do anything to make it up to Regina, so they drive into town. On the way there, Cora notes that though Regina may be doing the right thing by giving up the true culprit who harmed Archie, Henry will never truly be hers with Emma and her parents around. After pulling the car over, Regina acknowledges she doesn't care about the townspeople liking her, and just wants Henry back. Cora, too, wants her daughter back and offers to repair their broken relationship by reuniting Regina with Henry. Regina accepts her help. ("In the Name of the Brother")

From her mother, Regina learns Archie is actually not dead, but pretends otherwise and shows up at David and Mary Margaret's loft to insist she has nothing to do with the murder. They apologize for doubting her, and when Cora's presence in town is brought up, Regina feigns surprise. Upon learning Emma brought Henry out of town, she is upset no one asked for her permission. On the streets, Regina approaches Hook after he attempts to contact her mother with a card. She informs him that Cora is hiding from the public to avoid repercussions, and accosts over his past failure in not killing her mother. From gaining knowledge of an on the loose giant who has a deep hatred for David, she sees it as a perfect distraction for the townspeople. She offers up a growth mushroom for the giant to regain his former size and cause chaos in the streets of Storybrooke. ("Tiny")

In a discussion with Cora, Regina fears Henry, even after he returns to town with Emma and Mr. Gold, still won't be hers. Hook barges in to confirm Mr. Gold is outside of Storybrooke as it will be the perfect opportunity to kill him. His vengeance is put to the side for the time being while the three team up to find a particular dagger so they can control Mr. Gold. Suspecting Belle was trusted with the dagger's location, Regina goes to question her at the hospital, though the girl proves to be completely amnesiac. Regina knocks her out, levitating various items out of Belle's purse, and picks out a card with a library book call number. The trio search for the book on the shelves, but it is missing and in the empty slot is a map leading to the dagger. Hook deciphers it, but afterwards Cora puts him out cold so she and Regina can have the dagger for themselves. She proposes once the dagger is theirs, Mr. Gold can kill everyone while Regina will be blameless in Henry's eyes. Regina listens with a wicked gleam in her eye. ("Manhattan")

They find the dagger's burial site from the map and begin digging for it. Cora fears that Hook may have mislead them, but is certain she can translate the map, though it will take longer. Out of the blue, Regina is called to the diner by Mary Margaret for a discussion about Henry. In actuality, Mary Margaret wants to talk about Regina's alliance with Cora, and gives her a last chance to do the right thing by choosing good over evil. Regina rejects the offer by stating she always has been good, but Mary Margaret suggests that all her actions thus far have been evil. Regina wants Mary Margaret to stay out of her business. As she gets up to leave, Mary Margaret pleas that Cora does not care about her or Henry. Regina sneers at her opinion, wondering out loud what Mary Margaret knows of mothers, considering hers died a long time ago. After David and Mary Margaret find the dagger in the clock tower, Regina and Cora obstruct their way out. When Mary Margaret refuses to surrender the dagger, Regina summons a captive Johanna and rips out her heart. During a confrontation, Cora admits that she killed Mary Margaret's mother to put Regina on the throne. Mary Margaret does not bend to their wishes, so Regina, on Cora's command, begins to squeeze Johanna's heart until the dagger is relinquished. Regina stuffs the heart back in, but Johanna is killed by Cora to show Mary Margaret where being good gets her. Regina and Cora teleport away in a haze of smoke back to the mayoral office. Once inside, Regina reacts to what her mother said earlier about getting rid of Mary Margaret's mother. She realizes Cora orchestrated Snow White's runaway horse to bring about the marriage proposal from King Leopold. Cora brushes off the past since it's not relevant to the present, which Regina agrees with as her only priority is Henry. ("The Queen Is Dead")

Regina sets up a phone tap so she and Cora can listen in on a conversation between David and Mary Margaret. They learn that Mr. Gold, while in New York, has been injured by Hook. Noticing the name "Rumplestiltskin" is fading from the dagger, Cora realizes Mr. Gold is actually dying and she decides to kill him and steal his powers in order to become the next Dark One. Alarmed, Regina begins doubting her mother's intentions for wanting power, but Cora insists she is doing it to protect their family. After Mr. Gold is brought to the pawnshop under David, Emma, Mary Margaret and Neal's protection, Regina and Cora shatter the building's barrier spell and prepare for battle. In the midst of the fight, no one notices Mary Margaret slip away to the vault. Regina tosses David out the door and then begins strangling Emma. When distracted by Cora accidentally dropping the dagger, Emma gains the upper hand and threatens to stab Regina. She forces Cora to choose between the dagger or her daughter. After Cora takes the dagger, Emma shoves Regina into her; sending both careening into a glass display. This gives Emma time to enact a barrier in the back room; temporarily shielding Mr. Gold from Cora's grasp. Reassembling herself, Cora senses someone has taken her heart, which is hidden in the vault. Urged by her mother, Regina rushes to stop the assailant and finds Mary Margaret, who offers her Cora's heart. Not knowing of Mary Margaret's ulterior motives, Regina is convinced by the latter that Cora cannot truly love her without her heart. Regina takes the heart and hurries back to the pawnshop where she places it into Cora's chest. For a moment, Cora feels genuine love for her daughter, but suddenly, she dies of a mysterious chest wound. Horror-stricken, Regina initially blames Mr. Gold, now fully recovered, of killing her mother. Instead, she angrily recognizes the true culprit is Mary Margaret, who rushes in too late to stop her from returning Cora's heart. ("The Miller's Daughter")

While mourning her mother's death, Regina is irked when Mr. Gold shows up to pay his respects as well. He warns her that the cycle of revenge must stop, but she stubbornly believes in getting even with Mary Margaret. Rifling through Cora's old belongings, Regina finds her mother's spell; the "curse of the empty-hearted", which can give her exactly what she desires; love as well as vengeance. The effects of the spell will force Henry to love her, but for it to work, she must take the heart of her most hated enemy—Mary Margaret. She breaks into the apartment, approaching a depressed Mary Margaret to rip out her heart, though Mr. Gold blocks her from getting any closer. Though forced to leave, Regina bitterly remarks to Mary Margaret that she cannot be protected forever. Seemingly as a concerned citizen, Greg phones Regina to tell her about an upset Henry running off alone into the woods. She finds her son at the wishing well as he tries to get rid of magic by blowing it up with dynamite. As he moves to light the explosive, Regina magically makes it disappear. Knowing of her intentions to cast the "curse of the empty-hearted", Henry begs Regina not to force him to love her. Suddenly, David, Emma and Neal arrive for a showdown with Regina, though Henry ceases their fighting as he believes magic is the main cause of their disputes. He argues that magic makes good people like his mother, Regina, do bad things. Regina does not agree to give up magic, per Henry's request, but she burns the curse parchment to placate him, which he thanks her for. Later, at her house doorstep, she comes face-to-face with a desperate Mary Margaret, who desires to be killed for murdering Cora. Instead, Regina pulls out Mary Margaret's heart to show her a darkness growing it in, which will only worsen with time so that the perfect family she worked so hard to save will fall apart. Satisfied that her nemesis will suffer a fate worse than death, she shoves the heart back into its rightful owner. After coldly commanding Mary Margaret to leave, Regina enters her home and slams the door closed. Unbeknownst to either, Greg has recorded the entire scenario on camera. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

At the diner, Regina acquaints herself with Greg by thanking him for previously calling her when he found Henry in the woods. Greg accepts her gratitude; stating that he empathizes with kids in trouble. Strangely, Regina finds Greg to be very familiar looking and she asks if they have met before, but he affirms they have not. As a gesture of goodwill, she offers him to contact her should he ever need anything. On her way out of the diner, she bumps into Mary Margaret and smugly advises her to try the fish special—a "blackened sole"; referring to Mary Margaret's blackened heart. Later, she goes to speak with Greg in his bed and breakfast guest room after realizing who he is; Owen Flynn all grown up. She is happy to see him, but Greg avoids getting close to her. He demands to know where his father is, but Regina asserts that she let him go the day after he himself left Storybrooke. Greg does not buy it as people can't just disappear into thin air, but she firmly states they can. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

From a distance, Regina sees Henry and Mr. Gold's son, Neal, playing together in the park. She questions Mr. Gold about it and receives quite the shock about Neal being Henry's biological father. Belligerently, Regina accuses him of orchestrating this, but he denies having pulled any strings, though she is not convinced. However, she is satisfied knowing that Mr. Gold won't ever be fully accepted by the townspeople or his son because he always chooses darkness over light. Upon seeing Emma sitting by the docks, Regina confronts her about Henry's parental lineage. Emma insists she was going to tell her soon, but changes the subject and remarks that Regina has to be a proper mother to Henry before it's too late. Regina suspiciously regards Emma's choice of words, even though the blonde swears she as no ulterior motives. Nonetheless, she promises to find out what Emma is hiding. Later, Regina pays a visit to a happier and healthier Belle, who will discharged from the hospital with Mr. Gold's help. To prevent this, she enchants a matchstick card of the town bar, The Rabbit Hole, and urges Belle to intently study it. While concentrating on the card, the enchantment brings out Belle's cursed false memories as a barfly named Lacey. As expected, once Mr. Gold finds out, he bursts into Regina's office and demands that Belle be returned to normal. Coyly, she states only true love's kiss can help, but only if Lacey herself loves him, too. By nightfall, Regina assumes a lookout in a store across the street and waits for David's pick up truck to drop off Anton, Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Leroy, Happy and Walter at the diner. After David drives off, she uses a tracking spell to see where the car has been in the last hour. In her own car, Regina follows the trail to an empty field and lifts a veil to reveal rows of growing magic beans. She destroys all of them, and takes only one of the plants to grow in her office. ("Lacey", "The Evil Queen")

At the docks, Regina, disguised as a fisherman, eavesdrops on a conversation between David and Mary Margaret. While Mary Margaret is conflicted over leaving Regina behind once they return to the Enchanted Forest, David thinks they have given her enough chances. He proposes that Regina can either stay in Storybrooke alone or live out her days in Rumplestiltskin's old cell. Angry at their plans to take away her son, Regina approaches Henry the next morning and shows him the beans, which she wishes to use to bring him and herself to the Enchanted Forest. She fills him in about a "fail-safe" that can erase Storybrooke from existence, but will wipe out the residents too. Seeing his shocked reaction, she implores that this is the only way they can be a family without everyone's meddling. Henry threatens to expose her plan to annihilate Storybrooke, however, she erases his memory. Later in the day, while she checks on the growing beans, Hook walks into her office to admit Greg and Tamara wanted him to gain a false alliance with her. He decides to team up with her and Cora instead, though Regina tells him that her mother is dead. Comfortingly, Hook states Cora wanted to see her daughter win. Aligning as allies, she and Hook take the library elevator down to the tunnels so they can retrieve the trigger. As they talk about life after revenge, she notices he has her mother's armband and takes it back to clasp on her own wrist. Eventually, they reach a cave where she enlightens him about her "friend" who is guarding the fail-safe, and the magic within the walls prevent her from being truly defeated by intruders. After forcing Hook to be creature bait, she fetches the fail-safe hidden in Snow White's coffin. Assuming Hook is as good as dead, Regina returns to the library only to be greeted by his unscathed form. He reveals that his loyalties have always been to Greg and Tamara, to which the infamous duo step out. Regina tries to overpower them with magic, though the bracelet, altered to absorb her powers, prevents this. She questions Greg on what his true intentions are, but he refuses to answer. Then, Tamar,a. on Greg's orders, places a bag over Regina's head. ("The Evil Queen")

Kidnapped to the cannery, Regina is strapped to a table and hooked up to an electrocution machine for interrogation. The trigger is taken by Tamara, who also breaks into Regina's office to steal the remaining magic beans. Hook, uninterested in torture, leaves Greg and Tamara to their devices. Greg attempts to force Regina to confess his father's whereabouts with several rounds of electrocution, but she does not yield answers. During one session, she scoffs at him for trying to steal magic. In turn, Greg informs her that he and Tamara are doing the exact opposite; destroying magic. Once David, Emma, Mary Margaret and Neal close in on the cannery, Tamara flees while Greg threatens to turn the electric voltage to full power if Regina doesn't give him the truth. At her limit, Regina admits killing his father, after Greg left town, because she had no further use for him. As payback, Greg prepares to pull the voltage level to the maximum level, but he makes his getaway when David shoots the machine. Now unconscious, Regina is moved by David and Mary Margaret to their apartment where Mother Superior magically heals her. Upon waking up, Regina tells them about the danger of the trigger if it is activated. ("Second Star to the Right")

Having made a full recovery, Regina waits in the apartment as David, Emma and Mary Margaret go to pick up Henry from Granny. Once they arrive home, she and Henry have a tender reunion when the whole town begins to tremor from the activated trigger. Henry fears they will all die, though Regina reminds him that he'll evade the danger due to being born in this world. Amidst everyone's panic, Hook rejoins their side. Regina agrees to magically slow down the trigger as David and Hook plan to steal the beans from Greg and Tamara and rescue the townspeople by opening a portal to the Enchanted Forest. Before they get to work, Regina apologizes to Henry for not being a better person and mother. She reaffirms her love for him, and he reciprocates back. With Emma, Regina goes into the mines to begin the trigger slowdown. Knowing it will cause her own demise, she asks Emma to tell Henry of her heroic deed. While Regina continues to work on stalling the town's destruction, David, Emma, Henry and Mary Margaret rush in with a change of plans to throw the trigger into a portal. Emma removes the bean from a pouch, but only to realize too late that Hook previously switched it with a decoy. With no solution left, Regina remarks that her magic alone is not enough. To this, Emma recognizes that their combined powers might stop the trigger. Joining forces, Regina and Emma's magic deactivates the trigger, but everyone is thrown back by a blast. Afterwards, they notice Henry is missing and hurry to stop the suspected kidnappers, Greg and Tamara, only to see them open a portal and take the boy to another world. Surprisingly, the "Jolly Roger" is still at dock, and a remorseful Hook agrees to use the stolen bean to help them chase after Greg and Tamara. Aboard the ship, Mr. Gold summons the magic globe to show him Henry's location. When he pricks his finger to allow a drop of blood to spill, it reveals Henry's current location is in Neverland. After Hook casts the magic bean into the water to open a portal, he, Regina, David, Emma, Mary Margaret and Mr. Gold set sail for the land. ("And Straight On 'Til Morning")

As they sail towards the island of Neverland, Hook talks to Regina about how embittered he feels having his sworn enemy, Mr. Gold, on his ship, especially after spending a lifetime trying to leave Neverland and seek revenge on him. From this, Regina is reminded of something Greg said, which is that villains like her don't get happy endings. She asks for Hook's opinion on it, though he hopes Greg isn't right or they've wasted their lives. Later, Mr. Gold announces his intent of getting him back on his own and proceeds to list off reasons why Emma will fail in this mission; not believing in her parents, in magic, or even herself. After he disappears, the ship falls under attack by a horde of mermaids. Seeing as David's efforts to hit the creatures with ammunition isn't working fast enough, Regina scares off the vast majority by conjuring and throwing fireballs. She also teleports a fishing net, which Emma and Mary Margaret used to catch a mermaid, onto the deck. As they discuss what to do with the sea creature, the mermaid sounds a conch shell and threatens them all with death if they don't free her. Thunder begins brewing in the sky; giving the impression that the mermaid called the storms to arms. At one point, Regina eggs David on to cut the mermaid's neck as he interrogates her, but he quickly backs out. She makes the decision to freeze the mermaid to stop the storm, but instead it speeds into a downpour. Regina and Mary Margaret's trade of insults turns into a full on brawl while nearby David and Hook are at it as well. She is so preoccupied in fighting Mary Margaret until Emma purposely jumps overboard as a rigging rope pulley snaps and hits her on the head. As David ties a rope around his waist and dives in to save Emma, Regina, Hook and Mary Margaret team up to pull the both of them up, causing the storm to halt. When they reach the shoreline of Neverland, Emma gives everyone a pep talk by admitting the best thing is to not believe in magic, but in each other. She doesn't expect friendship, but cooperation is necessary to save Henry as well as the handiness of each person's skill. Hesitantly, Regina trails after her party members as they follow Emma into the wilderness. ("The Heart of the Truest Believer")

While the group treads through the jungle upwards to a cliff ridge, they narrowly avoid walking straight into a patch of Dreamshade. Up ahead, the ridge allows them to get a view of the island, but too much has changed since Hook was last in Neverland and he can't tell the difference between anything. They can't comb the jungle, either, because it's not safe to travel through. Though Regina argues against resting up for the evening, she relents since everyone is literally running on empty fuel. During the night, everyone is awakened after Emma receives a map from Pan leading to Henry. The catch is the map won't work until Emma stops "denying who she really is". Regina dislikes playing by Pan's rules and makes a move to enchant the map with magic, but Emma refuses. When Emma's attempts fail to yield anything, Regina snatches the map and places a locator spell on it, which leads them straight to Pan, who then sends the Lost Boys to engage them in a quick paced combat that ends fairly quickly. Afterwards, Regina receives word that Emma finally cracked open the map. They form a strategy to travel towards Pan's camp, though Regina is still unsure about their methods of doing things. Emma reasons they are stronger together in a group than separate. Regina decides to be a team player as they assemble for leaving. ("Lost Girl")

The plan to reach Pan is a failure once when they notice his camp location keeps changing; making their journey fruitless. Hook considers a fairy named Tinker Bell who Pan trusts and can likely get them into the camp with pixie dust. Having a prior ill experience with Tinker Bell, though she doesn't disclose it, Regina tries to talk everyone out of finding the fairy. As an alternative, she wants to combine powers with Emma to take on Pan. Emma refuses since there's always going to be a price of magic. Out of frustration, Regina accuses Emma of listening to Hook because he's her "boyfriend", but retracts the inflammatory statement, blaming the outburst on stress. When Regina, out of fatigue, stops to take a rest, Emma asks about her relationship to Tinker Bell. She only says it's a "complicated history" and all the better if they don't meet again. The two have a shared moment about Henry when Regina brings up her naming of the rescue mission as "Operation Henry". After urging Emma on, Regina is left alone until Tinker Bell steps out to face her. Out of annoyance, she challenges Tinker Bell, who then knocks her out with poppy dust. Regina awakens, wrists bound, in a cave as Tinker Bell blames her as the reason she lost everything. In defense, Regina claims Tinker Bell was the one who wrongly interfered in her life. Realizing Tinker Bell has no magic, Regina breaks out of the binds only to have a Dreamshade coated knife pressed into her neck. As an even better deal, she gives Tinker Bell her heart. Though Regina pushes her to crush it, Tinker Bell furiously asks why she, all those years ago, didn't meet her true love. Tearfully, Regina bitterly admits to being afraid of what she might have become without all the anger inside herself, and exemplifies her blackened heart as the product of choosing hatred over hope and love. She pleads for the ex-fairy not to make the same mistake and promises it's not too late to backtrack. When asked, Regina confirms her love for Henry is genuine, which placates Tinker Bell, who returns the heart. Outside the cavern, Regina exits to see her group members apprehending Tinker Bell, so she quickly approaches to clear up the misunderstanding. Though Tinker Bell no longer has her fairy powers or pixie dust, Emma and Mary Margaret promise her a place in Storybrooke if she helps them infiltrate Pan's base. She agrees and goes back to camp with them. Once there, Regina admits to Tinker Bell that she never went back to find her fated partner. Uneasily, she learns this caused her life to be ruined as well as her true love's. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

At the camp base, Regina listens as Emma elaborates on their strategy for entering Pan's headquarters from the back after Tinker Bell talks her way in through the front. Before they put the plan into action, Tinker Bell wants to know their escape route off the island, which no one has a clear answer. She stresses that no one ever leaves the island without Pan's permission. To prove a point about how dangerous Pan can be, Tinker Bell shows them a watch that came from the people who brought Henry to Neverland, proving Greg and Tamara were killed by him. Tinker Bell weighs the risk as not worthy unless they have a way to leave Neverland and she makes off for her tree house. Emma pegs their chances of escaping aren't very good if they don't even know the way out. They talk about how Hook left Neverland, which was through a special one time deal with Pan, though he notes Neal managed to escape on his own. They set off for a cave Neal once inhabited as a boy, where they find two coconut halves that when combined in the dark, illuminate a star constellation map with an escape route. Despite that Hook taught Neal how to navigate using the stars, he also coached him that all map makers never reveal their secrets. Therefore, the map can only be read by Neal himself. ("Nasty Habits")

With no way of using the map, everyone gives a more thorough search in the cave for something else that might be useful. In the hopes of letting Henry know they are coming for him, Mary Margaret suggests they make a large net to catch a Lost Boy. During this period, David and Hook return from gathering vine to notify everyone about their plans to reach the top of Dead Man's Peak to find a sextant to read Neal's map. After finishing the net, Regina, Emma and Mary Margaret lure a Lost Boy, Devin, into falling into the trap. While Regina entices him with a bar of chocolate, Emma asks for a message to be delivered to Henry, reminding Devin that he once had a home and family but stopped believing return was possible. Though he is promised safe passage off the island, Devin takes the chocolate and hurls it into the jungle; stating he doesn't want to go home. To Regina's shock, he also reveals the cut on his cheek was not Pan's work, but Henry's. Since Devin is unwilling to help, Emma ties him to a tree as he boasting Henry is one of their most vicious new recruits in ages. This angers Regina enough that she moves to rip out Devin's heart, but is blocked by Mary Margaret. To fuel the fire, she asks Emma to allow her to do it. Emma agrees, much to Mary Margaret's displeasure, though the heart allows Regina to send Devin back to Pan's camp to deliver one half of a mirror to Henry. From the other half of the mirror, they use it to communicate with Henry, who is convinced they are real after Emma names their mission to save him as "Operation Cobra Rescue". They head back to their own camp as Regina is reassured by Emma of her worries over Henry since he is their son, and has knowledge his family hasn't given up on him. Mary Margaret is sorry for doubting Emma's decision to allow Devin's heart to be ripped out as she knows how easy it is to give into darkness. Regina arbitrates that she, not Emma, gave into the darkness. David and Hook arrive back, but without the sextant as Pan got to it first. Nonetheless, David announces that Hook saved his life by protecting him from a Dreamshade arrow after they were ambushed on the way to the peak. Regina is handed Hook's rum bottle after both David and Mary Margaret take sips in honor of the pirate, but she rejects the drink and retreats away. ("Good Form")

Instructing Emma on magic, Regina instructs her to channel anger into power. Emma doesn't want to if it means going dark, which leads insults between them. Unintentionally, Emma taps into her own rage and lights a fire on the wood, much to Regina's satisfaction. Unexpectedly, Mary Margaret blurts out, after much questioning from Emma, that Neal is alive. While Emma is slowly being convinced of the possibility, Regina thinks it's one of Pan's false leads. Not willing to stand for something that likely isn't even true, Regina leaves the group. She wanders the jungle until stumbling on Mr. Gold as he is falling under the spell of the Shadow who has taken on the appearance of Belle. She begins using magic to choke "Belle" until the facade melts off to reveal the Shadow just before it flees. Regina berates Mr. Gold over his foolishness and expresses frustration over her previous ventures with David, Emma and Mary Margaret and getting nowhere in the plan of reaching Henry. Though she wants to team up with him, Mr. Gold states that the only way to stop Pan is if he dies as well in the process. She is certain there must be another way, but he reaffirms that death is the only path. As much as she would not mind destroying Pan, Regina suggests they can find a way to contain him. Mr. Gold has just the item for the job, except it's sitting in his pawnshop. She reprehends him for not bringing it along, though Mr. Gold's whole plan all along was to sacrifice his own life to kill Pan. Regina mocks him for such an idiotic plan as his will for self-preservation is too strong anyway. To procure the item, Regina summons a mermaid, Ariel, from the ocean. Since Ariel has a grudge against Regina for stealing her voice, she returns it. Additionally, she gives her a bracelet, in which the wearer can have control over having human legs. More importantly, the place she will go is also where her past love, Eric, resides in. At this, Ariel complies with their terms and is told to go to Storybrooke. ("Ariel")

To help Ariel find the way there, Mr. Gold draws a route to Storybrooke on the ground and then gives her an enchanted sand dollar to take to Belle. Regina decides to hold off on telling Ariel the whereabouts of Eric until after she accomplishes the mission, and stresses the bracelet will only give her legs for twenty-four hours. Passing the time until Ariel's return, Regina asks Mr. Gold if he really believes Belle can succeed. He is certain she can, but Regina wants to be sure his feelings aren't blinding him. Mr. Gold attests that his feelings for Belle are enough to believe in her. She realizes he must really love her. He jokes she is jealous, but Regina denies being envious of Belle. However, Regina is taken aback when Mr. Gold determines she actually covets not having someone. A splash interrupts the exchange as Ariel peers out from the water to deliver the box to Mr. Gold. Regina praises her for success in the mission and uses magic on the bracelet to allow Ariel control over being human. Mr. Gold counsels her to go back to Storybrooke and seek out Eric. Before she goes, Ariel notifies them about Pan's prisoner, Wendy, and the girl's brothers are in Storybrooke anxiously awaiting their sister. Regina has no concern for anyone except Henry, though Ariel calls attention to the fact they have a way to get to him due to herself and Belle. She proposes one way to repay the debt is to save Wendy. Though Mr. Gold is willing to try, Regina stays firm to her previous stance. ("Dark Hollow")

Regina brings up the ludicrous search that Emma and the others went on looking for Neal, who is presumed dead, when Mr. Gold admits that he is actually alive. She is surprised over his choice in letting Neal go as he might have a way off the island. Regina also senses he is hiding something, but Mr. Gold smoothly talks his way through the subject. Then, they come across David, Emma, Hook, Mary Margaret, Neal and Tinker Bell in the jungle. Regina presents them with the useful of Pandora's Box, but Neal is displeased to see Mr. Gold. He blurts out his father's objective to kill Henry and prevent a seer's prophecy from coming true. Shocked, Regina backs away as everyone subsequently draws their weapons at Mr. Gold. Things cool down only when Neal makes him hand over the box. After Tinker Bell gains access into the perimeter of the encampment and the Lost Boys are put to sleep by Regina, neither Henry or Pan are found there. Instead, Neal frees a young prisoner, Wendy, and brings her back to camp to inquire about Henry. Forced to act on Pan's wishes, Wendy lies to them, but with some encouragement, she yields and tells the truth. Emma gains insight on Pan's real reason for needing Henry's heart, which is to save himself from dying and then become immortal. As a trade, Pan lives, but Henry will die. By rowboat, Regina, Emma, Mr. Gold and Neal ascend onto Skull Rock to stop Pan. Instead, they are stopped by a barrier, enacted to keep out anyone with a shadow, blocking their path up the stairs. As Mr. Gold is the only one without a shadow, he is able to enter through and goes up to confront Pan with the box. While he is gone, Emma and Regina use magic to block out the moon as well as their shadows. The trio rush up to the upper level to witness Henry pulling out his own heart. All three attempt to dissuade him from the sacrifice, but through Pan's manipulations, Henry chooses to give up his heart. They cry out in horror as he plunges the heart into Pan's chest, causing all of them to be thrown back from the impact, and Henry collapses. As they rush over to check up on his unmoving body, Pan rises into the air. ("Think Lovely Thoughts")

Regina refuses to leave her son's side while Pan gloats over how he got Henry to give up his heart. He also reveals Mr. Gold is now trapped inside the box before Emma nicks him. Shortly after, Pan takes off. In desperation, Regina lashes out at Neal's ridiculous suggestion that they should check the Lost Boy camp for Pan when she knows their nemesis wouldn't risk going back there. Though Emma claims to know how she feels, Regina begs to differ. Regina emphasizes all the family and loved ones Emma has, while she herself has only ever had Henry. Neither are able to think of what else they can do, but Regina notices the blood on Emma's sword when she cut Pan, meaning he can be killed. Back at the Lost Boy camp, Regina casts a preservation spell on Henry's body to last one hour until they track down Pan. Regina interrogates Felix, who won't talk, so she goes for his heart, though Emma gets her to back down. Instead, Emma sways the other Lost Boys with the promise she will get them off the island, to which they disclose Pan is at his "thinking tree" in Pixie Woods. Once Regina, Emma and Mary Margaret get there, they are ensnared by tree vines. Pan mentions the tree is special to him because it's the same place that he abandoned his son, Mr. Gold. As such, the tree will kill those who feel regret, so he brings up guilt-worthy moments from each person's past. Regina attests to doing cruel and horrible things, but regrets nothing since each one of those deeds led her to Henry. She breaks herself and her allies free, tears out Henry's heart from Pan and steals back the box as well. They hurry onto the Jolly Roger in time to place the heart back in Henry as he gasps to life. Happy beyond words, Regina tucks Henry into bed and casts a protection spell on his heart so it can never be ripped out again. A short time later, she rushes back in to check up on Henry after Mr. Gold absorbs Pan into the box. Regina helps to project the Shadow into a sail after it is released and fired into the air, which then powers the ship for the flight home. Lastly, Tinker Bell congratulates Regina for getting Henry back as the two clear up their past differences. ("Save Henry")

Following a safe journey out of Neverland to Storybrooke, Regina descends onto the docks as David, Emma, Henry and Mary Margaret are greeted by the townspeople with much acclaim. Once again the oddball out, she says nothing during the entire spectacle until Mary Margaret brings to everyone's attention that it was due to Regina's helpful efforts which allowed them to return home. Regina looks on; surprised at the praise. On Henry's word, Regina and the others agree Felix is dangerous and decide to lock him up. Then, Mr. Gold secures the box in his pawnshop so Pan can never be freed. During an evening festivity at the diner, Henry prepares to say goodnight to Regina, except he asks to spend the night at her house in his old room. Happily, Regina accepts as Emma allows it, and the two go home together. That night, Henry relates his fears that Pan will somehow break out of the box and harm him again. He pleads for the necessity of the magic in her vault as a defense, but she is has no concerns about Pan ever getting out of the box. She also stresses that magic is not the answer to everything, and tucks him into bed. The next day, Mother Superior is killed by the Shadow. Suspecting Pan is controlling the creature from inside the box, Regina takes Henry to her vault for protection. While inside, she and Henry share a tender moment, but in the next instant, Regina is knocked unconscious. Upon awakening, she learns from David, Emma, Mary Margaret and Mr. Gold that Pan has been in Henry's body this entire time. Regina is profoundly upset to have fallen for Pan's trickery, especially since she had hoped her son still needed her. Henry, in Pan's body, admits that he still does need her, and warmly embraces a tearful Regina. However, more trouble brews, as they discover Pan took the scroll for the Dark Curse. ("The New Neverland")

Mr. Gold shares with everyone of the only viable way to stop Pan's curse is for Regina, as the original caster of the Dark Curse, to undo it by destroying the scroll, though there will be a steep price for this. They plan to switch Henry back to his own body so he will be in possession of the scroll and bring it to Regina. Mr. Gold can perform the spell, but needs a strong outlet in order for it to work. Tinker Bell has knowledge of a powerful Black Fairy wand that Mother Superior kept, so she, David, Hook and Neal go to retrieve it from the convent nuns. David, Hook and Neal arrive back with the wand. After Henry's spirit is transferred into his old body, everyone heads out to look for him. They find him near the clock tower with Granny's tracking skills. Regina passes out after taking the scroll and awakens with knowledge of the price for stopping the curse. They are accosted by Pan as he steals back the scroll and freezes them in place. The showdown ends when Mr. Gold summons the dagger and stabs Pan as well as himself with it; killing both of them. Regina reveals the price for stopping the curse is all former Enchanted Forest inhabitants will be sent back to their old world while Storybrooke will disappear out of existence. She urges Emma to stay with Henry. At the town border, Regina says goodbye to her son. Henry blames himself, as everything would have never occurred had he not sought out Emma, and is sorry for believing that Regina did not love him. She has her share of regrets for casting the curse out of vengeance. Regina calls herself a villain who can't have a happy ending, he corrects her; saying she is simply his mother. As Emma drives out of Storybrooke with Henry, their memories are altered by Regina, while everyone inside town is taken back to the Enchanted Forest. ("Going Home")

For events occurring before the casting of the second curse, see Evil Queen.

During Second Curse

A new curse is cast by someone powerful; returning Regina and the rest of the Enchanted Forest inhabitants to the town of Storybrooke. However, as a result of the curse, everyone's last recollection is the final day in Storybrooke when Pan's curse was stopped, but no one can recall anything further than that. Regina resumes work as the mayor and receives a shock when she sees Henry at the diner. She drops a cup, startling him, but quickly recovers to apologize. Regina is pulled aside by Emma, who regained her memories from a potion. She denies responsibility for the new curse as being without her son is torture. Emma believes her, but the culprit must be found, so they lure everyone into believing Regina is to blame. At a town hall meeting, Leroy, who is also in on the ploy, accuses Regina and the whole town turns against her. To up the show, Regina causes a tremor and teleports away. Regrouping at the mayoral office with Emma, Regina makes a potion to recall the year prior to the new curse, but it fails. In another plan, they have Leroy spread the false word that Regina is making a potion, so whoever drinks it can recall who cursed them, in order to smoke out the crook. She and Emma have a stake-out in a car, and upon seeing a shadow in the mayoral office, they burst in, but the person disappears in green smoke. Afterward, Regina meets Henry; inviting him on a town tour and ice cream, to which he accepts. Later, David and Hook report witnessing a resident transform into a flying monkey, as it is concluded that the Wicked Witch of the West cast the new curse. ("Witch Hunt")

While David, Emma and Hook search the mayoral office for any evidence the Wicked Witch left behind, Regina treats Henry to ice cream and they take a stroll in the park. She is pleased to hear that he likes Storybrooke, which unlike New York, is not as large and makes him feel less lonely. Henry relates his concerns about Emma' suspecting his mother dragged him to Storybrooke for more than work-related business, and believes she is struggling since turning down her boyfriend Walsh's proposal. He expresses a fondness for Walsh since the three of them spent holidays together. Regina implies that he may have many relatives to spend festivities with someday; referencing herself and the rest of his family that the boy doesn't remember. After receiving a call from Emma, Regina drops Henry off at Granny's and rejoins her allies. She, Emma, and Hook learn David was attacked by the Wicked Witch's magic, which took on his own form and forced him to conquer fear by stabbing the assailant with a sword's hilt. Though David says the hilt disappeared with his attacker, Regina believes the sword is now in the Wicked Witch's possession. Altogether, they go to a farmhouse and investigate a cellar, which was locked, but is now mysteriously open. Inside, the cell's occupant is gone, but a spinning wheel with strands of spun gold litter the floor; evident proof that Mr. Gold is alive. ("The Tower")

In a morning meeting at the closed diner, Regina and her allies discuss what to do now that Mr. Gold is apparently alive. Hook recalls Neal, in the Enchanted Forest, expressing an interest in finding a way to bring his father back; hoping that could be a link to returning to Emma and Henry. While the others are more concerned about tracking down Mr. Gold so they can learn the Wicked Witch's identity, Regina settles for returning to the farmhouse alone and searching for evidence. Nearing the farmhouse, Regina catches an arrow shot by Robin Hood as he mistook her for the Wicked Witch. Since they both believe the Wicked Witch left behind a trail, he decides to accompany her. She warns him not to get in her way, which he responds by saying, "I wouldn't dream of it." Struck by deja vu, she wonders if they met before, but Robin Hood is certain that's not the case since he wouldn't forget someone like her. Inside the house, Regina is not able to find anything of magical properties. During the search, Robin Hood remarks she really doesn't seem as bad as her former title of "Evil Queen", to which she wryly states that fear can be a powerful influence of how people see her. They lock eyes, with him closing the distance between them, as Regina perceives he is trying to kiss her. Instead, he grabs a bottle on the shelf behind her and asks if it's magical. Humorously, she determines it's whiskey, and he proceeds to pour some for both of them. As he hands her a cup, Regina sees a lion tattoo on his arm; the same one from when she and Tinker Bell went to find her true love. Shaken, she departs; leaving behind a confused Robin Hood. Later, she watches him from a distance as he plays with his son, Roland. ("Quiet Minds")

Regina attends Neal's funeral to pay her respects. Afterwards, at the diner, she is approached by Tinker Bell, who notices the lion tattoo on Robin Hood's arm. Despite that Regina is ignoring the situation, Robin Hood comes over to offer her a drink, which she declines. Out of his hearing range, Tinker Bell insists she must learn from her past mistake of not being open to love, which is the reason her life turned out the way it did. Regina snaps at her; causing the latter to drop the subject. In a surprise public appearance, Zelena claims they are half-siblings, courtesy of Cora, and tells Regina to find proof if necessary. Zelena sets a deadline for her to be on Main Street after sundown. Regina searches the vault for a letter Rumplestiltskin wrote to Cora speaking highly of her first-born child's magical skills. Having read it many times in the past, she always assumed the letter was about herself, though it actually concerns Zelena. In the forest, Regina mulls over the letter, worried that because her former magic instructor considers Zelena so powerful, then she herself isn't strong enough to defeat her. Robin Hood stops to converse with her and steals the note, which he reads with her permission. Regina shares her sentiments with him, but later recognizes she has something Zelena doesn't. Recalling her mother's fondness for ripping out hearts, Regina takes out her heart and buries it in the woods. In a showdown with Zelena, the two trade magical blows until Regina is thrown into the clock tower. Zelena fails to steal her heart, but furiously promises to take everything of hers. In the aftermath, Regina entrusts Robin Hood with guarding her heart. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Regina casts a protection spell on the apartment to keep Mary Margaret and her unborn child safe. When Emma expresses an interest in upping her magical skills to compete with Zelena, she sets up a meeting in the vault to begin the lesson. Regina wants to start the magic session with a spell book, but Emma suggests she try teaching methods Rumplestiltskin used. Regina can only recall her former instructor being pushy and even cruel, but this inspires her to place Emma on a bridge and cut the rope; forcing the latter to use magic by instinct to save herself. Though Regina has hopes Emma can magically retie the severed rope, she exceeds expectations by building a makeshift landing out of the bridge planks. They return to the apartment when Hook returns without Henry since he allowed Emma's parents to take him. He fills them in on his day's adventure of helping Ariel find a missing Eric. Emma's parents arrive home with Henry after allowing him to have a test drive using David's truck, which causes Regina to be outraged and worried about Henry's safety. Seeing the boy's confused reaction, Regina masks her outburst by stating it's her job as mayor not to allow underage driving. Hook details the outcome of Ariel's quest; mentioning she and Eric reunited on Hangman's Island in the Enchanted Forest. With Regina's instruction, Emma is assigned the task of projecting an image in the mirror of Ariel and Eric on Hangman's Island, which she does with success. That night, Regina joins David, Emma, Henry and Mary Margaret at the diner for a meal. ("The Jolly Roger")

Regina, after Mr. Gold steals her heart from Robin Hood on Zelena's orders, takes the now defunct candle in the hopes of talking to her mother about Zelena's origins. As part of a rule for contacting a deceased person, both the murder weapon—the candle—and murder—Mary Margaret—must be present. In a seance, she, David, Emma, Hook and Mary Margaret link hands to open the land of the dead, but Cora doesn't come out. When Hook's knee bumps the table, a startled Mary Margaret withdraws her hands, which closes the gateway. Due to this failure, Regina accepts that Cora wants her secrets to stay buried forever. Emma, David and Hook leave Regina's house, but Mary Margaret stays behind to help clean up. Guiltily, Mary Margaret owns up to her regret over killing Cora. Regina takes this in stride; considering Cora murdered Mary Margaret's mother, Queen Eva. Investigating a strange noise, the two discover Cora's angry spirit has crossed over to get even with Mary Margaret. Regina protects the expecting mother and demands answers from Cora, who responds by possessing Mary Margaret's body and allowing her a glimpse of the past. Cora is then forced back into the land of the dead by Regina's magic just as Belle, David, Emma and Hook arrive. Mary Margaret reveals Cora, already pregnant with another man's child, was once engaged to Leopold, but Eva deliberately wrecked it. In turn, this caused Cora to unwillingly abandon Zelena after birth. As for the ingredients of Zelena's spell, as Belle explains, they are for a time spell to alter the past; namely to kill Eva and keep Cora from abandoning her first-born child. In a talk, Mary Margaret convinces Regina that she deserves happiness and shouldn't let anything hold her back. This prompts Regina find Robin Hood and give him a long-awaited kiss. ("Bleeding Through")

The next morning, Regina and Robin Hood meet at the inn for a quick kiss session before she goes to meet David, Emma and Mary Margaret to strategize on how to break the new curse. With the last curse, Emma recalls believing in magic after touching the fairytale storybook, which triggered her memories of the Enchanted Forest. From this, Regina suggests the key to breaking the curse is for Henry to believe in magic as Emma did. They head to the apartment where the storybook appeared to Mary Margaret during the first curse, and the former schoolteacher "magically" finds the book in a chest box. Henry is discovered missing from the inn; sending everyone on a wild goose chase to the docks, in which Emma shoots a flying monkey to protect him as Regina and David also step in to take out incoming monsters. Emma hands the storybook to him; asking Henry to believe in magic. Upon touching the book, the boy receives his lost memories back and hugs Regina, but is swiftly pulled away by Zelena, who proceeds to choke him. Regina's attempt to fight the witch causes her to be knocked unconscious for the remainder of the battle; ending when Emma magically scalds Zelena and forces her to retreat. Roused awake by Henry, Regina promises to never leave him again and gives her son true love's kiss; breaking the new curse. She and Henry catch up on lost time, and he is formally introduced to Robin Hood. ("A Curious Thing")

After Second Curse

With Mary Margaret going into labor, she is taken into a hospital delivery room while Regina and Emma enact a protective spell. Emma and Hook go to deal with Zelena at the farmhouse, but the savior is forced to give up her magic to save the pirate's life. Thus, the barrier around the delivery room fades. Regina, as the last line of defense, stands in Zelena's way, but is quickly overpowered by her sister, who proceeds to steal the newborn infant for a time spell. Persuaded by both Henry and Robin Hood that she is capable of light magic, Regina uses it to defeat Zelena once and for all. She rips off Zelena's pendant; stripping her of magic. Rather than allow a freed Mr. Gold to kill Zelena, Regina seizes the dagger to compel him to stop while she spares her life. After imprisoning her sister in a cell, Regina reasons that they've both suffered as Cora's daughters and by having lives they didn't want. She also knows what it's like to be fueled by vengeance and gives Zelena a second chance to reshape a better future for herself. Later, Regina delivers the dagger into Belle's hands for safekeeping. Unseen to Regina, Mr. Gold later kills Zelena; accidentally triggering magic in her pendant, which activates the time spell. ("Kansas")

After regaining her heart, Regina and Robin Hood spend some time at her house. She shares how her past love, Daniel, died at the hands of her mother, and he sympathetically talks about having lost his wife, Marian. Regina opens up about seeing him in the tavern years ago in the Enchanted Forest after Tinker Bell used pixie dust to give her another chance at love, but admits she was too scared to approach him. Robin Hood regards their romance in the present as something that was destined to happen. In a diner celebration welcoming David and Mary Margaret's newborn son, Regina overhears Hook imply that Emma intends to leave town. When questioned by Regina, Emma refuses to talk and leaves. While Hook follows to talk some sense into her, Regina and the others notice a stream of light radiating to the sky—Zelena's time spell. In an investigation, Zelena is discovered missing from the jail cell. Once David turns on the security tape, Regina watches with disbelief as the footage shows Zelena used magic, despite that she didn't have her pendant, to turn herself into a statue, which breaks and dissipates into powder. For the time being, they decide to leave the time portal untouched, but Emma and Hook accidentally travel through it to the past to recreate a meeting between Prince Charming and Snow White and then return to the present. During the evening, Regina and Robin Hood take Roland to the diner. Emma explains to Regina that she brought someone back from the past, and hopes a reintroduction will help the person see that she isn't the Evil Queen anymore. As Regina meets the stranger, Marian, she is stunned that Robin Hood recognizes her as his deceased wife, and Roland calls this woman his mother. With her happiness shattered by the family reunion, Regina angrily berates Emma for being just like her mother by not thinking about the consequences of her actions. ("Snow Drifts", "There's No Place Like Home")

Overwhelmed, Regina walks out of the diner, though Emma follows her out. Despite not meaning to cause her pain, Emma is not sorry for saving an innocent woman, especially since Regina, in the past Enchanted Forest, sentenced Marian to death. To this, Regina declares she has worked hard to change her old ways and build a future, which is now gone because of Emma's meddling. Suddenly, Robin Hood approaches to introduce Marian to Regina so the three of them can talk. However, a furious Marian only remembers Regina as the Evil Queen. At the height of the commotion, Marian calls her a "monster"; prompting Regina to depart. The next day, Robin Hood tells Regina that his love for her is real, but he must keep his marriage vows to Marian. Left alone, an angered Regina shatters a mirror. Picking up a shard, she is reminded of Sidney, and frees him from the psychiatric ward so he can help her. In her vault, she explains the circumstances to Sidney by showing him the storybook, which has an illustrated "happy ending" image of Robin Hood and Marian. She believes herself to be stronger than the book's magic and wants to change history by going back in time to kill Marian. Reverting Sidney into the Magic Mirror, Regina commands him to show her the past event when she captured Marian. In the flashback, Marian refuses to divulge Snow White's location, and then expresses pity for Regina, who she believes is cruel due to not having love in her life. Later, Regina intercepts a battle with a rampaging snow monster in which everyone but Marian is knocked out. She saves Marian's life by obliterating the beast, and then teleports to her office. From the other side of the door, Emma comforts Regina; promising that she will help her find a happy ending. At this, Regina realizes that the storybook, not Marian, is the reason for her suffering. Believing the book's author is key, she vows to force the person to give her a deserving happy ending. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

Retreating into further isolation, Regina sends a raven, attached with a note, asking Henry him not to visit her. Initially, Henry is hurt that she is pushing him away, but after hearing David refer to their family as one that never likes to give up, he decides to disregard his mother's decision. From inside the house, Regina listens as Henry announces his intentions of coming back everyday until she opens the door. As Henry continues on, stating the house is his too and that he misses his room, she finally pulls the door open and embraces him in a hug. ("White Out")

Arriving at the diner, Regina brings comic books for Henry and prods him about the storybook's writer. When he realizes there is more to her questions, she admits plans of asking the author for her own happy ending. Henry, pleased with the idea, agrees they must change her story in the book since she is not that person anymore. He suggests they work on it as a secret mission, which leads to Regina naming the assignment "Operation Mongoose". In a panic, Robin Hood requests her help. Led to the mayoral office, where Mary Margaret has moved in as the new mayor, Regina disdainfully comments on the latter's wall decoration before checking on an unconscious Marian. Though it is strong magic, Regina can slow down the spell that is freezing his wife. Upon seeing Elsa, who can use ice magic, she suspects the woman, but Emma vouches for her. Elsa explains that only true love can break the spell, so Robin Hood attempts and fails to awaken Marian with true love's kiss. Before Emma goes to find the culprit, Regina implies that, judging from the snow monster and the ice wall cave-in, she is not capable as savior. Emma shrugs it off, believing Regina is taking out anger on her, and tasks Hook with hiding Elsa from the townspeople at the sheriff's office. Once everyone is gone, Regina devises a plan to save Marian, with Robin Hood's consent, and she sends Henry to fetch a box from her vault. While waiting, Robin Hood confesses that true love's kiss didn't work since he loves her, not Marian. Nonetheless, they know being together is impossible because of his marriage vows. At Henry's return, Regina takes out Marian's heart, which will keep her alive, while the heart is stored in the box until they find a cure. ("Rocky Road")

Still looking for a way to heal Marian, Regina and Henry research in the vault. While she is unsure if there is anything more powerful to counteract the Snow Queen's magic, Henry talks about Robin Hood's persisting love for her. Surprised, Regina asks where he learned this. In fact, Henry realized it himself, and he knows true love's kiss didn't work on Marian because Robin Hood still loves Regina. He wonders why she doesn't seem happy about it. Considering the complicated situation, she reasons, that in this case, this might be something he is too young to understand. Regina continues to sift through spell books when Henry approaches with an idea to find more information on "Operation Mongoose", in which he will go undercover at the pawnshop in the hopes Mr. Gold holds the answers to the book's author. ("The Apprentice")

Having looked at every possible spell, Regina is at her wits end and orders Sidney to track the Snow Queen's lair so she can make the villain undo the curse on Marian. Emma visits, asking about a photo Sidney took of herself and the Snow Queen, though she has no memory of the encounter. Regina knows nothing about the photo, but she lies about not knowing Sidney's whereabouts. When she mentions spending her spare time working on undoing the Snow Queen's spell, Emma offers to lend her magic in the task. She affirms allegiance to Regina, but the latter clarifies Emma has never had her back. Awaiting news from Sidney, Regina sadly looks at a photo of herself and Robin Hood. Sidney reports back, but before revealing the Snow Queen's hideout, he wants to be human, but Regina threatens him into submission. In the woods, she carries Sidney in a pocket mirror as he directs her to the Snow Queen. Emma, searching for a missing Elsa, joins her. As they travel, the blonde expresses admiration for what Regina is doing for Marian. To this, she accuses Emma of assuaging guilt over bringing back Marian. Regina explains that Emma, intentionally or not, ruined her life, and that's something she should live with. They reach an bridge, evidently made from Elsa's magic, and as they cross, the Snow Queen's wind gust stops them. Regina realizes Sidney betrayed her, and as the bridge collapses, the pair reach safety and defeat an orc by combining powers. The Snow Queen steals Regina's mirror and chokes them, but Elsa arrives to blast her away. Before the trio finish her off, the Snow Queen retreats. An argument breaks out between Regina and Emma as Elsa pleads for them to mend fences. Regina claims she doesn't want to, and then teleports to the vault. Persist as ever, Emma admits what occurred earlier wasn't to assuage guilt, but because she wants to be her friend. She vows to keep trying even if Regina wants to kill her. Regina, animosity somewhat lessened, admits that's not her intention. ("Breaking Glass")

Regina gathers with Belle, David, Elsa, Henry, Hook, Mary Margaret and Mr. Gold where they watch a camera recording of a young Emma and her prior foster mother, who is none other than the Snow Queen herself. With only one lead, the Snow Queen's ice cream truck, left to find, a search is organized. Robin Hood, discovering the truck near his campsite, informs Emma, to which Regina and Hook also join in the investigation. As they approach the vehicle, Regina shrugs off Robin Hood's attempt at talking to her. Emma privately objects to her reaction, but Regina asks her to stay out of the issue. Inside, they break open a freezer and uncover a newspaper clipping of when Pinocchio found Emma, as a baby, on the side of the road; proving the Snow Queen has been watching the savior from the start. After Regina exits the ice cream truck, Robin Hood catches up and confronts her about why she's avoiding him. While he believes Regina is upset at his prior love declaration, she admits what's bothering her; that there is no known spell to cure Marian. She explains, if Marian returns to normal, it'll only happen if he forgets about her, learns to fall in love with his wife again and uses true love's kiss. As Robin Hood looks at her with a torn expression, Regina stoically walks away. ("Family Business")

In her vault, Regina flips through the storybook pages showing various happy endings when Robin Hood rushes in. Even knowing what must be done to heal Marian, he is unable to erase Regina from his heart. At this, she reacts with discomfort, but makes it clear they absolutely cannot be in each other's lives. Regina then leaves him to his indecisiveness. Later, at home, she continues looking at storybook pictures until Henry, dressed in a suit for work, asks her how things are with Robin Hood. Regina confirms their relationship is done, though she'll be ready when her happy ending does happen. On return to the vault, she stares at an illustration of herself facing execution after Snow White and Prince Charming took back the kingdom. Her gaze does not waver from the page once Robin Hood walks in, but she meets his eyes as he speaks of having lived his life honorably. However, Robin Hood proclaims he won't today, and then sweeps Regina into a passionate kiss, which she gladly reciprocates. ("The Snow Queen")

Since spending the night together, Regina has regrets over it since he is married, and even if things were different, she believes they wouldn't last. She explains the storybook's workings to Robin Hood and shows him an image of herself walking away from the tavern he was in. Regina insists they can't be intimate again, but Robin Hood humorously remarks that if they stay in the vault, it'll still count as the first time. After another tryst, Regina heads to the apartment in a rush since learning via phone that Henry was injured by Emma's magic. Additionally, she brings a potion for tracking Emma. While Henry refuses to talk, Regina heals her son's wound. Disappointed about not having magic, Henry believes he couldn't help Emma due to this, but she stresses his gift is being the heart of the truest believer who brought everyone together. Regina assures, as Henry chimes in, that Emma is a hero and heroes always win. After leaving Henry to his comic books, she admits to Mary Margaret that she and Robin Hood were intimate. Aghast at Emma's parents are letting their daughter choose to remove her magic, Regina relates her own mistake of not accepting Henry in the past out of fear of losing him, which changes their opinions. Realizing Elsa disappeared with the potion, Regina, David, Henry and Mary Margaret find Emma's car trail. As they search on foot, Regina explains to Mary Margaret that the storybook, despite the good or bad each person has done, still defines people as heroes or villains. Mary Margaret insists Regina's story can change since she is making good decisions over her prior bad ones. Called to the library by Robin Hood, he shows Regina a storybook page depicting them together in the tavern, which suddenly appeared in his bag. He uses it as proof her fate could've gone a different path, and that she isn't doomed to be unhappy. ("Smash the Mirror")

In the clock tower, Regina and her allies witness the cloud formation of Ingrid's spell, which will take effect by sundown. At first, they try scaling the ice wall to escape town before the spell hits, but the barricade is too powerful. A fissure in the ice reveals Anna's lost necklace, which Elsa retrieves and she believes is a sign they will defeat Ingrid. Regina takes Henry and goes to warn Robin Hood about the imminent threat. Basking in their last moments together, she looks longingly at her lover; explaining her desire to remember him while he still has love for her, but he reasons they should think about the present for now. Comfortingly, they share a kiss and hug each other. After Elsa and Emma discover a counter spell, using a hair strand from someone who has already been under Ingrid's spell—namely Anna—can be made to combat the curse, they track her to a mine cave-in. Regrouping at the library, Regina suggests blasting through the mine, however, David receives word from Belle that a counter spell is possible with only the necklace. With the town in danger, Regina chides everyone about the lives at stake, and they must give up on Anna. Emma persuades Elsa into handing over the pendant in a pouch, but only after delivering it to the nuns for the counter spell, the group realize the bag contains pebbles. Emma, refusing to lose hope, pursues Elsa. Meanwhile, Regina brings Henry to the mayoral office; apologizing about her feelings for Robin Hood distracting her from Operation Mongoose. He is sure they'll find the author, though Regina declares they must survive first, so she seals him in the office before the curse hits. Outside the room, she refuses to allow Robin Hood to go with her to the vault. Regina reasons that she must seal herself in there to keep from hurting people under the spell's influence, but Robin Hood swears he's not afraid of her. She contends he should be, and then flees to the vault; magically barricading herself in. ("Fall")

Under the curse, Regina does not recall locking herself in the vault. When her attempts to exit fail, she assumes the barrier keeping her in must be Emma's doing. Going down the staircase, Regina sees her own reflection. Not liking her current clothes, she poofs into more Queenly attire. While looking up spells to cast on Emma, she senses the savior herself is nearby. Accompanied by Elsa, Emma enters and reveals she brought Marian from the past on purpose to prove Regina could never have a happy ending. In truth, they deliberately provoke Regina to incite her hatred, which they need to counter Ingrid's love so the ribbons on their wrists can be destroyed. In a rage, Regina hurls fire magic at them, but it burns up the ribbons instead. Having gotten what they came for, Emma throws Regina backwards into the wall, and then she and Elsa take off. Regina later stalks into the sheriff station looking for them, but finds an imprisoned Mary Margaret. Regina's grudge against Mary Margaret for causing Daniel's death is revived, and she threatens to kill baby Neal as payback. After returning Anna and Kristoff to "where they came from", Regina magically unlocks Mary Margaret's cell and challenges her to a sword-fight. Both sustain blows, but neither give up. As morning approaches, they continue to have it out until the curse, prompted by Ingrid's sacrifice of her own life, is broken. Reverting to their former selves, Regina, Mary Margaret and David, who is still locked in his cell, burst into laughter at the ridiculousness of their prior disputes. Following a change of clothes, Regina goes with them to find Emma. As David and Mary Margaret reunite with their daughter, Henry rejoins Regina. ("Shattered Sight")

Though Ingrid's curse is gone, some of her magic remains at the town line, which prevents those who leave Storybrooke from re-entering. With Marian unfrozen, Regina restores her heart. Marian later thanks Regina for saving her life twice, and she admits knowing Regina and Robin Hood have feelings for each other. Marian agrees, if Robin Hood wants Regina, she won't interfere. At the park, Regina sits with Robin Hood as Marian plays with Roland by the lake. When Robin Hood asserts he is choosing her over Marian, Regina questions how his choice reflects in Roland's eyes. By following his heart, he believes living truthfully sets a good example to his son. Regina smiles hopefully when he shows her the storybook image of themselves, but suddenly, Roland calls to them after Marian fainted. Regina, recognizing Marian is freezing due to remnants of Ingrid's magic, suggests leaving town will save her life. Sacrificing her chance at happiness, she pushes Robin Hood into going with Marian. Before leaving town with Belle, Mr. Gold asks Regina to pass on his goodbyes to Henry, and he implies his grandson was snooping the pawnshop for something. She admits Henry suspected Mr. Gold knew the storybook author, who can change her ending. Regina asks how he gained a happy ending, to which Mr. Gold states he forcibly took it and suggests she can too by letting Marian die. Having changed from her old ways, she refuses. Giving Regina a final kiss, Robin Hood crosses the town line to join Marian and Roland. With him gone, Regina rips the storybook page to shreds before tossing them onto the ground. While alone at the diner, she is joined by Emma as they share drinks. Rushing in, Henry leads them to a secret room within a mansion, which he believes belongs to the author, containing blank storybooks. Learning of Operation Mongoose, Emma joins them in search of Regina's happy ending. ("Heroes and Villains")

Six weeks later, Regina regains her place as mayor and Mary Margaret returns to teaching. While moving her things back into the office, she gleefully burns Mary Margaret's bird painting with a fireball. Having a change of heart, Regina retrieves the torn storybook pages, tapes them back together and stores it in her office drawer. One afternoon, she scours the storybook for the author's identity when Emma offers her a root beer. As Emma searches for a bottle opener, she accidentally sees the storybook image of Regina and Robin Hood. When asked if she has heard from him, a tearful Regina confirms she hasn't. Gaining a translation to free the nuns, Regina casts it on the hat, freeing Mother Superior and her fellow sisters, but also unknowingly unleashing the Chernabog as well. At the diner, as the nuns are welcomed back, Regina shows Mother Superior one of the blank books from the sorcerer's mansion and explains her desire for the author to rewrite her a happy ending. The head nun clarifies the sorcerer and author are two different people, and although the author could help, he hasn't been sighted for a long time. When the Chernabog attacks, Regina and Emma temporarily stun it with magic. Receiving a call from Cruella De Vil and Ursula, the two claim to have stolen Mr. Gold's phone and express hopes of entering Storybrooke after leaving their villainous pasts behind. Since the women give information about the Chernabog, she agrees to consider it. Learning the Chernabog devours the heart of the person with the greatest potential for evil, Regina assumes it is after her. She and Emma work together, forcing the Chernabog across the town line by luring it there with the two of them in Emma's car. The beast eventually caught up to the vehicle, compelling Regina to teleport away while Emma continued to drive; Regina was then seen standing just in front of the town line, waving her hands trying to distract the Chernabog. This works long enough for Emma to hit the brakes, launching the beast across the line where it ceases to exist. David and Mary Margaret object to letting villains into Storybrooke, but Regina advocates that since she got a second chance, Cruella and Ursula deserve one too. She then tosses a scroll across the town line, which allows the newcomers to enter the town. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")

With Henry, Regina walks into the diner, to which Cruella De Vil and Ursula tease her about a time when she ripped out the hearts of people from an entire region. Before responding to them, Regina asks Henry to wait at the mayoral office, and after he leaves, she warns the women from speaking about her past in front of her son. Once the villains depart, David and Mary Margaret ask Regina to investigate the women, but she doesn't see them as threatening and has her own matters to attend to. Arriving at the mayoral office, Regina brings a box of frosted chocolate donuts as Henry is studying the book. Upset about what Cruella and Ursula said, she wonders if a happy ending is possible after her past actions. Henry comforts her, and as he bites into a donut, crumbs spill onto the open book. While Regina cleans it, she notices the pages for the Pinocchio fairytale are different, to which Henry recalls that August put the story in the book. Although August is now Pinocchio, Regina believes he may have answers about the author. However, the boy recalls nothing, even when Emma tries to trigger his memories by reminding him of all the things he did as August. Frustrated, Regina insults Pinocchio for not trying harder to remember. When things get heated, Emma and Henry take Pinocchio out of the room. Angrily, Marco insinuates she doesn't deserve a happy ending after ruining everyone else's happiness while she snaps that neither does he after lying about the wardrobe to save his own son. Regretting her actions, she later makes a genuine apology to Marco, and for her sincerity, he gives her August's old bag, which might contain something useful. She then gives the bag's contents for Henry to research. That night, Regina learns from Mary Margaret that Maleficent has been revived by Cruella and Ursula, and she caused the witch to lose her child, which is a secret Emma must never know. To find out Maleficent's plans, Mary Margaret asks Regina to go undercover as a villain. ("Unforgiven")

At the diner, Regina approaches Cruella, Maleficent and Ursula asking to join their inner circle. They are skeptical and decide to test her, so Cruella drives the car, while everyone is seated inside, onto railroad tracks as a train nears. Regina must prove herself to not be a hero by not saving them, but before the train hits the car, she teleports the vehicle out of the way. The women think Regina's gone soft until she suggests they stir up trouble elsewhere, and the foursome spend the night drinking and trashing public property. Regina was supposed to check in with David and Mary Margaret after infiltrating the villains' group, but she doesn't, so they search for her and find a sheriff car that Maleficent burned. Regina, clearly hungover, tells them what happened last night, and although the couple are anxious to know Cruella, Maleficent and Ursula's motives, she asks for more time. Later, Maleficent meets Regina in the latter's mausoleum, where she admits to Regina that she, Cruella and Ursula want to find the author and rewrite their stories so the villains win and the heroes lose. As part of the plan, Maleficent wants her to steal something for them. Before the mission is carried out, Regina meets with David, Emma, Hook and Mary Margaret. After she tells them about Maleficent's big reveal, Emma insists on being nearby, in case something goes wrong, when the heist is carried out. That evening, Regina rides with Maleficent in Cruella's car, which takes them to Marco's shop, where she must kidnap Pinocchio, as the boy is the so-called lead that the women are planning to acquire. Once Regina puts Marco and Pinocchio to sleep, Emma tries to convince her not to take the boy, but the latter promises to watch out for the boy. Taking Pinocchio, she then purposely leaves her phone behind so Emma can't track her. Arriving at a cabin with Maleficent, Regina discovers their secret weapon is Mr. Gold, who reverts Pinocchio to August in order to obtain information about the author. ("Enter the Dragon")

Under interrogation, August claims he knows nothing, but in fear of being burned by Regina's fire magic, he admits obtaining research about the author from the Dragon, which is currently in his old trailer. While Mr. Gold goes to check, Regina sends herself in the form of black smoke to Emma and her parents, where she briefly possesses Mary Margaret in order to tell them about Mr. Gold's return and August's current state. Later, Regina dozes off and dreams about returning with Robin Hood, except her doppelganger, the Evil Queen, attacks them with fire. Mr. Gold returns, having stolen a potion from the nuns, forces August to ingest it so for every time lies, his nose grows. Finally, August reveals there is a storybook page illustrating a door that the author is trapped in. When he states Regina has knowledge of it, she realizes the image was in his old bag, which Henry now has. Suspecting the door might be in the sorcerer's mansion, Regina and Maleficent go with Mr. Gold to search. They find nothing there, and on their walk back to the cabin, Cruella drives up in her car and announces Ursula has betrayed them to the heroes. After August is taken by Emma and her parents to the apartment, Regina heads there under the pretense of stealing the door image for the villains. Briefly, she talks to Emma about sensing the Evil Queen in her dream was protecting Robin Hood from something. She then asks Emma to find Robin Hood's contact details for her. From August, they learn the actual door to the author in the door illustration itself. ("Poor Unfortunate Soul")


Regina Mills
Henry Mills


  • Solid lines denote blood parent-child relationship
  • Dashed lines denote marriage, engagement and adoption relationships, and relationships that result in offspring
  • denotes the deceased
  • Henry is the adoptive son of Regina


Character Notes

Production Notes

  • The ring Regina wears is a prop specifically hand-picked by Lana Parrilla to help her understand the character she is playing.[6]


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.

  • Regina's name appears on the list Tamara has in "The Evil Queen".


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