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This is no ordinary bird. It's a type of an oracle, and what it's showing you now... is your future.
Jafar to Aladdin src

The Red Bird is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It débuts in the first episode of the sixth season.

The Red Bird is based on Iago from the Disney film Aladdin.


The Red Bird has the ability to show the future. It is unclear if this bird is a unique creature, or if there are other birds with similar talents. ("Street Rats")


Before First Curse

In the land of Agrabah, the red bird comes into the possession of Jafar, who takes it to the Cave of Wonders. After explaining to Aladdin what the bird can do, Jafar has the bird show Aladdin his future, where he is killed, a fate all Saviors are destined to have. ("Street Rats")

The red bird is later put in a cage and kept in the same building that Aladdin and the Oracle stay in. ("The Savior")

The red bird ends up in the Land of Untold Stories alongside the Oracle, and Mr. Hyde becomes aware of its existence. ("The Savior")

After Third Curse

When Mr. Hyde brings many people from the Land of Untold Stories to Storybrooke, the red bird and the Oracle end up there as well. When Emma goes to Hyde for information on her inexplicable hand tremors and visions, he directs her to follow the red bird if she wishes for answers. She later sees it while out in the forest with Killian Jones and chases it. It leads her to the Oracle, who uses its power to show her the entirety of her vision, where she is stabbed by a cloaked figure, and explains that this is the fate of all Saviors. ("The Savior")

Emma later sees the bird again and follows after it, as she is pursued by Archie Hopper, who insists that she does not need the Oracle's help as long as she continues treatment. Emma sees the Oracle sitting on a log, but when she approaches her, the Oracle falls to the ground, having previously been killed by the Evil Queen. ("Street Rats")