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Your voice can soothe even the most haunted soul.
Hook to Ursula

"Poor Unfortunate Soul" is the fifteenth episode of Season Four of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Andrew Chambliss & Dana Horgan, and directed by Steve Pearlman. It is the eighty-first episode of the series overall, and premiered on March 22, 2015.


Hook leverages his complicated history with Ursula to find out what she knows about Gold’s endgame. Gold and the Queens of Darkness torture August for information about the Author as Emma, Mary Margaret and David race to find them. Regina grows concerned for Robin Hood’s safety while she struggles to maintain her cover with the villains. In a Fairy Tale Land flashback, when a restless young Ursula enlists Hook’s help to run away from home, she soon learns it isn’t wise to trust a pirate.[2]


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Deleted Scenes

"A Cow Named Nan"




Guest Starring


  • Unknown as Ursula’s Singing Voice



Production Notes

Event Chronology

Episode Connections


  • Ursula's backstory is largely based on Ariel's backstory from the Disney film, The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning.
    • Both are mermaids.
    • Both love singing/music due to their mothers' influence.
    • Both have lost their mothers during a pirate attack.
    • Both have fathers who have a problem with singing/music because it reminds them of their wives' death. Ultimately, their fathers both realize they were wrong and decide to accept singing/music in their lives.
    • Both decide to go against their fathers' orders because they love singing/music.
  • Ursula vocalizes the reprise of "Part of Your World" and sings "Fathoms Below" during the episode. Both are from the Disney film The Little Mermaid.

Fairytales and Folklore

Popular Culture

  • The aria "Soave sia il vento" (meaning "may the winds the gentle") from Mozart's opera "Così fan tutte" is playing on Ursula's radio as she's enjoying a quiet moment outside Mr. Gold's cabin in the morning.

Props Notes

Set Dressing

Costume Notes

  • Poseidon's costume was originally different, and included a big purple feathery boa around his neck. However, it didn't look quite right, and they ended up with a more metallic version of the original costume.[5]
  • Emma is wearing[18] an Aran Short-Sleeved Sweater from Ralph Lauren[19] (no longer available).

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