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That's Archie's dog, Pongo. Throw him a vanilla wafer, he'll quiet down.
Ruby to Miss Ginger src

Pongo is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the first episode of the first season. He is portrayed by Cinder the dog.[1]

Pongo is based on a character of the same name from the novel "The Hundred and One Dalmatians", and the Disney film One Hundred and One Dalmatians.


During First Curse

When the Dark Curse brings the Enchanted Forest inhabitants to Storybrooke, Pongo becomes Archie's companion pet. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

Every day for ten years under the curse, Pongo is walked on the streets by Archie as he and his owner cross paths with Mary Margaret. Pongo barks at her and attempts to lunge at her, which frightens Mary Margaret, but Archie pulls him back and apologizes by telling her that Pongo is in a "mood" after gluten was cut out of his diet. One day, this pattern is broken when Regina and Mary Margaret enlist Archie and Pongo's help to track down a sleepwalking John Doe. On Regina's suggestion that Archie can search in the mines with Pongo, the psychiatrist goes there, but then later returns with not his dog but also Marco, Granny, Walter, Doc, and Mr. Clark, all of whom were helping to look for John Doe. Much later, moments after Mary Margaret and John Doe drink a potion to recurse themselves, Pongo walks alongside Archie and several other townspeople as they find the pair in the woods. ("Awake")

When Emma and Henry arrive in Storybrooke, Archie shows up, carrying his umbrella and walking his dog. Archie asks what Henry is doing there and if he is alright. Henry says he is fine, and pets the dog. After Archie, Henry, and Emma are done talking they part ways. ("Pilot")

While Archie and Pongo are having their daily walk, they pass by Mr. Gold as they both cross a road. ("The Thing You Love Most")

Archie is having a drink in his office while Pongo sits beside him. Later, at the entrance to the collapsed Storybrooke mine, Pongo runs across the crater and begins to sniff around the entrance. When Archie and Henry get trapped in the mine, Pongo barks next to Ruby, who has him on a leash. Regina, annoyed by the dog's barking, briefly looks at Pongo before turning her attention back to what she was doing. Following the mine crater explosion, Pongo barks from the firetruck and Emma rushes over to the firetruck to let him out, suspecting the canine can locate Archie and Henry. The dalmatian begins to sniff the ground in search of his owner and eventually stops at a particular piece of ground, which reveals an air shaft leading down to the mines. After Archie and Henry are pulled to safety with Emma's help, Pongo reunites with his owner. ("That Still Small Voice")

As Archie is taking a late night walk with Pongo, they run into Emma and have a brief discussion. ("What Happened to Frederick")

When Ruby answers the phones at the sheriff's station, a frightened Miss Ginger calls about a prowler lurking around her house. Ruby assures her that there is no prowler and that it's only Pongo. ("Red-Handed")

After First Curse

Pongo is the only witness to Archie's simulated murder created by Cora. Using the dream catcher given to her by Mr. Gold, Emma is able to see the false events that have been perceived by the dog. ("The Cricket Game")

He attends Archie's false funeral, and afterwards Marco and Emma decides that now that Archie is gone, it would be good for Henry to keep him. Henry is thrilled at this and takes Pongo outside to clean him up. Later on, Emma and Henry notice that Pongo is acting strangely. Soon afterwards, they get a visitor at the door, who turns out to be Archie; alive and well. He tells them the true events of what happened, and that Cora was the one who kidnapped him to make it look like he was murdered by Regina. ("The Outsider")

After Second Curse
With plans of making Emma kill the Author, Cruella puts her scheme into action by making Pongo lure Henry away. Henry, stepping off a bus, sees Pongo sitting on the street, and when the dog takes off, he follows him into an alleyway. There, Cruella corners him, and after sending a message to Regina and Emma about her intentions for Henry if the Author isn't killed, she brings the boy to a remote area and ties him up. While she is distracted with playing Angry Birds on her phone, Pongo remains under the influence of her magic and keeps a close eye on Henry, who breaks free and runs away. Pongo's bark alerts Cruella, who sends him after Henry, as she follows behind. At the cliff's dead end, the dog blocks Henry from escaping, before Cruella and then Emma show up. With her son's life at stake, Emma is pushed to her limit, deciding to blast Cruella with magic. As soon as Cruella falls to her death, her hold on Pongo disappears, and he reverts to his usual self. ("Sympathy for the De Vil")

After Third Curse

By the request of David and Mary Margaret, Archie goes to talk to Emma about her problems. He takes Pongo with him to find her in the woods, where Emma is surprised to see the both of them and happily greets the dalmatian by petting him. Archie tries to lie about why he's come to see her and then offers her coffee, but Emma quickly realizes that her parents sent him. ("The Savior")

While Archie leads Pongo along on a leash, he follows Emma through the woods and tries to convince her to not seek out the Oracle. ("Street Rats")


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