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This article focuses on Pinocchio's Enchanted Forest persona.
For his Land Without Magic alias, see August Booth.
For his Wish Realm counterpart, see Pinocchio (Wish Realm).
For the classic story, see "The Adventures of Pinocchio".
For the film, see "Pinocchio (Film)".

There will be many temptations in this new world, Pinocchio. But, as long as you remain brave, truthful, and unselfish, you will not fail.
Jiminy Cricket to Pinocchio  src

Pinocchio, also known as August,[2] is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the first episode of the first season. He is portrayed by co-stars Jack[1] and Jakob Davies and Rustin Gresiuk. He is the Enchanted Forest alias of August Booth, and the main reality version of Pinocchio.

Pinocchio is based on a character of the same name from the children's novel, The Adventures of Pinocchio, and the Disney film Pinocchio.


Before First Curse

Carved out of a magical tree in the Enchanted Forest by an old craftsman, Geppetto, Pinocchio gains the ability to speak and move, although he remains a wooden puppet. ("The Stranger")

At some point, Pinocchio runs away from home and obtains a ticket to Pleasure Island. While there, he meets Robert and takes interest in a coin that the man has, and even asks how much it's worth. Robert insists it's worth nothing to anyone but him as it was given to him by his son. Pinocchio speculates that his son ran away and suggests he should try looking in the sugar pit for him, but Robert reveals he is actually searching for his other son, Prince James, though Pinocchio mocks him by noting he doesn't look much like a king. After explaining that James was his son before he was the king's, Robert asks if Pinocchio has seen him. Pinocchio responds that he hasn't, but this causes his nose to grow, so Robert deduces that he's lying and forces the puppet to lead him to James. Pinocchio watches from nearby as Robert speaks with the boy and persuades him to return home with him. As Robert and James begin to leave, the puppet alerts them to Pleasure Island's staff, who are coming after them, and he urges them to run. Pinocchio never sees either of them again after this. ("Murder Most Foul")

Sometime after his adventures on Pleasure Island, Pinocchio returns home, where he and his father are among the crowd of villagers as the Evil Queen actively grills them about Snow White's whereabouts. Geppetto confronts the Evil Queen by saying they are good people and don't deserve to suffer, to which she exposes a prisoner of hers, that will face execution only for being loyal to Snow White. ("Snow Drifts")

One day, Pinocchio and Geppetto are caught in a terrible storm at sea. Before the ocean's waves threaten to overturn their raft, Pinocchio insists that his father take the only remaining life vest. He then sacrifices himself by jumping into the sea. Only after this, a great whale, Monstro, tries to engulf Geppetto as an upsurge throws the older man overboard. Presumably drowning, Pinocchio washes up on the shoreline as an ordinary wooden doll. In his grief, Geppetto calls upon the Blue Fairy, who is impressed by Pinocchio's display of selflessness that she turns him into a real human boy. However, she stresses that he must remain kind, selfless and honest in order to retain this form. ("The Stranger")

On the night Snow and Charming learn the prophecy about their unborn daughter Emma and the Evil Queen's Dark Curse, Snow makes a wish to help Emma have a happy ending, which the Blue Fairy grants by causing everyone to break out into song. The next morning, Pinocchio is in the woodwork shop helping his father to carve a new toy. He sings about his son helping him to build it and how proud of him he is, to which Jiminy chimes in afterwards with his own cricket singing. By the following day, everyone forgets that they ever sung, as the Blue Fairy intended it to be this way to ensure all the songs stay safe for Emma's sake. ("The Song in Your Heart")

During a clock repair lesson, Pinocchio mischievously ties up Jiminy so he is stuck inside. Only when the Blue Fairy arrives, Pinocchio, out of fear of turning back into wood, apologizes for his actions. Nonetheless, she did not arrive to punish him, and instead asks Geppetto to build a wardrobe from the last enchanted tree, which can ward off the Queen's curse. After they find the tree, she tells him that only two people can through the portal to another land. Since a prophecy states Snow White's unborn child is the savior who will break the curse in twenty-eight years, both mother and daughter must go together. Worried about his son, Geppetto agrees to make the wardrobe, but only if Pinocchio is one of the two who'll be saved. Left little choice, the Blue Fairy agrees. In front of the war council, father and son are present as the Blue Fairy lies to Snow White and Prince Charming about the wardrobe only able to save one person. Soon, Pinocchio and Geppetto finish carving the wardrobe when the curse arrives. Coincidentally, Snow White gives birth early, although she was supposed to go into the wardrobe while still pregnant. The Blue Fairy, believing the child must have someone to watch over her as she grows up, pleads for Geppetto let Snow White and her daughter leave together. After the Blue Fairy leaves, Geppetto ignores her request and places Pinocchio in the wardrobe. As they part, he makes his son promise to take care of Emma. Landing in world, Pinocchio is startled by a passing airplane and then attempts to go back into the tree, which ejects him. Suddenly, Snow White's baby arrives through the tree. Remembering his promise to Geppetto, Pinocchio brings her into a diner across the street to seek help. ("The Stranger", "Pilot")

During First Curse

Pinocchio and Emma end up living at the same foster home in Boston. Keeping a close eye over the baby in the crib, he even helps soothe her cries by making funny faces. However, when the other children plan on escaping on their own, Pinocchio is tempted to leave the foster home. He wishes to take Emma along, but the other children reason that they have no way of caring for an infant. With some reluctance, Pinocchio leaves her behind. ("The Stranger")

In 1990, while keeping tabs on a young Emma, Pinocchio finds her homeless and attempting to keep warm by burning pages from a fairytale book, sometime after she has run away from a group home. He stops her from destroying the pages of The Ugly Duckling story and offers her insight about all fairytales being about transformation. While Emma believes the ugly duckling was always a swan without knowing it, Pinocchio explains his view of the duckling having turned into a swan with the power of belief, and that if someone believes in something hard enough, they can change their fate. He uses this to persuade Emma that living on the streets is probably not the fate she wants, and that despite running away from her previous home, it doesn't mean she won't find a good one someday. Encouraged by these words, Emma goes to the police for help, and when asked for her last name, she adopts the surname "Swan", to pay homage to Pinocchio's advice to her about the ugly duckling and the power to change by believing in oneself. ("Tougher Than the Rest")

At some point in his life, Pinocchio decides to adopt the name August Wayne Booth. ("Tallahassee")

For events occurring up to his reversion back into a boy, see August Booth.

After First Curse

Twenty-eight years later in Storybrooke, August dies after being wounded by Tamara, but tries to warn Emma about her. He is restored to life by Mother Superior and turned into an eight-year-old Pinocchio as he has proven himself to be unselfish, brave and true. Emma asks him what he has been trying to warn the Storybrooke citizens about, but Pinocchio has no memories of the events that led up to August's death. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

Pinocchio resumes family life with Marco and one day meets Henry at the park. Much to Neal's amusement, the two boys get along well. ("Lacey")

While Mother Superior is attempting to make a potion to restore lost memories, she takes one of Pinocchio's hairs as one of the ingredients. Succeeding in brewing an elixir, she gives it Leroy to restore Mr. Clark's memories. She also gives him a second vial to pass on to Mr. Gold to use on Belle ("And Straight On 'Til Morning")

After Second Curse

In Regina's quest to find the Author, she learns from Henry that August once added the Pinocchio fairytale to the storybook. Although August has since reverted to being Pinocchio, she suspects the boy is the key to her answers. With Marco, Pinocchio arrives to Regina's office, where he looks at the book pages, but cannot recall anything from his time as August. As her patience wanes, Regina asks Emma to help trigger Pinocchio's memories since she and August spent so much together in the past. Emma then talks with the boy about all the things he did as August, but he still cannot remember. Frustrated, Regina vents that Pinocchio is not trying hard enough and she states his head is still be made out of wood, which greatly angers Marco. To diffuse the situation, Emma and Henry take Pinocchio to grab a snack from the vending machine. While they are gone, Marco trades insults with Regina and tells her to stay away from his son. Later, she apologizes for her behavior, to which Marco provides her with August's old bag that may contain something useful. ("Unforgiven")

One night at the shop, Pinocchio and Marco finish constructing a wooden rocking horse when Regina enters, wishing to talk, but instead, she casts a sleeping spell on them. Having duped Cruella, Maleficent and Ursula into believing she is still a villain, Regina is instructed by them to kidnap Pinocchio, who the trio need in order to find the author. Sneaking in, Emma tries to talk her out of taking Pinocchio, but the latter insists on dealing with the situation alone and she promises to protect the boy if things get out of hand. By Cruella's car, Regina and Maleficent bring Pinocchio to a cabin in the woods, where Mr. Gold reverts the boy to August so they can torture him for information about the author. ("Enter the Dragon")

For events occurring after his reversion back into a man, see August Booth.




  • Solid lines denote blood parent-child relationship
  • Dashed lines denote marriage, adoption relationships, and relationships that result in offspring
  • denotes the deceased
  • Stephen and Donna are the parents of Gepetto/Marco
  • Pinocchio is the adopted son of Geppetto/Marco


Character Notes

Baby found by Chantey's Lobster House.
A local boy discovers a newborn wrapped in a blanket on
a roadside. Police ask public for any information
regarding parents' identity.
Yesterday afternoon, a young boy
found a newborn infant by the side of
the interstate highway when taking a
shortcut home from school.
The boy, whose identity is not being
released, first thought that the baby
girl was a plastic toy, but upon
further examination he realized it
[illegible word] fact a child. "I didn't
hear any crying so I thought it was
[three illegible words] kid," he said,
"but when I got closer I saw its hand
[illegible word] I [illegible word] home and called
the [illegible word]".
[two illegible words] that the baby was
wrapped in a blanket with the name
"Emma" embroidered into it. The
[three illegible words] immediately to the
[three illegible words] inspection and
[two illegible words] appears to be
[illegible word].
[three illegible words] being referred to as
[two illegible words]" was but hours old
[five illegible words] any of
the local hospitals and it did appear
that the birth took place at the scene.
Authorities also are looking into early
departures of pregnant patients from
area hospitals but none have been
reported at this time.
A search is underway for the child's
parents and the sheriff’s department is
asking for the public’s help in identify-
ing her. Anyone with information
regarding the identity of either [obscured]
mother or the father of Baby [obscured]
should contact the police inf[obscured]
The mother will not n[obscured]
charged if she is loca[obscured]
Sheriff's department. [obscured]
would like to make [obscured]
talk to her about th[obscured]
birth. The immedi[obscured]
insight into the ch[obscured]
Baby Emma is e[obscured]
Of the local sheriff’s [obscured]
being looked after at [obscured]
more information co[illegible] [obscured]
  • Pinocchio's statement to the police, found in Emma's file, says:[4]

I was riding my bike after school on a side street by
the highway. On this street there is a food place called
Chantey's [illegible word] seafood spot my friend's [sic] meet from time
to time. As I past [sic] the [illegible word] table by the shack, I saw a
weird doll lying on the ground. So I went to pick it up, but
it wasn't a doll at all. It was a small baby girl. She
was wrapped in a blanket with the word Emma on it. I
was super shocked. I didn't know what to do so I rushed
home and told my mom. She called the police and got help.

Production Notes

  • By the time of "The Song in Your Heart", Jakob Davies had become too old to play Pinocchio and the role was instead played by Jakob's younger brother Jack, who looks very much like him. Jack had never wanted to act but did this as a service to his brother, "to keep Pinocchio in the family".[1]



Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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