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Bad things happen inside. You take whatever protection you can get.
—The Perp to Rogers src

Sam Ochotta,[1] also known as the Perp, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the fifth episode of the seventh season. He is portrayed by co-star Sandy Robson.


During Fifth Curse

At some point, Sam is arrested and made captive at the Stafford Creek Corrections Center. At a later point, in Seattle, Sam pays a visit to a club called the Pleasure Island Cabaret, where he becomes drunk and aggressive. A cop takes him into the police station, but Sam refuses to cooperate and attacks him. Rogers, hearing the commotion, rushes in to help stop the assault, during which Sam is knocked to the ground. He then notices Sam's arm bears a tattoo that resembles one of Eloise's drawings from her journal. Rogers interrogates Sam about his tattoo and asks if it has a connection to Eloise, who has been missing for ten years. Sam insists he doesn't know anyone named Eloise and that the tattoo was one he got while serving a sentence in prison, where his fear of harassment behind bars led him to get the tattoo as a way to ward off evil. Rogers doesn't believe him, but the man stands by his words and tells him to look up his record to be sure. As Rogers leaves without saying another word to him, Sam protests about not being let go since he helped him. Rogers reminds him that he should consider himself lucky the club owner didn't want to waste money pressing charges against him. Later when Sabine is talking to Rogers inside the precinct, Sam watches them from across the street before phoning someone and telling the person they have a problem now because Rogers is looking for Eloise. ("Greenbacks")

At some point later while Sam is at home, Ivy kills him and leaves his body for Rogers to find, in the hopes that by destroying his only lead back to Eloise, he will come to believe Victoria is responsible for Sam's death and that she abducted the girl. ("Wake Up Call", "Eloise Gardener")


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