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This article focuses on Paige's Storybrooke persona.
For her Enchanted Forest counterpart, see Grace.

You found me. I knew you would!
—Paige to her father src

Paige is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts in the seventeenth episode of the first season. She is portrayed by co-star Alissa Skovbye, and is the Storybrooke counterpart of Grace.


For events occurring before the casting of the first curse, see Grace.

During First Curse

After the casting of the curse, Paige lives in the town of Storybrooke with her parents. She is completely unaware the family she lives with is all a part of the curse falsifying memories and creating a new life for her in Storybrooke, and her true father is the next door neighbor, Jefferson.

After Emma escapes Jefferson, who had seemingly crazy ideas about himself being the Mad Hatter, she sees a female classmate walk by and greet Henry at school. Emma asks who the girl is, and Henry says Paige is one of his classmates. Only then does Emma have a strange hunch and looks through Henry's Once Upon a Time book to find that Paige looks very similar to the young girl in the story; something she cannot fathom. ("Hat Trick")

After First Curse

After Emma breaks the curse, Henry convinces Jefferson he should look for his daughter despite feeling guilty for having left her when he got trapped in Wonderland.

Shortly afterward, Jefferson sees Paige with some other children. He calls out to her using her Enchanted Forest name, Grace, which prompts her to stop in her tracks. She happily reunites with her father, telling him that she knew he would find her. ("Lady of the Lake")


Mr. Grace
Mrs. Grace


  • Solid lines denote blood parent-child relationship
  • Dashed lines denote romantic and blood relationship
  • denotes the deceased
  • Paige is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grace under the Dark Curse


Character Notes

  • Her parents during the curse are called Mr. and Mrs. Grace, which is her counterpart's first name.[2]

Production Notes

Other Notes



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