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Violet: What's that?
Henry Mills: The crystal my grandpa tethered Storybrooke's magic to.
Violet: Wait. I... I don't understand. You said magic is bad. Why are we going to take it out of Storybrooke?
Henry Mills: To destroy it. Once and for all.
Violet Morgan and Henry Mills src

Operation Mixtape is a mission featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It makes its début in the twenty-second episode of the fifth season.


After Third Curse

Operation Mixtape begins after Henry becomes fed up with how magic has continued to cause problems among his family, and takes it upon himself to destroy magic for good. Once Violet Morgan agrees to join Henry on the mission, he uses the Author's pen to steals a piece of the Olympian Crystal, which Mr. Gold already absorbed all of Storybrooke's magic into. They then leave town for New York City, while Henry misleads both his mothers into believing he is in Boston. In New York City, Henry tells Violet about his intentions to complete his father Neal's past mission to destroy magic. The two youngsters find Neal's past research on magic that leads them to the Midtown Library's rare reading room. After a futile search, Violet spots a replica of the Holy Grail that is the source of all magic. Henry tests grail on the crystal, and when the crystal begins to be absorbed into the grail, it proves magic can be destroyed. Henry bags the Grail and prepares to leave the library with Violet, but Mr. Gold arrives to magick them unconscious before retrieving the crystal. ("Only You")

Following Emma and Regina's brief reunion with Henry, they depart to confront Mr. Gold and regain the crystal from him. Henry, concerned his mothers are in danger, rushes to save them by absorbing the crystal's magic into the Grail replica. Only then, he learns Emma, Regina, and Mr. Gold all needed the crystal to rescue their families, as they are trapped in another realm. Henry blames Mr. Gold for the mess they are in, and storms off to sulk at a nearby fountain. While Emma consoles Henry over his part in destroying magic when they needed it the most, Mr. Gold and Regina gain help from the Dragon to find their loved ones. The Dragon inspires Henry to create more magic in order to make a portal that links to the other realm. After rallying a whole crowd of New Yorkers into believing in magic and making wishes, the crystal accumulates enough magic to open a portal in the fountain, allowing Henry's family and friends to return home. Regina, after going back to Storybrooke, releases the magic within the crystal into the town. ("An Untold Story")

Weapons, Items and Magic Involved


On-Screen Notes

  • Henry's attempt to destroy magic also takes place in "Welcome to Storybrooke", too. However, at the time, it wasn't given this specific name and it's not relevant to this operation.