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This article focuses on the second Operation Cobra.
For the first one, see Operation Cobra.
For the operation also known as Operation Cobra Rescue, see Operation Henry.
Henry: Remember what we're calling it: "Operation Cobra Part Two".
Regina: Part Two?
Henry: Yeah. This time, you're the hero.
Henry Mills and Regina Mills src

Operation Cobra Part Two is a mission featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It débuts in the tenth episode of the fifth season.


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After Third Curse

While Emma is rendered powerless with an enchanted cuff that blocks her magic, her family work to stop Hook from summoning all Dark Ones from the Underworld. Emma enlists Henry's help in a mission to find the dreamcatchers that Hook stole from her. The boy hesitates to remove the bracelet, to which Emma remarks that she wants to count on him rather than on magic. Once Emma regains his trust, she asks what they should call that operation, and Henry decides it will be Operation Cobra Part Two. After leaving the library, Henry obtains a locator spell from Mr. Gold's shop, which leads mother and son to the clock tower where they find the dreamcatchers. Later on, the items are used to return David, Mary Margaret, Merida, Regina and Robin's memories from the six weeks in Camelot, as well as Emma and Henry's own memories. ("Broken Heart")

When people from the Land of Untold Stories come to Storybrooke, Henry resumes Operation Cobra Part Two for Regina to be its hero this time. Mother and son plan to help get the visitors' stories to play out, but Henry eventually realizes that it won't be that easy, because the characters voluntarily pushed pause upon their own tales. ("A Bitter Draught")


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