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You and I have been through quite a lot together, haven't we? Which is why I'm asking for your assistance now and this might be the most important mission yet... Operation Best Man.
Hook to Henry Mills src

Operation Best Man is a mission featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It makes its début in the nineteenth episode of the sixth season.


After Third Curse

After the supposed defeat of the Black Fairy at the hands of Mr. Gold, planning for the wedding of Emma Swan and Killian Jones once again begins as Emma's mother, Snow White, desires to have the wedding the following day. That night, Killian tells Henry Mills, Emma's son, that he has a very important job for him, introducing Operation Best Man. Henry is honored and promises to keep the rings safe until the wedding as Killian jokingly warns him that if he fails, his mother will surely kill him. ("The Black Fairy")

Although the wedding is nearly delayed due to the Black Fairy's return, they carry on without it despite the threat of her Dark Curse on the horizon. Henry delivers the wedding rings to Killian as the ceremony begins. ("The Song in Your Heart")

Weapons, Items and Magic Involved


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