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The Once Upon a Time Universe, also known as the OUATverse,[1] is featured in ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It comprehends all of the worlds, characters, items and locations featured in the shows, books, comics and other canon media.


A real world. How arrogant are you to think yours is the only one? There are infinite more. You have to open your mind. They touch one another, pressing up in a long line of lands, each just as real as the last. All have their own rules. Some have magic, some don't.
Jefferson to Emma src

The Once Upon a Time Universe is divided into many worlds. Some worlds are subsequently divided into realms. Some realms are divided furthermore into kingdoms, countries, or other equivalent territories.

The "Real" World

Regina can't cast that curse if you're in New York. There's no magic there.
Neal Cassidy to Henry Mills src
Often referred to as the Real World, the Land Without Magic is largely based off Planet Earth.

Realms of Storytelling

Many worlds and realms are based off real life stories, whether it be from fairy tales, novels, movies, or other media.


Literary Versions of the "Real World"

The places I go... Well... They're a lot farther apart. I-I travel across realms. Realms of storytelling. [...] This place right here is one of them. It... It exists out of time. Tell me, what year is it? [...] We're not in a time. We're in a realm of story. There are many... Some beautiful, some horrific, and some just plain magical.
Isaac to Cruella De Vil src
There are also several worlds that are allegedly out of time, stuck in an era remarkably similar to that of specific Land Without Magic literature period.

Land of Untold Stories

The Land of Untold Stories seems to be a place where people from other worlds go to prevent their stories from fully playing out. Lethal poisons, for example, temporarily stop advancing down the blood current, not reaching the heart.

World Behind the Mirror

The World Behind the Mirror is a realm where people can be trapped in by sending them through Enchanted Mirrors. There seems to be nothing in this world other than ruins and mirrors that allow people to see through them, allowing them to spy through the mirrors of the different worlds.

Worlds in Between

Some worlds cannot be reached physically. Instead, someone's soul can travel to these worlds while they are asleep, through different ways and because of different factors:

  • The Netherworld is divided into different rooms, each meant to be reached through different means. When inflicted with a Sleeping Curse, the soul goes to the Hall of Mirrors. When going back to the Netherworld after the first time, the soul will find itself in the Red Room, located beneath the Hall of Mirrors, regardless of this victim has already been awoken by True Love's kiss.
When people fall under a sleeping curse, the soul travels to a Netherworld, where it resides until awoken. Now, this world is between life and death, and it’s very real. However, even when the curse is broken, sometimes, in sleep, the victims find their way back to that world.
Mr. Gold to Henry Mills src
  • The Dream World is the place where souls go when they dream. It is possible to reach somebody else's Dream World by pouring Sands of Morpheus over someone's sleeping body.
Mr. Gold: Why would Belle want to dream about this place?
Gideon: Usually, our dreams pick us, not the other way around.
Gideon and Mr. Gold src

The Afterlife

In the Once Upon a Time Universe, there are different worlds where the souls of the deceased go to after their death.

Souls with unfinished business go to the Underworld, where they stay as long as it takes for them to solve them. Once they have dealt with their unfinished business, they can move on to a Better Place, known as Mount Olympus. However, they can also be sent to a Worse Place before they are able to complete their unfinished business.


Main article: World-crossing

Magical Waters

If it's the Well of Wonders you need, Wonderland has one of its own. Magical waters flow underneath all of the lands.
Red Queen to Cyrus src


Throughout the Once Upon a Time Universe, people speak in a variety of languages. Most worlds have English as their main language, but there have been instances of other languages being used.

Real Life Languages


Fictional Languages



Main article: Magic


Different religions are practiced across the Once Upon a Time Universe.


Different elements work as currency in different locations:



Different worlds have unique scientific discoveries and different uses of technology:

Fairy Tale Land Technology


The technology in Fairy Tale Land is comparable to medieval Europe. However, there are also more modern inventions:

Land of Untold Stories' Technology

The Land of Untold Stories has several technological artifacts and devices made of unique technology.
  • The Dirigibles that fly over the world.
  • The electricity-blasting Batons, which are apparently the only way to harm Mr. Hyde.

Land Without Color's Science

In the Land Without Color, Dr. Victor Frankenstein develops a procedure that can give life back to a deceased body. However, this procedure cannot be complete without the use of an Enchanted Heart, which is not easy to come by in that world.

Neverland Technology

Through Belief, Peter Pan creates different technological devices for Tamara and Greg Mendell to use in their apparent quest to destroy Magic.


Fictional Species

Main article: List of Creatures

Real Life Species

This list includes species seen or mentioned in any Once Upon a Time Universe world other than the Land Without Magic.





Plants and Fungi

Fictional Plants and Fungi

Main article: List of Plants and Fungi

Real Life Plants and Fungi

This list includes plants and fungi seen or mentioned in any Once Upon a Time Universe world other than the Land Without Magic.

Food and Drink

Fictional Food and Drink

Real Life Food and Drink

This list includes real life food and drink seen or mentioned in any Once Upon a Time Universe world other than the Land Without Magic.

Dairy Products




  • Meat loaf - Fairy Tale Land ("The Cricket Game")
  • Meat pie – Fairy Tale Land ("It's Not Easy Being Green")
  • Oatmeal – The Underworld ("Our Decay")
  • Pancakes[81] - The Underworld ("Ruby Slippers")
  • Porridge[83] - The Underworld ("Our Decay" et al.)
  • Rice pudding[83] - The Underworld ("Our Decay" et al.)
  • Risotto[83] - The Underworld ("Our Decay" et al.)
  • Sausages[85] - Fairy Tale Land ("Good Form")
    • Chicken Sausages[82] - The Underworld ("Ruby Slippers")
  • Soup[70] - Fairy Tale Land ("Red's Untold Story")
    • Chicken soup[82] - The Underworld ("Ruby Slippers")
  • Steamed cauliflower[49] - The Underworld ("Labor of Love" et al.)
  • Stew - Fairy Tale Land ("Red's Untold Tale")
    • Lamb stew[86] - Fairy Tale Land ("Red's Untold Tale")
    • Vegetable stew[87] - Fairy Tale Land ("Red's Untold Tale")
  • Tapioca pudding[88] - The Underworld ("Souls of the Departed et al.)
  • Tofu[83] - The Underworld ("Our Decay" et al.)


Alcoholic Beverages

Non-Alcoholic Drinks









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