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The Once Upon a Time Soundtrack is an official soundtrack composed of twenty-five songs that are featured in various episodes of Once Upon a Time. Four of these songs had been pre-released by ABC as a Valentine's Day promotion for the show, titled Once Upon a Time: Extended Play.

It was composed by Mark Isham and released on May 1, 2012.[1] It can be ordered here. There are five variations on the cover art: the promotional images of Prince Charming, Emma Swan, Rumplestiltskin, Snow White and the Evil Queen. However, the content remains the same.


We are proud to announce the release of Mark Isham's score to the hit ABC TV series Once Upon a Time that premiered last fall. Isham needed to come up with a score that spanned the entire spectrum of emotions -- not only breathing life into quieter moments, but also being romantic, sweeping, and epic. The result was a score for the series that is both beautiful and heartfelt and has become integral to the fabric of the show.

For this release representing music from various episodes, Mark Isham has compiled over an hour of music carefully produced to provide listeners with a musical journey that captures the essence of the show. This release also features five different collectible covers, but the contents of all discs remain the same.[2]


1. "Henry’s Proposal" 0pxembed/qipQ-v2ve7k0

2. "The Queen's Curse" 0pxembed/6rhRM_Tgaek0

3. "Jiminy Cricket" 0pxembed/ILsb6Rb3YGM0

4. "Dealing With Rumplestiltskin" 0pxembed/F8XS9D1T9jI0

5. "Belle's Story" 0pxembed/FXTM44LZBM80

6. "Dwarves" 0pxembed/_Ts1j_3G4Go0

7. "The Huntsman" 0pxembed/dycUxIEXmC40

8. "Things Are Changing In Storybrooke" 0pxembed/QvxWNSbP4is0

9. "Cinderella" 0pxembed/K5FRpBpleGU0

10. "Wedding Dance" 0pxembed/_coAoOAnJQw0

11. "Advising Ashley" 0pxembed/WpVycIfdhOQ0

12. "If The Shoe Fits" 0pxembed/nRHuc91Mgy40

13. "Unhappy Endings" 0pxembed/nIddIE6mYGM0

14. "Emma And Henry" 0pxembed/DQ9lK9quQUo0

15. "The Siren" 0pxembed/djASdWn9eq80

16. "The Man With The Wooden Box" 0pxembed/EQSSF6ByPlA0

17. "Hope Will Return" 0pxembed/2gYTyzdUP_A0

18. "Rumplestiltskin In Love" 0pxembed/71zok43rtPw0

19. "The Genie’s Wishes" 0pxembed/GGe2RRBlZSk0

20. "The Road To True Love" 0pxembed/HXZw6cfsFXw0

21. "The Family Compass" 0pxembed/fa1Z8YHEQcQ0

22. "Burn The Witch" 0pxembed/iNAdD8kESEs0

23. "What The Queen Loves Most" 0pxembed/UR09xKCYsCk0

24. "The Clock Moves" 0pxembed/Nil259YSkXw0


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