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This article focuses on the various conflicts in the Enchanted Forest, known collectively as the Ogre Wars. For the species, see Ogres.
Ogre Wars

First appearance

Desperate Souls

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Once Upon a Time: Journey to Neverland

Latest mention

A Tale of Two Sisters

The Ogre Wars, also called Ogre's War, are wars fought on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They make their début in the eighth episode of the first season.

They are several major conflicts in the Enchanted Forest prior to the Dark Curse, mentioned in several episodes. Not much has been revealed about them, except that there were at least three conflicts. Survivors of the Ogre Wars include Baelfire, Milah, Morraine, SeerRumplestiltskin and Granny.


Before the Curse

Mentioned several times throughout the series are the "Ogre Wars", which is to assume that there is more than one ogre and that they are at war with various kingdoms in the Enchanted Forest.

Rumplestiltskin is revealed to have fought in the first war, before he became the Dark One, and even fled from battle because he hears a prediction from a Seer. Veterans from the war refer to him as a coward and even as a traitor. This war lasted for at least fourteen years, because that is the time past between Rumplestiltskin leaving the battle and Baelfire being about to be recruited. Rumplestiltskin stopped the first known Ogre War when he became the Dark One. ("Desperate Souls", "Manhattan")

Granny tells the village her seven large brothers and her father were all veterans of the Second Ogre War about sixty years ago. This could imply the second war's ending, but being a veteran does not necessarily imply that the war itself had concluded, only that the soldier had fought in it and was discharged for their services. ("Red-Handed")

Many other villages are reported attacked and/or destroyed throughout the series by ogre armies.

Belle makes a deal with Rumplestiltskin in an effort to save her village from the ogres. Before doing so, reports surface of several villages falling to the ogres. This shows that the war is obviously between more than one kingdom and the ogres as well as the ogre army itself being a very powerful force. This battle is either Second Ogre War still happening or Third Ogre War or any posterior Ogre War.("Skin Deep")

There is likely an Ogre War going on in the Enchanted Forest by the time the Dark Curse reaches the land. When most inhabitants are sent to another world, ogres are left behind in the part of the forest under Cora's protective shield. When the curse is broken and time resumes, the ogres are still a threat, however some time after they are defeated.("Queen of Hearts", "Lady of the Lake", "New York City Serenade")



Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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