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This article focuses on his Seattle persona.
For his New Enchanted Forest persona, see Jack (Pretty in Blue).

You reached out to Nick and wisely used Lucy's lawyer of a father to clear matters up. I, for one, am glad he's back in your life.
Victoria Belfrey to Jacinda Vidrio src

Nick Branson is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the eighth episode of the seventh season. He is portrayed by guest star Nathan Parsons, and is the cursed counterpart of Jack.


For events occurring after the breaking of the fourth curse, see Jack (Pretty in Blue).

During Fifth Curse

After Regina cast Drizella's curse to save Henry's life, Jack becomes Nick Branson, with memories of a brief relationship with Jacinda Vidrio, resulting in the birth of her daughter, Lucy. Jacinda eventually dumped Nick, which motivated him to stop playing drums in his mother's basement and graduate from law school. ("Hyperion Heights", "Pretty in Blue", "The Eighth Witch")

Ten years later, Jacinda's friend Sabine does some social media stalking and learns that Nick has finished law school, suggesting that Jacinda contact him for help in regaining custody of Lucy. She eventually does and Nick heads to Roni's, where Jacinda works, and meets Henry. They briefly bond over their shared musical interests before Jacinda arrives and introduces them. When Henry learns that Nick is Lucy's father, he begins worrying that Jacinda may end up back together with him. Nick leaves but invites Jacinda to a new restaurant to look over their case. Once there, he questions her on the location of the papers relating to Victoria Belfrey winning custody of Lucy and she promises that she will get them to him. After they are finished, they head to the garage where the food truck Jacinda and Sabine are refurbishing is being kept, just in time to see Henry successfully turn on the engine. Seeing Jacinda and Nick arrive together, Henry leaves, heartbroken. Going by Henry's advice, Jacinda later admits to Nick that Victoria never won custody of Lucy as she gave up her daughter voluntarily out of fear she would lose the case if she tried to fight her stepmother. With this information, Nick is able to get Lucy back for her and is there when Lucy emerges from her foster home, where Jacinda introduces Nick to Lucy. ("Pretty in Blue")

After Victoria gives her the paperwork for custody of Lucy, Jacinda calls Nick over to check and make sure her stepmother isn't trying to trick her. Nick confirms that the papers are legitimate and they joyously celebrate Jacinda's victory. In the heat of the moment, they kiss, but Jacinda quickly pulls away and tells him that she can't. Nick apologizes for misreading her signals, although Jacinda admits he wasn't wrong but that she is grateful towards him and what she actually wishes for is for him to have a relationship with Lucy. ("One Little Tear")

When Lucy is taken to the hospital, Sabine suggests calling Nick. He promptly comes to hear news about his "daughter". ("The Eighth Witch")

With Lucy continuing to be nonresponsive, Doctor Sage runs tests to find the cause of her condition, however, the results are inconclusive. The doctor then asks for a blood donation from both of the girl's parents as proof of a genetic match in case an emergency arises and a donor is needed. Both Nick and Jacinda then go to begin the procedure. Later, Doctor Sage is looking over the results, including Henry's, as he asked to be tested despite supposedly not having any genetic relation to Lucy. However, Nick's test shows he is not the biological father of Lucy, while Henry's test confirms he is. When Doctor Sage is poisoned, a mystery assailant takes away the test results, possibly to cover up the truth about Lucy's paternity. ("Secret Garden")


Character Notes

Production Notes

  • His casting announcement describes him as "a confident and charismatic slacker-turned-successful-lawyer. He's polished, but not stuffy or smarmy. A natural guy's guy, Nick has an instant likability and always says the right thing".[3]