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This article focuses on the Storybrooke persona of Mr. Clark.
For his Enchanted Forest counterpart, see Sneezy.

Don't you sneeze on me, you son of a gun!
Leroy to Mr. Clark, while under the effect of the Shattered Sight src

Mr. Tom Clark is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the eighth episode of the first season. He is portrayed by co-star Gabe Khouth, and is the Storybrooke counterpart of Sneezy.


For events occurring before the casting of the first curse, see Sneezy.

During First Curse

Under the Dark Curse, Mr. Clark is a Storybrooke resident who works as a pharmacist at Dark Star Pharmacy. ("True North")

One day, ten years into the curse, Mr. Clark joins other townspeople on a search for a missing coma patient, John Doe, after he disappeared from the hospital. The group come across the mayor, Regina, in the woods and later find Mary Margaret with an unconscious John Doe. ("Awake")

Following Sheriff Graham's sudden death, the position of sheriff is left vacant. Former sheriff's deputy Emma and newspaper reporter Sidney go head to head in the competition of either being elected as the new town sheriff. Emma earns many people's favor when she heroically Regina from an fire outbreak. On the day of the electoral debate, Mr. Clark is one of the many people gathered at town hall to hear the election candidates' speeches. When it comes Emma's turn, she decides to step down out of the race by ousting Mr. Gold for starting the fire, but her defiance towards the most powerful man in town shapes a good impression on the townspeople and they put her in office as sheriff. ("Desperate Souls")

While on his work shift at the pharmacy, Mr. Clark catches two siblings, Ava and Nicholas for shoplifting. They put the blame it on Henry, which prompts Mr. Clark to call Henry's mother, Regina, to the store. Regina doesn't believe her son stole anything and suspects Ava and Nicholas, but Emma drops the issue and takes the two children home. ("True North")

On Valentine's Day, Mr. Clark helps customers at the pharmacy ring up items at the counter. While Mr. Gold pays for his tape and rope, he sees David is buying two different Valentine's Day cards. Though David is giving one to his wife, Kathryn and the other to his budding love interest, Mary Margaret, he insists to Mr. Gold that they are for the same person. ("Skin Deep")

One morning, Mr. Clark and Walter enter Granny's to grab some breakfast. Mr. Clark asks Leroy to move over a seat so the two of them can sit together. Grudgingly, Leroy refuses and remarks they should have gotten up earlier in order to snag the counter seats they wanted. However, Leroy's appetite goes down after Mr. Clark accidentally sneezes on his breakfast. He gets up to leave, but is delayed when Mary Margaret walks in and grabs everyone's attention with her speech in asking for volunteers to sign up in selling candles for the annual Miner's Day festival. Unfortunately, the townspeople are still reeling from the public exposure of Mary Margaret's affair with married town resident David, and she is ignored. After Leroy leaves, Mr. Clark and Walter finally sit down. During the height of the Miner's Day celebration at night, Leroy causes a power outage that renders the entire town in darkness. This prompts Mr. Clark and many other people stock up on candles from Leroy and Mary Margaret's booth. ("Dreamy")

Scandal rocks the town when Mary Margaret stands accused of killing David's wife, Kathryn. But, she is cleared of the murder charges after Kathryn's safe reappearance. To welcome Mary Margaret home, a party is thrown at her loft. Mr. Clark attends the celebration. ("The Return")

After First Curse

After Emma breaks the Dark Curse, Mr. Clark joins in the reunion of his fellow dwarves and friends. They walk down the street with Emma, Mary Margaret and David as they figure out what to do next. In a panic, Archie runs over to tell the group Dr. Whale is leading the townsfolk in a mob to Regina's house. Although Leroy believes Regina deserves it, the others object as it is not right to kill. They are further obligated to help when Henry pleads for his mother's safety. ("Broken")

At the town border, Mr. Clark is rallied together with the dwarves. Leroy wants to make it their mission to find out what happens if someone steps outside of town. After he marks the border with a chalk line, they take turns picking straws, and the person with the shortest one will be the test subject for the experiment. While the other dwarves are apprehensive, Leroy forces them to think about the duty they have to protecting Mary Margaret and proving themselves to David. Mr. Clark has the shortest straw, but his refusal to cooperate causes Leroy to push him over the border. Magic courses over Mr. Clark and strips him of his Enchanted Forest memories. An amnesiac Mr. Clark, who only remembers his Storybrooke self, is dragged back into the town square as Leroy and the other dwarves inform David of the grim consequences if someone were to leave Storybrooke. The news causes a huge stir, but David sets up a town meeting in two hours' time and promises to come up with a plan. Later, Mr. Clark is confused to see his brothers carrying pickaxes. As they pass by, Leroy reassures him that they will restore his memories soon. ("We Are Both")

One night out at the Rabbit Hole, Mr. Clark is having a good time drinking as he watches Lacey enthusiastically play pool by herself. He praises her pool skills, while she happily accepts his approval. ("Lacey")

A still amnesiac Mr. Clark goes with the dwarves to the pawnshop, where his brothers search for his old drinking stein, which they hope to use to restore his memories. While in the pawnshop, Mr. Clark becomes alarmed after hearing Leroy talk to Mr. Gold about the trigger in town that may possibly kill them all. He insists he doesn't want his memory back if it means inevitable death, but despite his protests, the dwarves lead him out to the diner to test the potion after they find the drinking stein. Presumably, he regains his memories after drinking the potion. To escape the trigger, Mr. Clark joins the townspeople in the diner, preparing to leave for the Enchanted Forest. David and Hook procure a magic bean to take everyone to safety, but Henry refuses to go without Regina, who has stayed behind to slow down the trigger in the mines. Mary Margaret suggests sending the trigger through the bean's portal, and though Emma is reluctant to try such a risky plan, Archie persuades her it's the right thing to do. Mr. Clark, along with the others, rally in agreement with Archie, until Emma finally relents. Emma and her family rush to the mines, dead set on capturing the trigger with the bean, but they discover too late that Hook previously swapped the bean for a decoy. Fortunately, with Emma and Regina's combined magic, they deactivate the trigger and save Storybrooke. ("And Straight On 'Til Morning")

Mr. Clark, accompanied by the other dwarves, Mother Superior and Archie, meet up with Belle at the docks after evading the trigger catalyst. Belle tells them about Emma and some of the townspeople having gone to Neverland to rescue Henry from Greg and Tamara. Furthermore, she warns they may have unwanted visitors since Mr. Gold has left her in charge of activating a cloaking spell to keep people from entering town. They all head down to the mines, where Mr. Clark assists with quarrying a rock for fairy dust, which is needed to enact the spell. Once the rock is cracked open, Belle dumps the cloaking spell into it, and with the power of her belief, the spell covers a barrier over Storybrooke. Later, Mr. Clark and his brothers have lunch near the beach. Most of the dwarves agree that things in town are less troublesome without Mary Margaret and David around, though Leroy makes his disapproval known. Suddenly, Leroy spots a red-headed mermaid at sea, and as she steps out onto the shoreline, all the dwarves head down to get a better look. The red-head introduces herself to them as Ariel, and she asks for help finding Belle. ("Dark Hollow")

When the Jolly Roger, carrying those who went on the Neverland rescue mission, arrives at the dock, Mr. Clark is among the large crowd of townspeople welcoming back David, Emma, Henry and Mary Margaret. To everyone's surprise, Mary Margaret announces it was because of Regina's help that they were able to return home. Once again, a safe journey home prompts another celebration at the diner, with most of the townspeople in attendance. ("The New Neverland")

As the price for countering Peter Pan's curse, Storybrooke will be wiped out and everyone in it must return to the Enchanted Forest. Before the curse spreads through the entire town, Mr. Clark gathers at the border with a handful of residents, including the other dwarves. Regina soon sends Emma and Henry out of town to keep them from the curse's grasp, and as the pair depart in the yellow bug, everyone watches them go. When the curse cloud approaches, Regina stops Pan's curse by undoing her curse, sending everyone inside the town back to the Enchanted Forest. ("Going Home")

For events occurring before the casting of the second curse, see Sneezy.

During Second Curse

A new curse is cast by none other than Snow White; returning Sneezy and the rest of the Enchanted Forest inhabitants to the town of Storybrooke. However, as a result of Wicked Witch of the West's interference, everyone's last recollection is the final day in Storybrooke when Regina stopped Pan's curse, but no one can recall anything further than that. In addition, the townspeople notice that since they've returned to Storybrooke, Bashful, Doc and Dopey have gone missing. Emma returns and holds a town hall meeting to figure out who is behind the new curse. Leroy is quick to accuse Regina of wrongdoing as the other residents follow suit in agreement. Even Emma refuses to believe Regina, who causes a building tremor out of frustration, and then magically dissipates away. Unknown to everyone, aside from Leroy—who is also in on the scheme—this is a ploy Emma and Regina set up in order to make the townspeople believe the madam mayor is guilty while the two sleuth out the real criminal. Later, at the diner, Leroy announces that Emma caught Regina making a memory potion to prove she didn't cast the curse. They all agree that whoever takes the potion will remember who cursed them. ("Witch Hunt", "A Curious Thing")

Hearing the news of Neal's sudden death due to the Wicked Witch's machinations, Mr. Clark attends the funeral to pay his respects. Afterwards, at the diner, the Wicked Witch, Zelena, storms in to publicly reveal herself as Regina's half-sister and forces her sibling into a showdown on Main Street after sundown. As the deadline approaches, Mr. Clark is one of many who gather on Main Street to witness Zelena's arrival with a helpless Mr. Gold in tow. When the witch passes Mr. Clark, she insults him as a munchkin, to which he asserts to being a dwarf. Once Regina shows up, the two witches magically spar. At one point, Zelena gains the upper-hand; flinging Regina into the clock tower, but later flees on her broomstick. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Hoping to trigger the same events of the last curse in order to break the current one, David, Emma, Mary Margaret and Regina set out to make Henry believe in magic. He regains his memories by touching the storybook, and Regina breaks the curse by giving him a kiss of true love, which restores everyone's recollections of the lost year in the Enchanted Forest. ("A Curious Thing")

After Second Curse

Once the second curse is broken, Zelena sets out for the hospital, where a pregnant Mary Margaret is due to give birth, so she can steal the child as the very last ingredient needed for a time spell. After Emma loses all her magic, which then breaks down a protection barrier around the delivery room, Mr. Clark and Leroy spot Zelena as she approaches the hospital entrance. They alert the on-guard Merry Men, who prepare to fire their arrows, but are no match for the witch's magic. From behind the counter, Mr. Clark and Leroy watch with terror as Zelena and Mr. Gold pass into the hallway. In the aftermath, Zelena successfully makes off with the infant, but Regina herself defeats her sister with light magic and stops the time spell from being enacted. Rather than condemn her to death, Regina spares Zelena's life. Unseen to them, Mr. Gold later kills Zelena; accidentally triggering magic in her pendant, which activates the time spell. ("Kansas")

In a diner celebration welcoming David and Mary Margaret's newborn son, Mr. Clark mingles with Doc and Walter over drinks as a nearby Leroy jokes to Granny that had Zelena's magic not been undone, Aurora would still be a flying monkey and given birth to a monkey child. Later, Mr. Clark listens with rapt attention as David and Mary Margaret announce they are naming their son after a true hero—Neal. ("Snow Drifts", "There's No Place Like Home")

As the town falls under the influence of Ingrid's curse, mirror shards rain down from the sky and invade people's eyes; causing them to see only the bad in others and turn on each other. Mr. Clark, while affected by the curse, has a scuffle with Leroy, who warns him not to sneeze. A snowfall, triggered by Ingrid giving up her life to stop the curse, lifts everyone from her spell. Mr. Clark joins Dopey, Happy and Leroy before going over to talk to Bashful, Doc, Granny and Walter. ("Shattered Sight")

After Isaac rewrites new lives for everyone, he sends Dopey and every former Enchanted Forest native to an alternate reality inside his book, Heroes and Villains. ("Operation Mongoose Part 1")

For events occurring after the creation of the alternate reality, see Sneezy.

Before Third Curse

Harnessing the quill, Henry reverts Isaac's stories and returns everyone to Storybrooke. That night, a celebratory diner party commences, with Mr. Clark and most of the townspeople in attendance. The festivities are interrupted when Belle enters the diner seeking help to save Mr. Gold, who is on the verge of death and must be saved before he loses all his humanity. ("Operation Mongoose Part 2")

During the six weeks Emma and the others are in Camelot, Mr. Clark becomes sheriff of Storybrooke and dons Emma's trademark red jacket. One night, as he and Walter are patrolling Storybrooke, they happily notice the town has now become very quiet and peaceful. Suddenly, they see a bright light in their path, and the two dwarves later discover the diner has returned to the town. They rush inside to they see everyone who was gone has come back, but none of them can recall anything beyond walking into King Arthur's castle in Camelot. Emma's name is brought up, to which the Dark One herself walks in, clearly changed from her past struggles with her powers. When Mr. Clark sneezes, Emma callously questions who he is supposed to be, considering that he is wearing her red jacket, before she turns him into a statue with a motion of her hand. ("The Dark Swan")

The next day, the remaining five dwarves head out to the town line, with the statue of Mr. Clark carted along there on the back of their car. Leroy asks for one of his comrades to cross the town line, but all the dwarves say, "Not it", except for Dopey, who holds up a notepad with the words, "Not it", but Leroy makes him go anyway. David, Mary Margaret and Regina drive up to stop them, but because of Leroy’s insistence, Dopey crosses the border, causing him to turn into a tree. That night, after Regina has proved she is capable of protecting the townspeople, Leroy and Walter haul the statue Mr. Clark into the diner with them, as the other dwarves follow them in. They leave him standing behind the booth they are sitting in, and as Regina walks past, she magically changes back Mr. Clark, who finishes his sneeze, which he was midway through with when Emma first froze him. ("The Price")

After Third Curse

As Mr. Clark and the other dwarves are mining, Leroy encourages them to be productive since Dopey can't at the moment. Happy jokes that Dopey is helping by producing oxygen as a tree, causing everyone else to laugh at the comment, though a stern Leroy tells them to stay focused. At this, they resume mining, only to be interrupted by Emma's unexpected presence. After she steals Happy's pick ax, the dwarves go to David and Mary Margaret, demanding they do something about their daughter. Leroy threatens to take action with Emma if they won't, and he calls out David for acting like a scared parent rather than the sheriff. In an effort to keep things calm, David asserts that he'll figure out a way to get the ax back. Disappointed and upset with his response, the dwarves leave in a huff. ("Siege Perilous")

After Hook, as a Dark One, has let the previous Dark Ones into town, Mr. Clark and the other dwarves join the main crew to stop him. They split up to look for Hook, and as the dwarves search together, they find themselves cornered and surrounded by six Dark Ones. After the Dark Ones let them go, the dwarves regroup with everyone else, unsure of what just transpired. On Mr. Gold's suggestion, they check their wrists, with all realizing the Dark Ones have branded each of them with a symbol. Since the Dark Ones cannot fully exist without making living souls to take their places in the Underworld, the branded residents will be taken away by Charon once the moon reaches its zenith. In the end, a reformed Hook absorbs the darkness, and after having Emma kill him, this extinguishes all the Dark Ones, therefore saving everyone who was branded from their impending deaths. ("Swan Song")

Following Hades' defeat by Zelena, at the cost of Robin Hood's life, Mr. Clark attends the funeral to mourn the loss of Robin. As he looks on, some of the townspeople pay their respects by placing rose entwined arrows on Robin's casket. ("Last Rites")

After Robin's funeral, Mr. Clark joins the other townspeople at the diner for the wake. When Mr. Gold absorbs Storybrooke's magic into a piece of the Olympian Crystal, a tremor erupts through town, which is felt by everyone in the diner. ("Only You")

During a day at the spa, Mr. Clark is having a pedicure at a nearby table, while Zelena and the Evil Queen are also there. ("Street Rats")

In front of a mirror, Mr. Clark boisterously sings a tune, oblivious to Regina and Emma seeing his face as it appears on their side of the mirror. ("I'll Be Your Mirror")

As Mr. Clark and Leroy exit the diner one evening, they notice the Evil Queen standing nearby. Leroy urges Mr. Clark to call David for help, but before the latter can finish dialing the number, a portal manifests inside the diner, startling both of them. Leroy shouts in dismay over being "portaled" as he and Mr. Clark run off in fear, while the Queen stays behind to investigate who came out of the portal. ("Wish You Were Here")

Mr. Clark, alongside several other citizens of Storybrooke, is called to a meeting by Regina, who reveals that Snow and David once had the chance to leave all of the residents of Storybrooke to suffer under the curse so the two of them could reunite with Emma, but because they didn't and sacrificed their happiness for them, she asks the townsfolk to repay the favor. Taking out a cup filled with the essence of the sleeping curse that was cast on Snow and David by the Evil Queen, Regina suggests that if all of the townsfolk take a sip, it could dilute the curse enough to keep them all awake. Mr. Clark is one of the many who drink from the cup and fall asleep as Snow and David wake up to find everyone passed out. However, Regina's plan works, with everyone awakening shortly after. ("Awake")

At the wedding reception for Emma and Hook's wedding, Mr. Clark sits with some of the other dwarves as he watches the two get married. Afterwards as the couple sing and dance down the aisle, he begins singing along with them as well. When the clock tower ominously chimes at six o'clock, Mr. Clark looks up seconds before the Black Fairy's Dark Curse is unleashed. ("The Song in Your Heart")

After Fourth Curse
Following the end of the Black Fairy's curse and the final battle, Mr. Clark, Leroy, and Walter show their appreciation for Regina by changing the lettering on her office door from "Mayor's Office" to "Regina Mills Queen". When they are finished with it, Regina arrives, to which they shield her from the door at first but then step aside to let her see the words on it. As the three tip their hats to her, Regina smiles happily at them, touched at their handiwork. ("The Final Battle Part 2")




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