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Did You See That?!
This page is the image gallery for Mother Superior. Feel free to add images, that are relevant to the topic, to the proper section. If you need any help, please see our image policies.
Season One


"The Return"

Season Two


"We Are Both"

"Child of the Moon"

"The Cricket Game"

"The Outsider"

"The Queen Is Dead"

"Selfless, Brave and True"

"Second Star to the Right"

Season Three

"Dark Hollow"

"The New Neverland"

"Going Home"

"It's Not Easy Being Green"

"There's No Place Like Home"

Season Four


"Darkness on the Edge of Town"

"Operation Mongoose Part 1"

Season Five

"The Dark Swan"

"Our Decay"

Season Six



"Wish You Were Here"

"Ill-Boding Patterns"

"Where Bluebirds Fly"

"The Black Fairy"

"The Song in Your Heart"