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This article focuses on Henry Mills' apartment.
For Regina Mills' house, see Mills House.

Henry Mills' Apartment is a Seattle location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the twenty-second episode of the sixth season.


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During Fifth Curse
After Henry is affected by the Dark Curse in the New Enchanted Forest, he is brought to Seattle, where he gains a new life as a Swyft driver and working on writing on a new book in his apartment. From the neighborhood of Hyperion Heights, a young girl named Lucy knocks on his door, firstly asking if he is Henry Mills and then declaring to him that she is his daughter. Henry, holding the door slightly ajar, looks perplexed by her statement, but Lucy pushes her way in. The girl remarks upon his unkempt home, using her finger to trace the dust on a ledge, and notes that despite that he is her favorite author, he hasn't had much success. She tries to persuade him that everything he wrote in his book actually happened to him and his family, and insists he returns to Hyperion Heights with her to rescue them from a curse, including her mom, who was his true love Cinderella. Because Henry does not buy her story and unceremoniously tells her to go home. Only after Lucy has left, Henry sees his laptop is missing, but in its place is a note from Lucy, who admits in writing that she took it and the only way he will get it back is by meeting her at Roni's in Hyperion Heights. He does as Lucy asks in order to retrieve his laptop while continuing to be skeptical of the girl's repeated claims about the curse and his lost memories, and eventually returns to the apartment. There, he begins the first sentence of his new story by typing, "Once upon a time..." on his laptop screen. ("The Final Battle Part 2", "Hyperion Heights")



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