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  • Hey  RandomGirl can i ask you something,can you tell me your username on youtube comments of OUAT episodes,scenes and promos so that we can talk well freeley because message on this wiki are realy slow,and you can get blocked or banned if you say something inapropriate.Mine  username on youtube is DinkoBradvica,yes its mine true name. 

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    • Hey RandomGirl sorry for not  answering you sonner,but i dont get it why cant  your computer allow you to communcate on youtube channels  i mean look at me ,mine is fine.Well i mean most of the people around the world just typ in what they whant to say in those youtube comments and everything is fine,maybe your own computer is a  problem or you have a virus either way something is wrong with your computer.Because on youtube anyone can come and comment  from laptop,computer or a cellphone so yeah something is definatly wrong with your computer,so i think you should ask a  profesional about that and maybe he can fix it.

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    • All right, I'll look into it. I also have another device that I can use, so just keep an eye on this thread. I'll post my new username as soon as I have it up. Thanks!

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