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When you were with the Merry Men, isn't that what you did? Stole from the rich and gave to the poor?
Anastasia to Will Scarlet src

The Merry Men is a group of characters featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. They début in the nineteenth episode of the second season of Once Upon a Time.

The Merry Men are based on the group under the same name from the ballad, Robin Hood.


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Before First Curse

The Merry Men are a band of thieves in the Enchanted Forest who are led by Robin of Locksley, who was a former petty thief until Marian helped to change his ways. At one point, Robin leaves the Merry Men to start a tavern business with Marian, in the hopes of living an honest life. Nonetheless, Friar Tuck attempts to convince him to join him on a heist to rob King Midas' royal carriage, but Robin refuses to go back to his old life. When the Sheriff of Nottingham threatens to shut down the tavern unless Robin's monetary debts are paid, the former Merry Men leader agrees to procure an elixir from Oz for the Dark One, Rumplestiltskin, in exchange for golden arrows. Although Robin obtains the elixir, he ends up forfeiting it to Will, who he discovers needs the potion more than him. Forever changed from this encounter, Robin realizes there is good in giving to the needy, and that he can utilize his life as thief to steal from the rich to give to the poor. Upon his return to the Enchanted Forest, he and the rest of the Merry Men confront the Sheriff, taking all his gold, which Friar Tuck happily distributes to the peasants. Having not kept his part of the deal with Rumplestiltskin, Robin resolves to use a six leaf clover, which he took from Oz, to disguise himself if he and the Dark One ever cross paths again. Additionally, he renames himself as "Robin Hood". Marian, for the sake of love, stays with him as he resumes leading the Merry Men. ("The Snow Queen", "Heart of Gold")

After the Merry Men loot money from a wealthy man's carriage, they celebrate at their campsite, where Robin's old acquaintance Will arrives with a chest of treasure to prove himself worthy of joining their entourage. Robin welcomes him as a new Merry Men, to which Will suggests procuring riches from Maleficent's castle. Robin objects because it's dangerous, but since Maleficent is currently away, he agrees that they can go and pilfer enough good to feed the villagers. Unbeknownst to the Merry Men, Will's actual intent is to steal a looking glass from Maleficent's castle for himself and his lover so they can go to Wonderland Upon entering Maleficent's castle, Robin orders the Merry Men to take the gold only. Everyone obeys, except for Will, who secretly pockets the looking glass. In the aftermath, Maleficent's voice manifests at the Merry Men's campsite as she demands they return the stolen item. Disappointed at his prior orders being ignored, Robin calls the traitor to step out, but Will does not. That night, after realizing Will is the culprit, Robin confronts him as the latter is sneaking off. Will admits he stole because of a woman, but Robin allows him to leave, believing his retribution for stealing will come in the future. ("Forget Me Not")

To escape the pursuing Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin and a heavily pregnant Marian go on the run. The whereabouts of the other Merry Men, during this time, are not known. When Marian becomes very ill, Robin uses the six leaf clover to disguise himself as someone else in order to break into Rumplestiltskin's castle and steal a healing wand. Despite not recognizing him, Rumplestiltskin prevents Robin from escaping and then imprisons him in the castle to be tortured. Pitying his fate, Rumplestiltskin's maid, Belle, frees him. Robin manages to flee, taking the wand with him, but he leaves behind his bow. Rumplestiltskin, discovering his prisoner is gone, plans to kill him with the bow. With information provided by the Sheriff, Rumplestiltskin learns the thief is Robin and tracks him down. Robin heals Marian with the wand, and as they have a happy reunion, Rumplestiltskin prepares to shoot the thief. Upon seeing Marian is pregnant, Belle begs him to spare Robin so the couple's child won't grow up without a father. Reminded of how he made his own child fatherless, Rumplestiltskin allows the arrow to hit the carriage instead, which startle Robin and Marian into fleeing. ("Lacey")

After Marian gives birth to a son, Roland, she and Robin Hood raise him together within the Merry Men group. Learning the whereabouts of the wanted bandit, Snow White, Marian is caught by the Evil Queen, but she refuses to divulge anything. For her noncompliance, the Queen sentences her to execution. The events after this are not known, but Robin Hood blames himself for his wife's death by having "putting her in harm's way during the job". Friar Tuck, seeing his leader unable to move on from Marian's passing, suggests ingesting night root, however, Robin Hood refuses to use magic to solve his problems. ("Quite a Common Fairy", "Witch Hunt", "Snow Drifts", "The Tower")

With the casting of the curse, the Evil Queen sends herself and other Enchanted Forest inhabitants to a cursed town in another realm. Due to a barrier created by Cora over some parts of the Enchanted Forest, many remain unaffected by the Queen's curse; including the Merry Men of Sherwood Forest. However, they become frozen for twenty-eight years until the savior breaks the curse. ("A Land Without Magic", "Queen of Hearts", "The Tower")

After First Curse
Once the first curse is broken, Robin Hood claims the abandoned castle of Rumplestiltskin as his own when two intruders, Mulan and Neal, enter. Robin is immediately on guard, but when Neal introduces himself as Rumplestiltskin's son, he allows him to search the castle for whatever he needs. From a secret chamber, Neal finds as crystal ball, using it to discover Emma is in Neverland. Desperate to travel realms to reach her, Neal causes some items to fall as he searches, which alerts Little John and several other Merry Men. They burst in to defend Robin, but they back down after Robin insists Neal and Mulan are not enemies. When Neal notices Robin's son, Roland, he suggests using the boy to summon the Shadow from Neverland. Robin eventually agrees after Neal suggests he is still in Rumplestiltskin's debt for sparing his life. After everyone assumes their positions, Roland recites the incantation, "I believe", which draws the Shadow into the castle. Mulan prevents the Shadow from taking Roland by cutting off one of its arms, to which Neal grabs onto the creature as it flies back to Neverland. Later, after putting Roland to bed, Robin tries to interest Mulan in joining the Merry Men. Mulan declines, but by nightfall, she arrives at the Merry Men camp, where she accepts Robin's offer to join them. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

Before Second Curse

With the first curse undone, everyone in Storybrooke, except Emma and Henry, return to their former lives in the Enchanted Forest. In the woods, Robin Hood and some of the Merry Men hear a commotion and arrive in time to save the Queen and Snow White from a flying monkey. Robin offers a hand to help the Queen up, but she refuses his assistance. When Little John questions why Snow White is with her stepmother, Regina retorts with an insult. Robin apologizes for Little John's behavior and then notes how often, before the curse, they had to run from her henchman. To this, Regina curtly remarks that they probably were deserving of it. As the two women rejoin their group, the Merry Men accompany them as everyone heads for the old royal palace. On the walk there, Robin catches up with Belle and Neal. Upon reaching the castle, Regina discovers someone already claimed it, so Robin Hood suggests they seek temporary shelter at Sherwood Forest. ("New York City Serenade")

As they make way for Sherwood Forest, Regina proposes to Prince Charming and Snow White that she sneak into the palace through an underground tunnel and bring down the barrier blocking them from going in. Suddenly, the same winged creature that attacked before returns to swoop down on Regina. Since Roland is nearby, the boy mistakenly believes the animal is after him and calls for his father, who is too far away to reach him. With a wave of magic, Regina protects Roland by transforming the beast into a toy, which she gifts him. To repay her kindness, Robin insists on going with her into the underground tunnel. Inside the castle, Regina briefly reminisces over losing Henry before secretly brewing a sleeping curse, in the hopes he can wake her up with true love's kiss one day. Robin, immobilized by magic, tries to talk her out of it, but she ignores him. Regina then disables the castle barrier, which signals everyone outside the castle to begin making their way in. As she prepares to make the curse, the Wicked Witch intervenes and announces her intentions of getting revenge on Regina, to which the Queen decides to live for the sake of destroying her new nemesis. ("Witch Hunt")

With the barrier broken and the Wicked Witch elsewhere, everyone assembles into the castle. For Robin's assistance, Regina gives him golden-tipped arrows. Having recently discovered Snow White is pregnant, Prince Charming dreads being a bad father since losing his first child, Emma. He relates his dilemma to Robin, who suggests getting rid of his fears by ingesting a magic plant called night root. Although Prince Charming takes the advice, he later owns up to his worries by talking to Snow White. ("The Tower")

After learning from Belle about Rumplestiltskin's resurrection at the cost of Neal's life, Snow White finds herself under threat by the Wicked Witch Zelena, who is conspiring to steal her unborn child. In a round table discussion, Robin Hood is included as everyone discusses how to counterattack the Wicked Witch. Regina disapproves of the Merry Man's presence on the council, but he strongly asserts that his help is needed. Deciding Rumplestiltskin can provide a solution, the group attempt to a break-in at his castle. Before Regina can use magic on the sealed entrance, Robin Hood fires an arrow to trigger a trap explosion. Inside, Rumplestiltskin leads them to the banished Good Witch of the South, Glinda, who provides answers to Snow White and Prince Charming of Zelena's weakness—light magic—a criteria Emma fits. With Emma being their only hope of defeating Zelena, Snow White casts another curse to reach Emma, but before it takes effect, the Wicked Witch adds potion to erase everyone's memories of the last year in the Enchanted Forest. Of the many affected, the Merry Men are whisked off to Storybrooke. ("A Curious Thing")

During Second Curse

After Second Curse

In the alternate reality created by Isaac within the book Heroes and Villains, Robin Hood has plans to marry Zelena and tries to interest Regina into becoming the new leader of the Merry Men once he leaves. During the wedding, the Merry Men are present, and after the ceremony commences, everyone walks out of the church, where Robin notices Regina is dying and runs to her side. As the Merry Men and other guests gather around to see what is going on, Zelena expresses jealousy towards Regina, before turning green and running off angrily. ("Operation Mongoose Part 2")

After Third Curse

After Hades' defeat by Zelena, at the cost of Robin's life, the Merry Men attend the funeral to mourn the loss of their leader. ("Last Rites")

That night, the Merry Men are present at Robin's wake in the diner. The next morning, Merida leads the Merry Men and the Camelot natives to the heroes, in fear they can't return home because of the disappearing magic. To keep this from happening, Zelena creates a portal for them to go before Mr. Gold uses up the Olympian Crystal's magic. The Merry Men return to Sherwood Forest. ("Only You")

Known Merry Men


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