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Maybe defeating Cerberus wasn't Hercules' only piece of unfinished business. Maybe he needed to save her, too.
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Megara, also known as Meg, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts, with her only appearance, in the thirteenth episode of the fifth season. She is portrayed by guest star Kacey Rohl.

Megara is based on the character of the same name from Greek Mythology, and the Disney film Hercules.


Before First Curse

Somewhere in the Enchanted Forest, Megara attempts to escape the three-headed monster Cerberus, who is hunting after her. She runs into a young man, and he urges her to keep going, while he stays to fight the creature. After Cerberus kills the man, it goes after Megara, annihilating her as well. ("Labor of Love")

After Third Curse

Stuck with unfinished business, Megara goes to the Underworld, living in constant terror as Cerberus stalks the underground tunnels to prevent her leaving. She warns another prisoner, Hook, that getting out is impossible, but he insists on trying because a woman he loves, Emma, has come to the Underworld to find him. He persuades Megara into coming with him, but when Cerberus draws near, he stays behind to give her time to escape on her own. Before the beast closes in, Hook urges her to find Emma. Megara flees through the tunnels, eventually reaching a cave exit into the woods, where she accidentally leaves a blood trail, allowing Emma and Regina to find her. Still catching her breath, Megara only manages to mention Hook's name, when a roar from Cerberus reverts her into a state of panic. With the hell-hound approaching again, she begs them to bring her to safety. After Emma teleports all three of them to her parents' apartment, Megara recounts, with terrified vigor, about the creature pursuing her. While Mary Margaret enlists Hercules to defeat Cerberus, Megara stays at the apartment, until Cerberus tries to break in. The group take off in time, but Megara gets separated from them, seeking cover behind the fallen clock tower roof. Mary Margaret and Hercules lead her into the library to hide from Cerberus, where a plan formulates for each of them to kill one of Cerberus' three heads. Hercules offers Megara his blade, and she takes it after some hesitation. When Cerberus finally breaks in, Megara ferociously shoves the blade into one of the three heads, while her companions kill the other two. Dizzy from the adrenaline rush, she almost passes out, but Hercules catches her. As their gazes meet, the pair become starstruck with each other and exchange names. At the diner, Megara realizes he was the man she ran into shortly before Cerberus killed her, and she thanks him for saving her this time when he couldn't then. Together, they cross the bridge to Mount Olympus. ("Labor of Love")


Production Notes

  • The casting call describes her as "a plucky young adventurer with a sly sense of humor and a tough, no-nonsense spirit. And though she has spent a long time languishing in a dungeon, her inner spark has not burned out. Rather, it is waiting for the right opportunity to shine brightly again."[1]


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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