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This article focuses on Malcolm's Enchanted Forest identity.
For his Neverland identity, see Peter Pan.

I was never meant to be a father.
—Malcolm to Rumplestiltskin src

Malcolm is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the eighth episode of the third season. He is portrayed by guest star Stephen Lord, and is the former Enchanted Forest identity of Peter Pan.


Before First Curse

When Malcolm is just a boy, his father sells him to a blacksmith, from whom he is forced to work for by slaving away in front of hot coals. As self-comfort over this hardship, Malcolm spends his nights telling himself to "think lovely thoughts", and in his sleep, he travels to a world called Neverland, where the power of belief can make anything a reality. At one point, he harnesses the power to fly at will and learns about the pixie dust that grows in flowers atop a tree, which can give someone the ability to fly. ("Think Lovely Thoughts")

As an adult, he meets and falls in love with Fiona. During one dark winter, he is at her side as she gives birth to their son. The Blue Fairy, along with the child's fairy godmother, Tiger Lily, come to deliver a prophecy about the boy's destiny to become the Savior and die fighting a great evil. Fiona, desperate to ensure this doesn't come true, turns herself into a fairy and takes her son with her as she and Tiger Lily search for the great evil, who will reveal itself by bearing the mark of the crescent moon. At home, Malcolm waits for Fiona's return, but instead the Blue Fairy and Tiger Lily return with his infant son. They lie to him about Fiona being dead because of an accident in which she tried to protect her son, although the truth is Fiona was banished to another realm by the Blue Fairy after she severed her son's Savior ties with the Shears of Destiny. Malcolm is saddened over the death of the woman he loved, while Tiger Lily tries to reassure him that he still has another love to live for, his son, and suggests he give the boy a name. Taking the child into his arms, Malcolm laments about how his son was once supposed to be a source of happiness for him and Fiona, but now, he's the reason that Fiona is gone. With great bitterness, he decides he has a fitting name to bestow on the infant: Rumplestiltskin. (The Black Fairy)

When his son is still young, Malcolm earns money by swindling people by enticing them to play a rigged card game. One day, a male customer realizes he's been cheated and beats up Malcolm before stealing all his money, which leaves Malcolm and Rumplestiltskin completely penniless. Malcolm leaves his son with a pair of elderly wool spinners, with intentions of going to look for work. Rumplestiltskin is scared of being without him, so Malcolm gives him a straw doll to accompany him in the meantime. He urges his son to give the doll a name, as only this way it can be real and be a protector of sorts. Malcolm then leaves and continues to deceive unsuspecting bystanders with his card game. When Rumplestiltskin finds out, he calls out his father for being untrustworthy, which is why no one will hire him. His son suggests they use a magic bean to start afresh elsewhere, and Malcolm suggests they go to Neverland. Malcolm remembers a place he used to visit in his childhood dreams called Neverland and this is exactly where they decide to go. Once there, Malcolm is ecstatic to be back in a world where anything is possible with the power of belief. He tries to show Rumplestiltskin the ability of flying that comes with the territory, but ends up falling flat on the ground. Horrified, Malcolm can't fathom why flying is now impossible until recalling pixie dust is necessary for it to work. He and his son go to a tree containing pixie dust flowers. Since Rumplestiltskin is afraid of heights, Malcolm journeys up alone to retrieve the dust and sprinkles some on himself. The dust has no effect, and he is further warned by a talking Shadow that flying is impossible for him since adults don't belong in Neverland. Malcolm goes back down to his son to tell him the dust didn't work, to which Rumplestiltskin suggests they can find another place to live together. Malcolm has other ideas, however, and he declares that he can never change from his old habits or be the father that Rumplestiltskin needs. In order to be granted the youth he longs for, Malcolm abandons his son, allowing Rumplestiltskin to be returned home by the Shadow. After severing ties with his son, he transforms from an adult into a young boy and watches the Shadow fly off with Rumplestiltskin. ("Think Lovely Thoughts")

For events occurring after Malcolm's physical transformation, see Peter Pan.

After First Curse

When Mr. Gold stabs Pan as well as himself with the Dark One's Dagger, Malcolm returns as his younger persona disappears in a puff of darkened smoke. As both are on the brink of death, Malcolm pleads for his son to remove the dagger so they can start over as a family. Mr. Gold refuses his father's request by acknowledging himself as a villain, and therefore neither he or Malcolm can have a happy ending. Then, he twists the dagger to embed more deeply into their puncture wounds as a golden light protrudes out of the blade. Malcolm stops resisting the inevitable while Mr. Gold gives him a kiss on the cheek, to which the light engulfs them as they fade out of existence. ("Going Home")

After that, Malcolm's soul ends up in the Underworld where he regains his youthful appearance as Peter Pan and is unable to move on because of unfinished business.("Souls of the Departed")

For events occurring after Malcolm's death, see Peter Pan.


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Production Notes

  • His casting call name was "Colin".[1]
  • The casting call describes him as, "dissatisfied, self-centered and ruthless."[1]

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